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Here are a few updates in point form, but so far it is clear that the effort to destabilize Kazakhstan is on its way to failure.  Now we wait for the (not an ultimatum) meeting between the US and Russia on providing Russia with legally binding security guarantees.  Next week’s meetings are as follows:

  • US and Russia: Geneva on January 9–10.
  • Russia-NATO Council: Brussels on January 12.
  • OSCE: on January 13.

– It is noticeable that the destabilization effort in Kazakhastan is bookmarked on both sides, first by the Joint Statement of the Leaders of the Five Nuclear-Weapons States on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding Arms Races and then on the other side, the agreements to the meetings upcoming next week.  It is too early to factually understand the reasons.

– President Putin had a telephone conversation with President Tokayev of Kazakhstan only a few hours ago.  Tokayev extensively informed Putin about the developments in the country and noted that the situation is stabilizing.  He thanked the partners from the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) and especially the Russian Federation for the assistance being rendered and they agreed on a video discussion between the leaders of CSTO member states.

– It has been said that Tokayev will seek admission to the Union State mechanism.

– The coordination and joint action by the CSTO are quite remarkable, seeing that it is the first time that they are acting together in carrying out their joint mandate.

– President Tokayev was immediately given a new title by western media.  He is now a Russian-backed dictator.

– Three hours ago, gunfire was still heard in Almaty.

– The former KNB head Masimov was detained for treason. There are reports about arrests of other high-ranking officials.

– Reports say that more than 4,000 arrests were made.  It is difficult to find supportive fact for this number.

– Out of the Ukraine we have a new movie. The video of the alleged “Kazakhstan Liberation Front”, in which they call to fight the CSTO troops, was filmed in the Ukraine by a group of nationalists let by Dmitry Korchinsky. This was reported to “Strana UA” by a source in nationalist circles.  Take a look at the ‘statement’ from the Ukrainian leader of the Ultra-Nationalist group Bratstvo on Kazakhstan — says Ukrainian militias will penetrate Kazakhstan and assist the armed gangs that have been wreaking havoc on the population for the last few days:

– It is now widely reported that Nazarbayev’s spokesman said he has not yet left Kazakhstan. He was the first independent leader of Kazakhstan and is reported to still be very influential.  It was also stated that Nazarbayev urged everyone to “rally around Tokayev”.  We should wait for confirmation by the man himself, and not statements made on his behalf as he has not been seen for many days.

– It was widely reported that in Almaty a citizen of Israel was killed, as well as a young child.

– Internet and communication lines are still disrupted.

– A roadblock system is fast being implemented to gain control.

– Peacekeepers report that basically all government buildings are in their hands and safeguarded. There are reports of one hospital still in the hands of opposition forces.

– As fast as possible loyal police and troops are being dispatched to the remaining problem areas.

– Slowly law and order are appearing. President Tokayev called Monday a day or mourning and burials have started.

– At this time, with suppression of the armed insurgents, the situation is not yet fully under control, but clearly the trend is toward quick and decisive control actions by Tokayev, and supported by the peacekeepers from the CSTO alliance.

I leave you with a clip of a video of Blinken (only 1.11 minutes) which caused a collective belly laugh across the world and was harshly commented on by the Russian MFA.  “Once Russians are in your house,” Blinken says: “It is sometimes very difficult to get them to leave.”

Maria Zakharova had a number of things to say, but the most important was this:

When Americans are in your house, it can be difficult to stay alive, not being robbed or raped.

For commentary about why these western leaders keep shooting themselves in the foot, please take a look at MoonofAlabama

Most long-time Saker Blog readers know to follow Andrei Martyanov, but for the newbies, here.

It is noticeable that China is supporting Tokayev on a daily basis, both in the media and via statements by the spokespeople.  They are also stating that the Russian proposals in preparation for next week’s meetings are “in line with the basic norms of international relations, help to increase mutual trust between countries, reduce the risk of conflicts, and uphold global and regional strategic stability.”

And in this atmosphere of destabilization, and with lines drawn, we approach the critically important meetings for the world next week.

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