On Friday March 11th, after a week of violent attacks by Kiev junta mercenaries on the buildings of Russia’s diplomatic mission in Ukraine, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Maria Zakharova gave a Media briefing and made the following statement:

“Will appeal to those who took and still have been taking part in these pogroms. Do you consider yourself cool when clutching in your fist a chicken egg and Zelenka (brilliant green antiseptic) you try to vandalize a Russian Embassy? Do you really feel powerful at this moment? Do you consider yourself to be patriots of Ukraine? I want to remind to those who are now storming the Russian diplomatic mission, you had the opportunity to prove your love of your country, your patriotism, when Ukraine had declared mobilization. How it ended, we all remember. Half of you hid in Russia with relatives, others – on social networks.”

This is what Cat said about this statement:

“I must acknowledge that today’s announcement by Zakharova is no different from statement made by Roizman in relation to a Russian woman. Essentially today she declared RUSSIANS, to whom Putin offered a legal safe haven in their own country, so they wouldn’t be forced to kill Russians and wouldn’t be forced to be killed… this madam called them cowards , in essence, that they didn’t go to kill their own people. She went even further… She equated Russian nation that lives on the territory of Ukraine with mercenary bastards hired by the international criminal group that organized attacks on the Embassy. Right now, we already know the names of some of them, for example Irma Krat, Girkin’s ally, that played a role of a POW in Slavyansk, and now plays a role near our Embassy in Kiev. Is this Krat one of those Russians who were seeking refuge and safe haven in their Motherland?”

“Is this Krat symbolizing Russians for Maria Zakharova? Those Russians that… I have to… I am forced to say here… I have got an impression that Zakharova regrets that Russians didn’t go to kill Russians, but cowardly took a refuge, I repeat, in their own motherland.”

“I am very interested to know, does she realize that this is their Motherland? And she hasn’t privatized the motherland of Russians, is she aware of this?”

“I must acknowledge that her statement is no different from this one:

Yevgeny Roizman, a Mayor of Yekaterinburg since 2013.
“A refugee came in. (Meaning to his office) A Russian woman from Uzbekistan. Moved here with her entire family. Seven children. Very demanding and apprehensive. Deeply believes that we owe her something. Certain that I have money for her, but I refuse to give it to her. Her oldest son is 29 and he has a family. Her daughter has a husband. Another son is 19yo and four other children are school age. I will make sure that they will get everything they are entitled to. But they are not refugees… they just moved.”

“But, Zaharova’s statement is much more cynical… She dares to blame Russians for refusing to die for American happiness…

I am not going to defend her any longer.

I wash my hands…”

Meanwhile, this what President Putin said about the Ukrainian draft dodgers.
Russia may extend sojourn for Ukrainians of conscription age — Putin

“Many people, by the way, do not want to be mobilized. They are trying to move into Russia and lie low for some time. And they are absolutely right, because they are simply being sent under bullets like cannon fodder. The problem is that according to the new law the citizens of Ukraine cannot stay in Russia for longer than 30 days. When they return to Ukraine, they are being grabbed and pushed under bullets. That’s why we are going to change some things, in the legal framework… We can extend time of being in Russia for certain categories of people of draft age.

In its essence the Ukrainian army is not an army, it’s a foreign legion. The Ukrainian military is a NATO foreign legion. This NATO foreign legion isn’t interested in defending the national interests of Ukraine. Instead, these armed forces are pursuing of geo-political aim of containment of Russia. This aim absolutely differs from the real national interests of the Ukrainian people.” – President Putin

Sometime back in 2000s, I was horribly injured. I had died, but was revived, alive but absolutely helpless. I was on my own. I had never asked for help from anyone before. At the time I happened to live in one of those Western countries. Using all the appropriate channels, I asked a government of this country for assistance. I was denied any assistance including medical care. I was told that I was Russian, and that they don’t help Russians, and it was the government of Russia that should take care of me. They said, we don’t help “people like you.”

I was so weak, I couldn’t held the phone in my hand, it was laying on the pillow next to my face. I called the Embassy of Russia in this country and asked for assistance to get me back to Russia to my family. I knew that I would die if I stayed. The Russian embassy people refused to help. They weren’t interested in talking to me. They told me that there weren’t any government programs that would assist people “like me” with returning to Russia. When I asked the embassy people what “people like you” means? They couldn’t specify. My guess was that “people like you” meant the Russian citizens that were terribly injured and needed assistance to get back home. I pleaded with them. I said I was bedridden, that I wasn’t ambulatory, that I would die without assistance, and that I wanted to get back to my parents. They told me that it was a government of the country I lived at the time should take care of me and hung up. In my naivety I thought it was their job to help people like me. Out of scientific curiosity I called all the consulates of Russia, and they all refused to help. I emailed the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nothing. I think I still have their automatic response saved. “Thank you for your enquiry…”

I laid in a hospital, and I had all this time to think about Russia, my country that was occupied by our enemies. We were pushed out of our own country. We were made redundant in our own country. People who were in power in Russia at the time weren’t us. People, who worked as Russia’s government, weren’t us. They were instead of us. They took our country from under us. They replaced us, the Russians.

Eventfully, I was saved by the military officers of this Western country, of all people. Senior officers of the enemy military who were supposed to hate us, the Russians, but who felt so terribly ashamed by the actions of our respective governments, that they took care of me for an entire year, until I got back on my feet.

Since then, I have become extremely sensitive to any neglect or abuse that the Russia’s Embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demonstrate towards Russian people. Especially, when officers of these governmental institutions are violating policies established by the President Putin. He has been emphasizing again and again that the greatest tragedy of our time has been the collapse of the Soviet Union, as a result of which Russian people end up living in different countries and have become subjects of vicious Russophobic policies in those countries. He said that the Russian nation is the largest in the history of mankind that has been broken up into pieces and separated. Ukraine has at least 25 million Russian people living there. President Putin said that these people are welcome to come back to Russia at any time. Russia is their country.

The fate of Maria Sharapova and  Mikhail Lesin shows us the complete impossibility for Russians to integrate into the Western society. No matter how rich and accomplished Russian people are, the US and Europe hold Russians as hostages. At any moment the Russians living in the Western countries can be beaten with blunt objects to death, like the millionaire Lesin, or to be humiliated and pushed out of their field of expertise, like the millionaire Sharapova.

It’s beyond me, how the unelected officer of the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs can question the right of the ALL Russian people to return back home to Russia? How the officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can suggest that it was a patriotic duty of Russian people living in Ukraine to go and kill other Russian people living in Ukraine. How dare this woman to chastise Russians who don’t want to kill Russians and prefer to move to Russia to avoid being drafted by the NATO junta?

How dare she?

How dare Maria Zakharova insult the Russian people who refused to kill each other for the American interests?

How dare she to not follow the policies of the Russia’s President?

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