Dear friends

I want to ask you all to read the moderation policy ( before posting.  In particular I would ask you

  1. Not to just post links, provide at least a commentary explaining why you want to draw our attention to the links.
  2. Please do not post categorical statements without having at least some fact based data to support them.
  3. Please remember that “possible” does not mean “likely” or, even less so, “established”.

Regarding the origin of the virus, I will just remind everybody that there were rumors that HIV, SARS, Ebola and many others were engineered viruses.  And maybe some of them were.  The point is that right now nobody really knows (or, if somebody does, they are being very quiet about it).  When fear sets in, clickbaiters have a feeding frenzy, and rumors, even totally crazy ones, mostly drown out fact-based commentaries.  So caveat emptor even more than usual!

That’s it for now.  I invite you to share your comments below.

Kind regards

The Saker

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