Kolomna is an ancient city of Moscow Oblast, Russia, situated at the confluence of the Moskva and Oka Rivers, 114 kilometers southeast of Moscow.

More than 70 movies were made in Kolomna, because of its absolutely unique preserved medieval atmosphere.

Kolomna Air Balloon ride April 2016

Kolomna is famous for its Bobrenev monastery, founded at 1381.

Nikola Gostiny’s church (Nikolskaya) was founded in 1530.

Monument to Dmitry Donskoy in front of Marinkina tower (Kolomna Kremlin).

Church of the Holy Trinity in Novo-Golutvin monastery in Kolomna, founded in nineteenth century.


Brief history of St. Dmitry Donskoy

Kolovrat’s song about Dmitry of the Don also known as Dmitry Donskoy, which reigned as the Prince of Moscow from 1359 and Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1363 to his death. He was the first prince of Moscow to openly challenge Mongol authority in Russia. If there ever was such conundrum as Mongols in Russia. It has not actually been proven.

His nickname, Donskoy (i.e., “of the Don”), alludes to his great victory against the Tatars in the Battle of Kulikovo (1380) which took place on the Don River. He is venerated as a Saint in the Orthodox Church with his feast day on 19 May.


Novo-Golutvin Holy Trinity Monastery built around the church that was founded in 1705, Kolomna 360 Panorama

Holy Trinity Novo-Golutvin convent

The sisters have opened at the monastery Orthodox medical center, a refectory and a hotel for pilgrims. The also run a kennel breeding Central Asian shepherd and the Mongol-Buryat dogs.


Clip from a musical the Best Day Ever in Kolomna

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