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Making sense of Western media is like fitting wheels to a tomato – time consuming and completely unnecessary. Ever since the media became an instrument of persuasion, the greatest part of mankind have no other reason for their opinion than they are in fashion. In turn, fashion is independent of reason and reason requires thought. An activity – reason – discouraged in principle among the “vile multitude that choose by show” (i.e. by fashion). And even more discouraged by the appropriately named and now fashionable ‘cancel culture’. Besides, the possible incursion of troublesome thoughts are often importunate and therefore rejected.

Current Western intelligentsia, other than being petulant and ostentatious, is as useful as a barber shop on the steps of the guillotine. And reason, as now inescapably obvious, is often helpless against masochism.

I wrote the following article in 2015. I republish it because, occasionally, a look at the ‘chronicles of wasted time’, may give some insight on the present.

It is hard to imagine how the chroniclers of the mainstream media can still maintain that the Ukraine coup of February 2014 had anything to do with democracy. It is an endeavor similar to mingling oil with water, or, in the language of chemistry, to amalgamate bodies of heterogeneous principles. But if Paris was worth a Mass, a large bribe is worth a lie, however grand, or gross or both.

In the circumstances, the latest news from Kiev acquires a doubly farcical quality, in itself and when compared to the official media version. Not only, but supporting the vividness of the farce is an actual video, in case you may doubt the accuracy of the information (link at the end of the article).

First a brief background. As most readers know, the events following the dissolution of the Soviet Union were duplicated in various other republics, whose wealth was stolen by sundry oligarchs. Or, in neo-liberal language, the public wealth was privatized.

In Ukraine, among the oligarchs were the actual Poroshenko, and one Ihor Kolomoyskyi, to the latter of whom this article is especially dedicated. Kolomoyskyi is a Jewish arch-Zionist, which may explains, among other things, why Israel sent its own squadrons of brown shirts to assist in the coup (see related article by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz of March 2014).

Apparently, according to Ukrainian law, Ukrainian citizens are not allowed to have two nationalities. Questioned about the matter, Kolomoyskyi replied that the law does not apply to him, because of nationalities he has three, Ukraine, Israel and Cyprus. Currently, he is the official governor of the Dnipropetrovsk province and is the most powerful figure after Poroshenko. There are some who believe that he paid for the downing of flight MH 117 (whose investigation, as you know, will remain secret). Apparently, Kolomoyskyi admitted as much in a private video call on Skype – though no records of that particular call are extant.

The oligarchs are fighting each other, and in the past 10 years or so, there have been episodes of mutual plunder, in perfect and canonical feudal style. The most active present conflict features Poroshenko against Kolomoyskyi.

Currently, the US has complete control over the politics, the government and the economy of Ukraine. And there are certain rules, which the feuding oligarchs cannot easily violate without being stripped of their “democratic legitimacy.” If so, they are removed from the pack or they may shoot themselves or jump to their end from sundry windows.

The amusing event involving Kolomoyskyi – on which I will report shortly – seems to break the rules established by the Americans. Unless Kolomoyskyi is allowed to break them, so as to maintain a system of checks and balances, where not one puppet can become powerful enough to acquire a political persona. In other words, not all the eggs in one basket. Furthermore, since Washington is calling for an extended war between Ukraine and the breakaway provinces of Novorussia, it seems more appropriate not to declare a secondary war against Kolomoyskyi.

But last week an event upset him. A company in Ukraine, “Ukrtransnafta” manages the transport of oil through the Ukrainian pipeline network. The company board decided to relieve the current Ukrtransnafta’s manager, Aleksandr Lazorko from his post. Instead, they elected a Yuri Miroshnik in his place. I mention all these names to give a context to the brilliant interview, which I will report verbatim, and you will not be disappointed. However, Kolomoyskyi, who feels he owns Ukrtransnafta, strongly objected. Not only, but he instructed his man Lazorko to barricade himself inside his office and not to leave the post.

After which Kolomoyskyi sent in a platoon of his armed storm-troopers, whom he graciously called “my lawyers”, to occupy the premises of Ukrtransnafta. As the news of the occupation spread, a journalist from “Radio Liberty” went to interview him. Note that “Radio Liberty” is the Ukrainian branch of the “Voice of America.” The same “Voice of America” whose budget will be increased by 200 million $ (or more), at the request of secretary-of-state John Kerry (real name Kohn, a variant of Cohen) “to counter the vicious propaganda of the Russians.”

No doubt, you will find in the oligarch’s remarks, flights of wit, sallies of pleasantry, acute observations, nice distinctions, justness of sentiment and elegance of diction.

As for his impetuosity, we should forgive him for not having as yet reached that season of life, in which the manners are to be softened into ease and polished into elegance.

Still, we cannot deny that Kolomoyskyi has the readiness of conception and affluence of language necessary to both colloquial and journalistic entertainment.

Here is a transcript from the video.


Kolomoyskyi: I just wanted to see you – your f##king face. There are no other opportunities to see you, Radio Liberty. You don’t ask how this raider seizure occurred in Ukrtransnafta? And about how Russian saboteurs got here, huh? Why aren’t you asking about it? Huh? Or you just f##king needed to see Kolomoiskiy?

We were freeing the building of Ukrtransnafta from Russian saboteurs. Who seized it. And you with your “Liberty” sit here and f###ing ambush me. As a girl spying on her unfaithful husband. What, didn’t you shut up already? Or want to ask about the passports? (note, refer to the business of the 3 nationalities, reported above). Or you want to ask something else? Ask me about the Russian saboteurs, why didn’t you catch even one? Radio “Liberty”, f##k. You’re the same “Liberty”, fu##ing like the one that went to the parliament. Fu##ing Tyahnybok prostitute.” (note, Tyahnybok is another oligarch, apparently and currently a friend of Poroshenko).

Documents have disappeared. There were some murky people from some private security company. Now they are gone. This was a trivial attempt for a raider takeover of this state-owned company.

And what I was doing here, I will tell you in the Prosecutor’s Office, did you get that, “Libertarian”? Why did you shut up? Ah? Why are you silent, speak up? Do you have any more questions? Or you’ve plugged your tongue up your asshole? Speak up, you are the Radio “Liberty”, a famous thing, broke up the Soviet Union, brought down the Bolsheviks… And you are ambushing me for the passports. Or for some used condoms? Where is this fag of yours, Leshshenko? (note. Leshshenco is the minister who appointed the new director of Ukrtransnafta and who forced Kolomoiskiy to call in the storm-troopers). Well, are you going to show this on your tv or internet? Hello?

Everyone was away, the Prime Minister is gone to Brussels, who was supposed to take care of this? They decided to quietly raid the company and steal everything (Note. A clear case of no-honor-among-thieves). It was after we intervened that (the Economy Minister) Demchishin came over, Savhcenko, this new one, the fat one (Miroshnik, the newly appointed CEO of the company. As for calling Miroshnik fat, it’s the pot calling the kettle black. Based on the images, Kolomoiskiy himself may benefit from losing some weight).

I asked him: Where did you work? He says in the Lugansk SBU (Ukraine’s KGB equivalent). So I ask him, did you do smuggling there, or are you liberating the Lugansk region? Why the f##k are you here at the Transnafta? We have everything under control here. So he was with the Lugansk SBU, he doesn’t want to liberate Crimea. He doesn’t want to liberate Lugansk. He appointed himself (note: to the position of CEO).

Radio Liberty: What do you think, who’s behind all this?

Kolomoiskiy: I don’t know. They told me it was Kononenko, (note: one of the leaders of Poroshenko’s government). Now I am going to the Presidential Administration, to clarify who is behind all this.


Interestingly, to the girl from Radio Liberty, Kolomoyskyi spoke in Russian, not Ukrainian. Perhaps he forgot that his oligarch colleagues called for the banishment of the Russian language from Ukraine, for the jailing of those who speak it, and for the nuking (sic) of the Russians who live in Ukraine.

The remarkable transcribed exchange, comes on the trail of a semi-insurrection in the Ukrainian city of Konstantinovka, where an armored vehicle driven by drunken Ukrainian soldiers killed a young girl and her mother on a sidewalk. Reacting to the anger of the local population, Kiev blamed the accident on “Russian provocateurs” and dispatched to the city a number of death squads.

Inserting these events into the other reports from Ukraine and considering the quasi-desperate situation of the population, it is easy to conclude that the country has sunk into a chaos of folly. Really and physically, “everything is left at six and seven.”

Maybe this was CIA’s plan B. In the famous conversation of the US Ambassador in Ukraine, Pyatt, during which Victoria Nuland suggested to “f### the Europeans”, Pyatt used an interesting analogy. He was discussing whom to choose to be the president and the vice-president of the new “democratic” post-coup Ukraine. “With these people in place – he said to Nuland – our pie will fall with the jelly-side up.” Meaning, we presume, an “orderly transition”, Ukraine totally controlled by the US, member of the European Union and occupied by the American forces of NATO.

Apparently, the pie did not fall entirely “with the jelly side up.” And the jelly, or rather, the blood of at least 15,000 people of which 6000 civilians was spilled to secure the XXIst as the American Century for Ukraine. All in the name of democracy, of course.

It used to be that hypocrisy was the necessary burden of villainy, and affectation a part of the chosen trappings of folly; the one completing a villain, the other finishing a coxcomb. Contempt being the proper punishment for affectation, and detestation the just consequence of hypocrisy.

But in the new American Century, hypocrisy is the burden of esteem, and affectation the trapping of success. To complete their trail of glory, I would not be surprised if Pyatt and Nuland were the next ticket for the American presidency.

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