Dear friends,

The good news is that compared to Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Nicole will be less apocalyptic: it is, after all, already November, the waters are still very warm, and they feed hurricanes with energy, but the system is not as well organized as a typical, mid-summer, tropical cyclone.  The bad news is that waves offshore will reach 40 and possibly even 50 feet.  Those waves will not come directly crashing at full power, but the beach erosion and storm surge will have a major impact.

My family and I are on a “barrier island” at a friend’s house that is to say that we are off the mainland and that flooding, again, will be the biggest risk for us.  As of right now (22:00 hours) the forecast looks okay, but we have already experienced power outages due to a feeder bands.  I fully expect to lose power by tomorrow morning.  And even if we have power, the communications networks will be under huge stress.

In other words, wish us the best, keep us in your prayers, and I hope to report back by Friday or Saturday.

I have a guest post ready for tomorrow Wednesday, and if I have Internet access and get more submissions, I will do my best to post them.  And I will try to keep an eye on moderation as best I can.

But I ask for your understanding and patience until things return to at least some degree of normality.

Kind regards, hugs and cheers to all,


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