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US raid on Syria ‘will hamper SOFA’

Exactly as I predicted: Press TV reports that An Iraqi lawmaker has warned that Sunday’s attack on Syria would negatively affect a security pact the US is insisting to sign with Iraq. “The air strike will send a negative message to Iraq’s neighbors,” MP Abbass al-Bayati told Voices of Iraq news agency on Tuesday. US commandoes onboard four helicopters attacked a Syrian border region on Sunday, killing at least eight

Iraqi VP: US blackmailing Iraq over SOFA

Press TV reports: The US military has threatened to halt vital services in Iraq if Baghdad refuses to sign a controversial US security pact with Washington. In addition to halting all military actions, US forces would cease activities that support Iraq’s economy, educational sector and other areas- ‘everything’ – Tariq al-Hashemi, Iraq’sVice President told the US newspaper McClatchy. According to al-Hashemi, many Iraqi politicians view the move as ‘political blackmail’.

Yes, this was (yet another) US screw-up (UPDATED!)

Now I am sure of it. First, watch this: Notice a couple of things: 1) the footage of the attack was shot in daylight. That is *not* how you would conduct any real anti-insurgency raid (they happen at night). From the footage one can only conclude that even small arms fire (nevermind MANPADs) could have easily taken out these helicopters (had any insurgent force been there to begin with, of

Yet another botched US raid?

Take a look at this al-Jazeera report about the US raid in Syria: From the information slowly trickling in it appears that the US SNAFUed this time again. The fact that any footage at all is coming from this village shows that there was nothing of any kind of value there, be it people or infrastructure. Then the accounts by the civilian victims also points to some rather pathetically inept

The Imperial crackpots are at it again: Ha’aretz confirms US strike on Syrian town

Ha’aretz: U.S. confirms strike on Syria that killed eight A U.S. military official confirmed late Sunday an American helicopter attack in an area along Syria’s border with Iraq, which left 8 people dead and three people wounded. Syria condemned the attack, which it called “serious aggression.” The raid indicated the desert frontier between the two countries remains a key battleground, more than five years into the Iraq war. The U.S.

A vote for either John McCain or Barack Obama is—at best—an act of criminal negligence.

by Mickey Z. for Dissident Voice You don’t stick a knife in a man’s back nine inches, and then pull it out six inches, and say you’re making progress. – Malcolm X Another Election Day approaches and I’m reminded of something the late Pakistani dissident, Eqbal Ahmad said about Noam Chomsky in the book, Confronting Empire (2000): “He (Chomsky) has never wavered. He has never fallen into the trap of

Here we go again!

MARKET DATA – 13:06 UK FTSE 100 3796.71 down -291.12 -7.12% Dax 4148.65 down -371.05 -8.21% Cac 40 3042.78 down -268.09 -8.10% Dow Jones 8691.25 up 172.04 2.02% Nasdaq 1603.91 down -11.84 -0.73% BBC Global 30 4842.99 up 5.55 0.11%

Survey: Israel worst brand name in the world

Israel Today reports: As if Israel’s position in the world in not bad enough, a new survey published in the US Wednesday says that Israel is suffering from the worst public image among all countries of the world. The study, called the National Brands Index, conducted by government advisor Simon Anholt and powered by global market intelligence solutions provider GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), shows that Israel is at the

Russia, Iran and Qatar to form an organization of gas-exporting countries similar to OPEC

Press TV reports: The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has defended the formation of an organization of gas-exporting countries similar to OPEC. Iranian Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nozari, his Qatari counterpart Abdulla Bin Hamad al-Attiya and the head of Russia’s Gazprom, Alexei Miller, had a Tuesday meeting in Tehran in which the three countries vowed to seriously pursue the formation of an OPEC-like gas group. Lavrov told journalists on Wednesday that

ZAG! (updated)

MARKET DATA – 18:50 UK FTSE 100 4040.89 -188.84 -4.46% Dax 4571.07 -213.34 -4.46% Cac 40 3298.18 -177.22 -5.10% Dow Jones 8651.03 -382.63 -4.24% Nasdaq 1645.80 -50.88 -3.00% BBC Global 30 4814.27 -54.50 -1.12%

Interviews of Pat Buchanan and Cynthia McKinney on Al Jazeera

Great stuff indeed; Pat Buchanan and Cynthia McKinney interviewed by Riz Khan: Part 1 Part 2: Small note: I had no idea Buchanan liked Palin. The thought struck me as so obscenely stupid that I almost decided not to post the first part of the interview with him. But then I still decided to post it. For all his wrongs, Buchanan is at least a real old style conservative, not

Iraqi cleric issues decree against SOFA

Press TV reports: A senior Shia cleric has issued a religious decree prohibiting Iraqis from signing a controversial security agreement with the US. Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem al-Husseini al-Haeri issued a fatwa (decree) against the US-proposed Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). The cleric said that the agreement was in violation of the Islamic law, calling it a humiliating pact that would undermine Iraq’s sovereignty. The US Joint Chiefs of Staff,

Alan Dershowitz endorses Obama as a Trojan Horse for Israel

I just came across an interesting read on Uruknet (via Palestinian Pundit). Turns out that the foam-at-his-mouth Israel supporter Alan Dershowitz endorses Obama. Dershowitz’ for reasons which are very telling: I think it is better for Israel to have a liberal supporter in the White House than to have a conservative supporter in the oval office. Obama’s views on Israel will have greater impact on young people, on Europe, on

Tractatus Logico Palestinicus

by Gilad Atzmon for Palestine Think Tank Atzmon tries to lift the Palestinian Discourse where Wittgenstein left it… 1 “What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about, we must pass over in silence.” (Ludwig Wittgenstein 1918) 1.1 Humanism and ethics are ends worth fighting for. 1.2 Western politics and political discourse (on the other hand) are concerned with power and hegemony. 1.3

Colin Powell takes the prize for the lamest endorsment ever

I just came across the transcript of Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barak Obama. Take a look: “So when I look at all of this and I think back to my Army career, we’ve got two individuals, either one of them could be a good president, but which is the president that we need now? Which is the individual that serves the needs of the nation for the next period of

The Wall of Hate – a must see video for every American home

There are, alas, many examples of grotesque violations of international law, human rights and basic norms of civilized behavior in our times. But the arrogant, brazen and cynical one is probably also the one which the least number of people have had the courage to condemn even after the International Court of Justice in the Hague did so: the “Wall of Hate” built by the racist Zionist state of Israel.

Iraqi Shias organize a massive demonstration against the proposed US SOFA

Al-Manar reports: Muslim Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged Iraqi lawmakers on Saturday to reject a planned US-Iraqi security deal as tens of thousands of his followers poured on to the streets of Baghdad in a massive anti-American protest. “When the agreement is in your hands, the destiny of Iraq and its people is also in your hands,” Sadr said in a statement, speaking to MPs, whose approval is necessary once

Parsing Mr. Paulson’s Bailout Speech: The Unprecedented Giveaway of Financial Wealth Story

by Michael Hudson for Global Research Mr. Paulson’s bailout speech on Monday, October 13 poses some fundamental economic questions: What is the impact on the economy at large of this autumn’s unprecedented creation and giveaway of financial wealth to the wealthiest layer of the population? How long can the Treasury’s bailout of Wall Street (but not the rest of the economy!) sustain a debt overhead that is growing exponentially? Is