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War in South Ossetia – summary of developments

Here are some of the developments which I have learned so far: 1) Russia did admit that two of its military aircraft had been lost yesterday. This is rather baffling since the Georgian air defense capabilities are, according to Wikipedia, officially rather minimal: * 15 SA-11 * 38 SA-3 * 18 SA-8 * 35 ZSU-23-4 * 15 S-60 * 40 MT-LB with towed ZU-23-2 2) Abkhazian authorities have declared that

Russian Air Force strikes military bases and airfields across Georgia (UPDATED)

Russian and Georgian sources are reporting Russian Air Force strikes on Georgian military facilities throughout Georgia. The port of Poti has also reportedly been bombed. Several Georgian aircraft were destroyed on the Marneuli air base near the Georgian capital Tbilissi. The Vaziani military base (25 km from the capital) was also bombed. The airport of Bolnisi is reported “destroyed” by Georgian sources. In the meantime, Russian sources are reporting that

NATO encouraged Georgia – Russian envoy

Russia Today reports: NATO encouraged Georgia Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, has sent an official note to representatives of all member countries in Brussels in connection with Georgia’s military actions against South Ossetia. He’s calling on them not to support Mikhail Saakashvili. “Russia has already begun consultations with the ambassadors of the NATO countries and consultations with NATO military representatives will be held tomorrow,” Rogozin said. “We will caution

South Ossetians retake capital

This just in from Interfax (via Press TV): South Ossetian separatists say they are in complete control of the capital Tskhinvali more than 24 hours into a major Georgian military offensive. The statement was made by South Ossetian spokeswoman, Irina Gagloyeva on Friday, the Interfax news agency reported. “The entire city of Tskhinvali is currently controlled by units of South Ossetia’s defense forces… The Georgian side is trying to regain

Appeal to the world of the South Ossetian Government

Appeal to the Governments and peoples of the world! Please, help us stop genocide of the small people of the South Ossetia! The small country, which has been constantly destroying for 19 years by Georgian fascists.And the world community conceal all the atrocities of Georgia for the sake of geopolitical interest of the USA. Conflict resolution is completely in international law. However, the Georgian side skillfully uses methods of historical

Condi Rice: the biggest hypocrit of them all

AP reports: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: “The United States calls for an immediate ceasefire to the armed conflict in Georgia’s region of South Ossetia,” Rice said in a statement. “We call on Russia to cease attacks on Georgia by aircraft and missiles, respect Georgia’s territorial integrity and withdraw its ground combat forces from Georgian soil.” You gotta be kiddin, Condi?!

Georgia vs. South Ossetia – an overview

by Ilya Kramnik for RIA-Novosti The very real possibility of full-scale war between Georgia and South Ossetia raises questions about its possible outcome. At present, the Georgian armed forces have more than 30,000 men, including 20,000 ground forces. They are equipped with more than 200 tanks, including 40 T-55s and 165 T-72s, which are currently being upgraded. Apart from tanks, the ground forces have 200 combat armored vehicles, including about

Massive Georgian military assault on South Ossetia (UPDATED!)

I am currently following the events in South Ossetia and the situation is developing very rapidly. Here is a summary of what has happened so far. 1) Georgian special forces have taken over 11 villages around the South Ossetian capital Tshinvali. They then proceeded to take over several high points around the city from were a massive artillery barrage was initiated. 2) Artillery strikes were supported by airstrikes. Images shown

The Mystery Behind a Syrian Murder

Note: I usually do not post materials from the corporate press on this blog, much less so one coming from, of all things, from the Time/CNN cesspool. Still, this article was mailed to be my a friend (thanks M.!) and it is interesting. Take a look (my comments are italicized): The Mystery Behind a Syrian Murder By Nicholas Blanford / Beirut Syria on Wednesday broke its silence over the recent

Sacirbey: They knew about Karadzic deals

By Afshin Rattansi for Press TV The following is Press TV’s exclusive full-length interview with former Bosnian foreign minister Mohammad Sacirbey. Press TV: I noticed that Richard Holbrooke is saying that it is an outrageous fabrication. What did Karadzic mean by a deal with Richard Holbrooke? Sacirbey: I have actually been aware of the deal from almost the day it was made. In the summer of 1996, Karadzic withdrew from

Sami El Haj, Al Jazeera Journalist, Tells His Story

By Silvia Cattori via Information Clearing House Standing straight and tall, an impressive and deeply introspective man, Sami El Haj walks with a limp and the help of a walking stick. Neither laughter nor smiles light up the refined face of this man, old before his time. A deep sadness pervades him. He was 32 years old when, in December 2001, his life, like that of tens of thousands of

To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them

(thanks to Alex P. for this story) A Think Progress Exclusive Speaking at the Campus Progress journalism conference earlier this month, Seymour Hersh — a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist for The New Yorker — revealed that Bush administration officials held a meeting recently in the Vice President’s office to discuss ways to provoke a war with Iran. In Hersh’s most recent article, he reports that this meeting occurred in the wake

Fiercest Serb Hater, Dutch Judge Orie, Assigned to Try President Karadzic

Byzantine Blog reports: Hague tribunal’s decision to assign no other but the biggest Serb hater, Dutch judge Alphons Orie, to preside over the trial against former Republic of Srpska President Radovan Karadzic is the latest evidence of the kangaroo court’s pathological Serbophobia. Judge Orie has gained notoriety as a man who had released Kosovo Albanian butcher Ramush Haradinaj, while issuing maximal convictions to all Serb indictees who had a misfortune

Former Bosnian Foreign Minister Mohammad Sacirbey confirms US-Karadzic deal

Press TV reports: Mohammad Sacirbey, former Bosnian foreign minster says that US diplomat, Richard Holbrooke made an unambiguous political deal with Serb leader Radavan Karadzic. Sacirbey pointing out that he has been telling this story for more than a decade now, said the Holbrooke-Karadzic pact called for Karadzic to give up leadership of his political party and to drop out of public life in return for his already existing war

Russia Takes Control of Turkmen (World?) Gas

By M K Bhadrakumar for Asia Times (via Informationclearinghouse) From the details coming out of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan and Moscow over the weekend, it is apparent that the great game over Caspian energy has taken a dramatic turn. In the geopolitics of energy security, nothing like this has happened before. The United States has suffered a huge defeat in the race for Caspian gas. The question now is how much

Acts of War: the US is already at war with Iran

By Scott Ritter for Truth Dig The war between the United States and Iran is on. American taxpayer dollars are being used, with the permission of Congress, to fund activities which result in Iranians being killed and wounded, and Iranian property destroyed. This wanton violation of a nation’s sovereignty would not be tolerated if the tables were turned and Americans were being subjected to Iranian-funded covert actions which took the

If Iran is Attacking It Might Really be Israel

by Philip Giraldi for the American Conservative The Benny Morris op-ed in the NYT last Friday should provide convincing evidence that Israel really really really wants an attack against Iran sooner rather than later. Morris is close to the Israeli government and his case that Iran must be bombed soon and with maximum conventional weaponry to avoid using nukes later was clearly intended to push the United States to do

Obama’s trip to Yad Vashem: What about Wounded Knee?

By Mike Whitney for Information Clearing HouseThere were no surprises on Barak Obama’s trip to Israel. Everything went by without a hitch. Obama met with all the heads of state and party bosses and raced from one event to another without incident. He skillfully tip-toed through a political minefield that could have ended his presidential bid in a blinding-flash. But he never stumbled. There were no gaffes, no miscues, and