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Israel is Bad for Jewish Ethics

Meet the New Goliath By SAUL LANDAU You can trace the current Middle East conflicts back to Moses, who was deaf. God said: “Moses, take your people to Canada.” Moses heard Canaan. One group of religious Jews believes Israel is anathema to Jewish ethics. On June 10, a group of Naturei Karta (Guardians of the City) joined a demonstration in Washington DC to protest the Israeli occupation of Palestine and

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei: Iran won’t Give Up Nuclear Rights

TEHRAN, June 30— The Supreme Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Saturday that the Iranian nation will not give up its nuclear rights, stressing that the Western powers’ hue and cry will not have an impact on the nation’s strong determination. Ayatollah Khamenei said the Iranian nation has shown that the government officials will enjoy public support wherever they choose the right path. The leader said

One of the Immediate Challenges to Hamas

A Comment by Tony Sayegh Hamas has displayed both political and military decisiveness in finally putting an end to the Palestinian Contras’ plans of spreading “creative destruction” in Gaza in a manner similar to Iraq and to ultimately destroy Hamas politically and militarily. As I said before Hamas had to act and it did. The swiftness of the Hamas response and its ability to rout the Dahlan Contras in just

Members of Congress prevent Kucinich from entering translation of Ahmadinejad words into the congressional record

Congress Votes to Send Iran President Before U.N. Court Office of Congressman Dennis Kucinich For Immediate Release: Contact: Natalie Laber (202) 225-5871 No Questions Asked? Congress Votes to Send the President of Iran Before a United Nation’s Court While Refusing a New York Times Translation of the President’s Remarks WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 20, 2007) – Today the House of Representatives passed H. Con.Res.21, a resolution that pressures the United Nations

The Saker interviews Uri Avnery from the Israeli Gush Shalom

Today I begin what I hope will be a continuous series of interviews with various participants in the conflicts in the Middle-East. The first person I “spoke” to (by email, actually) is Uri Avnery whose amazing life spans the entire history of Israel. From his political beginning as a 15 year old member of the terrorist group Irgun to becoming the founder of the most consistent Israeli peace group Gush

Russia revamps nuclear forces

Russia carries out successful missile testMOSCOW: Russia has carried out a successful test of a sea-based intercontinental missile from a nuclear submarine, the military said Thursday. The test on the new Bulava ballistic missile was conducted in the White Sea off Russia’s northwest coast, military spokesman Igor Dygalo told AFP. “The missile warhead arrived in the foreseen deadline” in the Kura test range in the Kamchatka region of Russia’s Far

Iran Daily’s interview with Seyyed Abdullah Safiadeen, Hezbollah’s envoy in Tehran

Hezbollah Ten Times Stronger July 2006 reminds the world of the 33-day war launched by Israel against Hezbollah. The Zionist regime’s aggressions, which were supported by the US and its allies, destroyed southern Lebanon and killed hundreds of civilians. In fact, the American cluster bombs fired by Israel during the war continue to claim the lives of Lebanese civilians. Lebanese Premier Fuad Siniora had asked the US not to sell

The stupidest words ever uttered by a US president

Bush Turns Iraq into Israel/Palestine; Gaffe endangers US Troops Bush said in a speech on Thursday that he hopes Iraq will be like Israel, a democracy that faces terrorist violence but manages to retain its democratic character: ‘ In Israel, Bush said, “terrorists have taken innocent human life for years in suicide attacks. The difference is that Israel is a functioning democracy and it’s not prevented from carrying out its

Saudi king snubs Abbas

Saudi king snubs Abbas Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has snubbed the Palestinian president, skipping a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas on a visit to Jordan. An Abbas official said “the meeting was postponed due to lack of time as both leaders had busy schedules”, but Al Jazeera’s David Chater, reporting from Jordan, said it was a deliberate and undiplomatic snub. Abbas was kept waiting at a palace room for a telephone

Fatah-affiliated Al Aqsa Brigades reject decree of President Abbas

Ma’an News Agency report: Fatah-affiliated Al Aqsa Brigades refuse to dissolve or to disarm and reject the truce in the West Bank Bethlehem – Ma’an Exclusive – The Fatah-affiliated Al Aqsa Brigades have announced that they have rejected the presidential decree regarding the disbanding of militia in the occupied Palestinian territories. The spokesman of the brigades, Abu Oday, told Ma’an that, following consultations with the brigades’ leaders in the West

Iraq by the Numbers:

Surging Past the Gates of Hell By Tom Engelhardt Sometimes, numbers can strip human beings of just about everything that makes us what we are. Numbers can silence pain, erase love, obliterate emotion, and blur individuality. But sometimes numbers can also tell a necessary story in ways nothing else can. This January, President Bush announced his “surge” plan for Iraq, which he called his “new way forward.” It was, when

B’Tselem: Hamas must secure Gilad Shalit’s release immediately

B’Tselem statement: On 25 June 2006, a band of eight armed Palestinians crossed from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, near Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, and attacked an army post and tank. During the ensuing battle, two members of the band – Muhammad Farwaneh and Hamed a-Rantisi – and two Israeli soldiers – Hanan Barak and Pavel Slutzker – were killed. The soldier Gilad Shalit, who was in the tank at

If Israel launches next war round as near as tomorrow … “Hizbullah is ready”!

“Israel” can`t live with impression it lost to a ‘militia’ Source: AFP, 28-6-2007 (via BEIRUT: Hizbullah is busy preparing for another attack by “Israel” in the knowledge that the Jewish (Zionist) state will not rest easy with the results of last summer`s 34-day conflict, military analysts in Beirut believe. Since a UN-brokered cease-fire came into force last August 14, the group has been steadily gearing itself up for the

US Congress to curb Bush enthusiasm for Abbas

Khody Akhavi, The Electronic Intifada, 27 June 2007 WASHINGTON, Jun 26 (IPS) – US President George W. Bush threw his full support behind President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority (PA) last week, declaring the Fatah leader “the president of all the Palestinians.” With Hamas, the Islamist political party backed by Iran and described by the US as a terrorist organization, firmly in control of Gaza, the administration is now

Intelligence Services, The Media and anti-Iran Propaganda

by Paul Ingram and Mehrnaz Shahabi (source: CASMII ) Wednesday, June 27, 2007 Paul Ingram is Senior Analyst at the British American Security Information Council. His subject areas include nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament (with a focus on Iran and the UK); defence economics, particularly subsidies of exports in the UK; and transatlantic security. He is the Chair of Crisis Action, and co-teaches systems thinking and practice on the Top Management

Iraq’s President Talabani meets Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei in Teheran

Presence of occupiers, the main problem facing Iraq Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei told the visiting Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and his accompanying delegation Tuesday evening that the paramount issue facing Iraq at the moment is the presence of the occupiers and lack of security. “The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to give unstinting support to the serving Iraqi government, its president, its premier, its administration and its

Turkey Army Urges Iraq Attack

ANKARA, June 27–The head of Turkey’s powerful armed forces reaffirmed on Wednesday his view that a cross-border operation into northern Iraq was needed to crush Kurdish rebels based there. His comments pile more pressure on Turkey’s government to allow a military operation, just weeks before parliamentary polls. The staunchly secular military dislikes the Islamic-rooted ruling AK Party and political analysts say the generals are trying to portray it as weak

The Imperial noose tightens around Gaza

Intense consultations have been taken place between top Imperial representatives and Fatah thugs (the USA are, as pretty much everybody already knows, deeply involved in the anti-Hamas operations). Today, Imperial forces have made several deep incursions into the Gaza strip. According to at least one Palestinian news agency, this is actually an invasion of Gaza. I personally doubt this very much, but this could well be the first preparatory phase

Translation of Fatah torture video

I have recently posted a video which, according to the Western Imperial media, shows Fatah people being tortured by Hamas. In reality, of course, what the video shows is Hamas people being tortured by Fatah thugs. A Palestinian refugee in Austria, Kawther Salam, whose excellent website I highly reccommend, has now provided a translation of the atrocities shown on this video: The first scene shows a pointed metal stick pushed

Everyone we fight in Iraq is now “al-Qaida”

Everyone we fight in Iraq is now “al-Qaida” Glenn Greenwald, June 23, 2007 (updated below) Josh Marshall publishes an e-mail from a reader who identifies what is one of the most astonishing instances of mindless, pro-government “reporting” yet: It’s a curious thing that, over the past 10 – 12 days, the news from Iraq refers to the combatants there as “al-Qaida” fighters. When did that happen? Until a few