This comment was chosen by Mod DG from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/09/16”. Dennis Leary, one of our contributing poets in the ‘Cafe’ wrote this short comment reflecting his emotional reaction to the events of the day. Mod-DG found it enchanting, heartfelt and worthy of wider publication.

Comment by Dennis Leary
I’m feeling the love again this morning with the rising of the sun after a full moon night. Yesterday was a day of internal conflict from entering into the world of politics and personalities. The older I get (nearing 77) the more appreciation I have for the beauty of nature (especially our natural selves), and disappointment with how our species has destroyed so much of that.

Take the lead picture. Strikes me as slaves in the kitchen, forced to work for money to survive, coming from the people with money out front in restaurants and cafes who don’t have to cook for themselves. It’s still going on. I don’t eat out anymore if I can help it. The food is too tainted with money. Besides I don’t cook anymore: eat fresh fruit mostly with a can of oysters. I follow an Eden Vegan diet which is more or less what we ate in the original love culture: mostly fruit from trees and lower life animals that do not have eyes or red blood like we do.

From my reading yesterday, I feel like Hillary is finished, even if she does not have Parkinson’s or is not poisoned. She’s too connected to those who Bush Sr. called “crazies in the basement,” the incipient neo-cons of the time, who rose from the basement to the upper floors of the white house.

The AZ crazies have missed their opportunity. They should have attacked Russia when Russia was weak but now it’s too late, and those in Washington with an once of sense know that the American military is nothing but a jobs program for incompetents. Russia and China are the new hegemon. The rats know this and are already jumping ship. The rich and powerful now realize that they could lose everything in a war with no chance whatsoever of defeating Russia and China.

I’d say Russia has already stopped the war against her. What we have now is bombast and bluffing on the part of the West. It’s just posturing as the seats at the capitalist table get rearranged. Welcome to the new empire with the fancy name of multi-polar. Yes, we feel more secure because international law will lock in the new capitalism with an iron grip.

Where will that leave this vineyard when it’s purpose has been achieved? There will always be mop-up operations to do as the old empire collapses of its own weight and corruptions but there won’t be the drama of life-threatening war as we have now in this uni-polar empire.

The Empire of Evil will have changed its spots and put on a multi-polar cloak. Putin will have moved on after saving the world for the new capitalists. There will be much talk of a new world order of harmony and peace and it will seem so for awhile until the same old problems emerge. Evil will go underground and be even more subtle and powerful. The slaves in the kitchens (and offices, etc) will continue to work for the moneyists.

The pyramid system will be more firmly implanted on the dying earth by the renewed respect for the law that protects it. Those at the bottom will still be crushed by those in the middle, clawing their way to the top while those on the top push them back.

Fortunately, for me there is another way. It’s certainly not the way of patriarchal religions or secularism who offer cures for the problems they create at the price of selling your soul. No, I find my way in the Love Government and the Love Army which will have work to do under the new regime of evil.

Evil spelled backwards is Live. Evil sucks the natural life out of us to build its system of anti-life and anti-love. Love spelled backwards is Evol. Evol-ution has its eyes on some future heaven, and therefore undercuts present earthly love. Evil and Evol turn everything upside down and inside out. Love and Live are the natural order which we have abandoned, and therefore condemn ourselves to misery until we learn to restore the Order of Love and Life.

OK, I’ve said what I needed to say for now. I’ve got to be careful not to become entangled in evil posing as good. I’m not as young as I used to be; one fall can do me in. We used to call it sin. Evil did away with that word as politically unacceptable. I must try to live a natural life with the remnants and scraps missed by the Evil-utionists.

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