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This article’s purpose is to present the situation in Greece, the epicenter of the fall of civilization…

You can also check this clarifying text of Labropoulos to read how it all started and unfolded in 2009-2016.[1] I have also uploaded an excerpt of Mr. Nikitas of the EPAM party[2], where he uncovers the background and the people/motives behind the triggering of the Greek debt crisis in 2009.[3]

Greece is at this very moment the main battlefield in the European war field or to use the title of a new documentary about Greece, “laboratory”. [4]

The Greek debt crisis, which was orchestrated from the beginning, gave them the opportunity to create a default mechanism for states, the ESM, which they are about to turn into the actual governing body of the EU.[5] ESM is a quasi-state and its constitution prohibits any negotiation in case it lends a state. I could add many details to the emerging nature of EU such as the ignoring of Poland’s objections to the election of Donald Tusk as president in 2017 (though it required a unanimous vote) but I think the readers of this blog understand very well.

Of course all this has been happening because the Greeks didn’t manage to stop this in the very beginning and now are very much responsible for this European disaster. They still haven’t founded a new powerful party in order to topple the regime or at least enter the parliament. But the situation has changed dramatically since 2010 and there’s no excuse for the toleration of today’s worsening plight. The EU is relying on the passivity of Greeks and definitely on the quisling regime of the political system which includes all the parties that have been in the Greek parliament since 2009 and many smaller ones out of it.

But it’s not only the parties that the EU is viciously trying to bribe and control. I could write a lot of details about how they have managed to control the heads of the Greek armed forces, the example of Mr. Kostarakos[6] is very characteristic or the Greek journalists, who in the elections of 2019 many of them have become parliamentarians in the decorative new parliament or even the working unions such as the lawyers’ association of Athens which is one of the most openly Europhile ones. It is of outmost importance to emphasize that the Greek political elite is the main responsible for this mess since they are the ones who would never want to disassociate GR from its dependency on EU/NATO and the “imposed” policies (privatizations, concessions of Greek assets, airports, telecommunications).

In fact, just as the Nazis actually remained in power in Western Germany even after 1945 because USA needed them in order to face Communism, their collaborators in GR were also very important as USA held itself forcefully on these two states. The same people were the ones who insisted since 1961 (and succeeded in 1981) to annex GR to the European community and the Eurozone in 2002. Konstantinos Karamanlis in the first case, a collaborator of the Nazi during the German occupation of 1941-44 and Konstantinos Simitis, of German origin, who strived to destroy the Greek agricultural production for the sake of EU imports, privatize all they could and get GR in the Eurozone.[7]

The goal of the occupation regime is to liquidate Greece, downgrade it into an el dorado, a land of exploitation, with exclusive economic zones (the modern feudal territories) and house for the rich which they will get from the locals (through e-auctions). In my neighborhood in Athens it’s the first time ever that I bump into (so many) Chinese residents….

There are many other ways to neutralize Greek sovereignty and distort the cultural and natural integrity of the Greek state. One of them is the pipelines that are already crossing through the former Greek territory. TAP, IGB, POSEIDON and the agreement over EAST-MED which has just been signed by the “Greek” government. I forgot to mention that the pipelines will be guarded by international military forces such as NATO (by Turkish, Albanian and Greek combined maybe…) or the Israeli army/navy in the case of EAST-MED.[8] The borders of GR are being turned into administrational ones as a part of the unification of Turkey, Israel and the Balkans under NATO, EU and Zionism.[9] NATO is strengthening its presence in GR with new bases under a new agreement.[10] If Greeks revolt, the totally annexed to NATO Greek army with its new drones will put them in their place…just like in Afghanistan.[11]

In this site you can overview all the agreements signed by the Greek governments and the EU institutions since 2010 and the series of enhanced surveillance reports[12]. A special look at the latter shows that the memoranda which the parliaments ratifies aren’t the final contracts/agreements, which makes them illegal to begin with. If someone reads the commitments of the Greek government, it is easy to understand what is going on: Heavy taxation, massive privatizations[13], deregulations of labour market, establishment of independent authorities against the Constitution (such as the IAPR which controls the former public treasure and collects the taxes by force…).[14] Welcome to the middle ages!!

The massive environmental disaster is another terrifying aspect of the Greek drama. Of course it didn’t start with the memoranda in 2010 but it definitely worsened.[15] The latest depressing chapter to this is the destruction of ancient forests, in fact NATURA protected areas which are being paved to the ground in order to be replaced by… Green development, namely wind turbines which of course will not only make Greece dependent on energy but also destroy the ecosystem and tourism among other terrible consequences. Here’s a picture of where they plan to install the turbines….

Residents of the respective areas have already formed groups of protest and resistance but the multinationals are moving fast. I will mention just four: in Agrafa, in Karystia, in Tinos and Mani but there are a lot more.[16] They are very active on FB. So far they have destroyed the ancient mountain/Forrest of Ochia in Evia.[17]

  3. Unfortunately without English subtitles.
  14. Scroll down to the tables: Commitments and next steps…. ΑND lessons of self-defense for the tax collectors


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