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Sunday August 27, was the closing day for International Military-Technical Forum Army-2017 Expo. According to the statement posted on the event’s website, it’s the third large-scale event of the Russian Defense Ministry. Representatives of large Russian and foreign companies, leading research and development institutes as well as project and design offices participated in this Expo. The Forum rightfully enjoys the  reputation of one of leading exhibition events for demonstration of armament, military and special hardware.

This year more than 200 domestic and foreign companies presented their newest products for potential buyers and general public.

This year forum was joined by the International exhibition of high-efficiency equipment and technologies for re-equipment of enterprises of the military-industrial complex “IntellTechExpo: Intellectual technology exhibition 2017.”



Army 2017 News International Military Technical Forum defense exhibition Moscow Russia Day 1

Army 2017 International Military Technical Forum defense exhibition Moscow Russia Day 2

Army-2017 Day 1 Photo Gallery

INNOVATION CLUB special exhibition at Army-2017 International Military Technology Forum presented double purpose innovative science and technology products that would be of interest to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Project Topics:

  • Robot Complexes and Their Component Parts• Virtual and Augmented Reality• Transport Systems, Transport Platforms, Power Supply Units• Navigation and Communications

    • Information Technologies and Cyber Security

    • Control Systems

    • Equipment and Gear

    • Medicine

    • Power Engineering

    • New Materials and Technologies

    • Products and Materials for Extreme Environments

    • Logistics Products


Army-2017 Expo had more than 200 manufacturers under one roof

By manufacturer

Kslashnikov is not just AK-47

The Concern contains three brands: “Kalashnikov” (combat and civilian weapons)”, “Baikal” (hunting and civilian guns), and “Izhmash” (sporting rifles), also the Concern is developing new business lines that include remote weapon stations, unmanned aerial vehicles and multi-functional special-purpose boats.

The State Corporation “Rostec” holds 51% of the shares of the Concern, and private investors own the remaining 49%.

The Concern is focused on developing the following product lines:

  • Military weapons (including its disposal), service and civilian small arms;
  • High-precision ammunition for the artillery armament;
  • Technological tools to provide operation and repair of the missile artillery and armored force vehicles armament (including means of technical maintenance and repair);
  • Aviation armament and guided missiles;
  • Machines, high-quality tools and workpieces;

The Concern’s list of the prospective development lines includes:

  • remote weapon stations;
  • unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • Multi-functional special-purpose boats.


Kalashnikov Magazine dedicated to the company and industry news

Kalashnikov took an entire building to showcase its latest lines of products


Kalashnikov lines of products

Firearms for Military & Law Enforcement

Firearms for hunting, sport and other Civilian use

Special weaponsHigh-precision projectiles and special weapons

Kalashnikov brands: Kalashnikov, Baikal and Vympel ship builder

Baikal line includes more than 50 models, 200 modifications, and 1500 versions of hunting and sports fire arms.

«Vympel» brand represents a dynamically evolving shipbuilding business that produces small and medium riverine and sea-going crafts for civilian and military use. Since its foundation in 1930, «Vympel» delivered over 30 000 ships and smaller vessels.


Kalashnikov unveils REX-1 anti-drone gun at ‘Army 2017’ expo



Aug 23, 2017

Drom the video description: The Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov demonstrated its REX-1 anti-drone gun at the International Military-Technical Forum ‘Army 2017’ expo, at Patriot Park, in Moscow, Wednesday.

Rex-1 is a non-lethal device that works by severing the connection between a quadcopter and its controller, as well as jamming satellite positioning systems, GSM and Wi-Fi signals.

ZALA AERO special project manager, Nikita Khamitov, explained that the device “suppresses control signals up to a distance of one kilometre.” He went on to note that “if the quadcopter’s autopilot has an auto return home function when it loses signal from the controller, we suppress GPS [signal] – GPS, [Global Navigation Satellite System] GLONASS, Baidu and Galileo. In this case, the copter hovers in position and lands automatically.”

SOT, Nikita Khamitov, ZALA EURO special project manager (Russian): “This device suppresses control signals up to a distance of one kilometre. If the quadcopter’s autopilot has an auto return home function when it loses signal from the controller, we suppress GPS [signal] – GPS, [Global Navigation Satellite System] GLONASS, Baidu and Galileo. In this case, the copter hovers in position and lands automatically.”

Army-2017 Kalashnikov new military products small arms defense exhibition Russia

Army Recognition video report at Army-2017, the International Military Technical Forum about new products presented by Kalashnikov, the famous small arms manufacturer. On this video, the AK-12K, AK-15K and RPK-16.


Armored Kalashnikov amphibious assault boats BK-16 and BK-10 cutters

Aug 26, 2017

Russia’s Kalashnikov Group disclosed that several countries, including the Philippines is mulling to acquire their amphibious assault boats.

“The Armed Forces of South Africa are considering the purchase of 12 boats of both modifications while the Philippines and Argentina want to buy 10 such vessels,” the spokeswoman said at the Army-2017 military and technical forum outside Moscow where the Kalashnikov Group is featuring its BK-16 and BK-10 cutters.

The said vessel has two modifications which are transport/landing and assault.

According to Navy Recognition website, BK-16 has an operational range of 400 km, a maximum speed of 42 kt, a crew of two servicemen and a passenger capacity of 19 soldiers, while BK-10 has a maximum speed of 40 kt and a passenger capacity of 10 soldiers.

It added that both can be equipped with 7.62 mm machinegun, 12.7 mm heavy machinegun or 30 mm/40 mm automatic grenade launchers.



Footage taken during the demonstration of military equipment in the forum Army 2017



Ultra- and Long range sniper rifles

Lobaev SNIPER rifles are the world’s best

LOBAEV Arms produces the most extreme range rifles in the world.

All Lobaev rifles are certified as sporting/hunting guns.

Lobaev product line

Long Range Rifles like  Ultra long-range sniper rifle DXL-4 “Sevastopol” and ultra long-range rifle SVLK-14S “Twilight”

Sniper rifles, like Tactical sniper rifle TSVL-8 “Stalingrad” and Long-range sniper rifle DXL-3 “Longstrike”

The company also offers Hummer Barrels

Lobaev arms promo materials

Lobaev Arms also has its own online magazine of company and industry news called Lobaev Journal: the Russian gunmaker’s source

Unofficial video from the Army-2017 exhibitions



Remdizel (RD), JSC

Armament and equipment of the Land Forces

JSC Remdizel (RD) was established in 1978. This is the largest specialized enterprise in Russia that provides the RF Ministry of Defense with special-purpose vehicles over the whole life cycle: R&D, manufacturing, technical supervision during operation, overhaul, recycling of wheeled and tracked vehicles.

RD produces vehicles of the Typhoon and Vystrel family, and also works on creating special-purpose vehicle prototypes for the Platform and Tornado projects. Since 2009, RD is the only contractor for the RF Ministry of Defense covering the whole life cycle of KAMAZ, MZKT, MT-LB and a number of models on their basis.

New improved and upgraded Typhoon -K for  VDV, the Airborne forces


Podolskiy electrical and mechanical plant for special mechanical engineering, Joint stock company

Podolsk Electrical and Mechanical Plant JSC is one of the leading enterprises in production of electro-hydraulic and hydraulic control systems with high industrial potential and highly qualified personnel. The enterprise is the country’s only manufacturer of hydraulic devices for ADMS S-300, Buk, Tor, missile complexes Iskander, Topol. it manufactures products for ADMSTunguska, Shilka, Pantsir, MLRS Smerch and Uragan. The enterprisecarries out development, modernization and technical support of hydraulic products of any complexity and is the only manufacturer and supplier of the main element of anti-rolling devices of surface and steering gears of submarines, for the Navy.

For more than a decade,Podolsk Electrical and Mechanical Plant JSC has been working on modernization of 23mm twin anti-aircraft mount ZU-23 and is the only enterprise in the military-industrial complex that has real achievements in the design, manufacture, repair and modernization of ZU-23. The enterprise is the main manufacturer of the upgraded ZU-23/30М1-4, which allows to effectively fighting against unmanned aerial vehicles, and is carrying out research and development works to further improve and enhance the combat potential of the mount.

Project Samum,  a Super Mobile Modified Artillery System

With the electronic systems that are designed to withstand extreme high and low temperatures.

For technical characteristics see the video description in Russian.



This “thunder of desert” was developed by a group of young engineers of the Podolsk Electrical and Mechanical plant.


Other industry news

  1. New super-powerful Android-tablet IRBIS TZ890 In Russian

Irbis is a subsidiary of Treolan and the company doesn’t bother itself with translating the information about their revolutionary products in English, but judging by the product description and the users’ feedback, IRBIS is by far superior to the foreign analogues including similar Apple product.

2. Baltic shipbuilder KAMPO OJSC has delivered another search and rescue boat  number  SMK-2176 of project 23370. Images.

This ship was launched in September 2016

The boat showcases a  unified hydraulic system for stationary onboard facilities (crane, winch, thrusters) and for other hydraulically operated equipment (fire pumps, instruments); modular structure and unified structural elements of the hull and superstructure complying with the standard dimensions of 20ft containers allow for delivery of the boat modules anywhere site by automobile/railway/water transport; containerized functional modules allow for reduction of required storage facilities at the Naval bases of rescue services and increase their preparedness for deployment.

  1. Gazprom introduces its new improved brand of diesel, under a new “DieselOpti” trademark.

The Gazpromneft filling station network has become an official fuel partner on the fifth transcontinental “Silk Way 2017” rally, using this opportunity to undertake further testing of its innovative “Diesel Opti” fuel, under extreme conditions.

“Diesel Opti” is the first Russian-branded diesel fuel with improved performance characteristics, developed specifically for the Gazpromneft filling station network. Independent studies at international laboratories have demonstrated that regular use of Diesel Opti gently cleans engines, and reduces fuel consumption.

Photo gallery of the Silk Way 2017” award ceremony

  1. I already wrote about Ural-NEXT Not Your Typical All-Terrain Vehicle

This year Ural manufacturer adds a new beast to its stable: a truck-tractive four-axle heavy tractor tanker URAL-6308 8X8

The importance of these kind of vehicles is huge, mainly due to the MOD policy to make  tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled guns to travel to deployment sites in their own way, and on special multi-axle heavy tractors. T

The Ministry of Defense formats the unique military units – regiments and battalions of multi-axle heavy wheeled tractors (MTCT). Their task is the prompt delivery of tank and motorized rifle divisions to the places of combat operations over distances of thousands of kilometers. At the same time, military equipment must be ready to engage in battle without preparation, immediately upon delivery.

5. In Russia, unlike the US and EU, you can pull over to the side of the road and go into the woods to pick mushrooms and berries. Unlike the US, people are free to explore any state owned lands. This favorite national pastime and farming  are the main reasons why all terrain vehicles and trucks are in such high demand.

On the recent OFF-ROAD SHOW 2017, the plant of innovative products KTZ introduced its new Mushroomer (from English “mushroom picker”) – an all-terrain vehicle which has “tractor roots.”  This mini truck-tractor hybrid can move up to 1.12 tons of cargo over the most difficult terrain of snow, sand and swamp, even in deep water with additional inflation of tires.

The manufacturer is currently looking for investments.

6.  Cognitive Agro Pilot, autonomous harvester

Autonomous harvesting of barley with the use of just one camera and neural networks.
August 2017, developer – Cognitive Technologies /Russia/

Cognitive Technologies (Russia) Cognitive Technologies is a woman founded and owned private  Russian software corporation that develops corporate business- applications, AI-based advanced driver assistance systems. Founded in 1993 in Moscow (Russia), the company has offices in Eastern Europe, with R&D Centers in Russia.

Cognitive Technologies in cooperation with the leading Russian farming equipment manufacturer – Rostselmash conducted first test of an autonomous, self-driving harvester.

The project under the  code name Cognitive Agro Pilot took five years to develop. It will cost much less than its foreign analogues.




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