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As the story goes, someone was driving a European guest to Yakutsk from Magadan. After they took off for their journey, the passenger got concerned about the absence of a GPS/ GLONASS device, even after the driver explained that he didn’t need the device because he knew the route well. Just to calm his passenger down he got his GLONASS device from a glove compartment, plugged it in and entered their destination address. A robotic female voice said, “After. Two. Thousand. Kilometers. Turn. Right.”

There is a reason why people try to use just enough technology to complete a task.

Any information on the war on Russia includes its economy and frequently, you will find outright lies about Russia-made products and technologies. Across the entire spectrum of human knowledge everything is being used by the Western propagandists for attacks. Just recently some British journalist claimed that the Soyuz rockets have less computing power than an iPhone. The guys who run the Russian Embassy in the UK twitter account responded, “You try going to space on your iPhone.”

I don’t understand why most Russia haters are so keen to using this China-made device as a proof of a myth of the Western superiority, but considering that the Soyuz (Union) rockets have the most powerful engines to take people and cargo to the orbit, this racket also have enough computing power for the job.

Soyuz MS-04 Construction, Testing and Integration


For my previous Made In Russia post I received the request to write more on the conversion of the military technologies into the civil technologies.

This week’s example is a hoverbike. Military and civilian engineering companies are working to develop cheap and reliable devices for personal flying. Here a place where some “British journalist” can chum in and claim that Russia develops flying apparatus because it doesn’t have good roads. But this logic won’t work here, because the first hoverbike was purchase by the Police forces in Dubai.

 Russian company Hoversurf hoverbike will be used by the Dubai police to monitor the streets

Personally, I like the Kalashnikov made hoverbike better



In order to have a technological breakthrough next generation of kids will study the basics of the Orthodox Christianity, code writing, logic, astronomy  and chess.

The Ministry of education will make chess playing classes mandatory for the elementary school curriculum.

Thinking back, when I was in elementary school my dad played chess with me and read to me Lev Tolstoy’s War and Peace. He only read to me the war parts, with description of battles and Tolstoy’s philosophy of the military and state and defense of Russia. His friends visiting us also played chess with me, but lost interest when I started winning.

Russian students from the Moscow State University won in the first international competition VisionHack

VisionHack —First International Hackathon on Computer Vision for Unmanned Vehicles

“In September in Moscow, NUST MISIS and Cognitive Technologies held the first university hackathon on artificial intelligence and computer vision with an available prize fund of more than $30,000. Teams from MIT (USA), the University of Cambridge (Great Britain), ASU (USA), the University of Science and Technology Beijing (P.R. China), UPC (Spain), and leading Russian universities participated.”

VisionHack 2017 was organized by the NUST MISIS, one of Russia`s leading technological universities, and Cognitive Technologies, a company which develops artificial intelligence systems for unmanned vehicles.


President Putin congratulated agroindustry workers on their professional holiday – Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers’ Day.

“Today agriculture, the agro-industrial complex as a whole is one of the most rapidly developing branches of our economy. This year we expect a record-high grain harvest of around 130 million tonnes, and this has been achieved despite the unfavourable weather conditions.

Russia has reaffirmed its status as the world’s leading grain power and holds forefront positions in world wheat exports. There are positive trends in other sectors as well, such as pork and poultry production and harvesting of oil-bearing crops, sugar beet, fruit and vegetables.

We see that measures aimed at boosting the industry prove to be efficient. It is also pleasing that different types of agricultural companies are evolving – not only large enterprises, but also small farms.

This is a good trend showing the revival of true Russian traditions. The support of the farm movement, as well as measures aimed at promoting the overall progress of agriculture, will certainly be continued.

We must move forward, to increase the output of ecologically pure produce, to develop deep processing, to strengthen our positions in the domestic and global markets, and to competently use the natural advantages of our agriculture.”

Russian food exports may reach $20bn this year

Chutzpa without borders. The EU pushes for global rule over the Arctic Ocean.

The speech by the EU Federica Mogherini at the opening session of the Our Ocean conference 2017 has coursed concern and anger among the Russian public, since she calls to blatantly disregard any territorial boundaries of Russia, without even mentioning Russia as the biggest Arctic country and claiming that the Arctic Ocean belongs to everyone.

“In the Arctic Ocean, it doesn’t matter whether an icebreaker has a European, an American or an Asian flag. We all try to work together, because we all share an interest to travel freely and safely around the North Pole. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea has provided the world with a clear set of rules, to prevent conflict, to facilitate business and to make the marine economy sustainable.”

“We Europeans, the European Union, we believe that a globalised world needs a more cooperative global governance.”

We thought it was outrages that the US imposing its domestic laws extraterritorially, including kidnapping the Russian citizens and holding them hostage on frivolous charges. Now, it’s the Europeans who decided to impose the European Union idiotic rules and regulations on an entire world.

The Westerners cannot survive a day without stealing from the Eastern nations, so it’s always useful to have a hammer to break their sticky fingers. And here the moment when you understand a true need for the military icebreakers.

The Ilya Muromets Project 21180 diesel electric icebreaker built for the Russian Navy by Admiralteiskiye Shipyards, St. Petersburg

Russian Navy’s brand new icebreaker Ilya Muromets floats off

2014 documentary  Seven Seas of Ice: Russia’s icebreakers traverse top of the world

Arctic giant: 1st new Russian icebreaker in decades starts sea trials (PHOTO, VIDEO)


Another made in Russia technological marvel that comes in handy to shoo away those pesky Europeans are the submarines. I wrote about the new submarines and their manufacturers in my previous released of the Made In Russia section.  Here, I want to mention a fairly recent article authorized by Kyle Mizokami, “The   Russian   Stealth   Submarine   No   Nation   Wants   to   Fight  ( Especially  America)”


We have discussed before the new truly innovative aircraft  the Sukhoi SuperJet SSJ100.

I even posted beautifully made videos depicting the manufacturing scheme between Russian and the US companies.

Well… Those of you who said that it was a mistake to produce anything with the Americans were absolutely right. Now, the American side has put a stoppage to the Russia’s right to exercise freedom of trade in the free world within the free market. We knew it was a joke, free market and freedom of trade have been meant only for the American companies.

Right now, the manufacturers of the SSJ-100  in Russia are working to convert SSJ-100 systems to be fully domestically developed and made. It’s necessary condition since they want to deliver this aircraft to Iran and other countries without the consent of the United States.

The manufacturer of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is facing problems with supplying aircraft to Iran, because it has American software. The US government fears that this Middle Eastern country will be able to get the secrets of production of the American aviation systems. It was decided to replace parts made in the United States with their domestic counterparts.

The SSJ-100 aircraft at the moment uses 50%  domestic systems and 50% foreign. In particular, fire systems, auxiliary power unit, hydraulics, electrics, wheels and brake systems come from the United States. Russia has all the necessary technologies for the production, so the replacement of the U.S. components is only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, Russia is forced to wait for permission from the U.S. Treasury (OFAC) for delivery of SSJ-100 to Iran. The manufacturer filed an application to the appropriate United States authorities in August 2017, however, got no response. The manufacturer believes that the US is specifically trying to delay the consideration of requirements in order to disrupt the deal between two nations.

More industry news

New MIG-35C  

New military airport in Kaliningrad will start operating before the end of this year.


Art and architecture

While the experts from The Heritage Museum in St. Petersburg work on the preservation and reconstruction of the cultural heritage of Syria, there is still lots of work back home.

Crimean state registry Committee has registered the right of the republic’s ownership of the Khan’s Palace in Bakhchisarai. The palace complex includes the Falcon tower, Small Khan mosque, the Palace and the harem buildings, the Khan’s cemetery and the mosque all are now under reliable protection. Entrance is secured against all sort of vandals and thieves.

During the years under the Ukrainian occupation, the Palace has been looted by the local Ukrainian authorities and was slowly falling apart. At this point the ancient construction is in such poor condition that it’s dangerous even to be on its territory.

The preliminary work started to secure the buildings.

Russia’s real estate market is set to reach record height in 2018 with over 10% growth.

The Kerch bridge construction

In September, more than 500 ships had passed under the  railroad arch of the Crimean bridge, including the cargo ship Federal Elber that operates under the US flag.


Electronics and software

 Corporate IT systems from the UNITED ENGINE CORPORATION (UEC)

The UEC-Saturn’s corporate IT system supports the all stages of product life cycle: research and development, production, marketing and sales, after-sale services.

The UEC-Saturn’s corporate IT system has more than 4000 workstations in five Russian cities.

Thanks to application of state-of-the-art IT system, UEC-Saturn has significantly reduced a time for the new products development.

The 300th SaM146 engine for the SSJ100 aircraft was assembled at “UEC-Saturn” in Rybinsk


MOX Fuel and around plutonium

MOX Fluel

Two years ago, Russia formally launched a commercial MOX fuel fabrication facility at the Mining and Chemical Combine (MCC) in Zheleznogorsk. The production line will fabricate MOX fuel for the BN-800 reactor at the Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station.

The plant uses weapon-grade plutonium, which Russia committed to eliminate under the PMDA agreement with the United States, but  it can work with “any isotopic composition, any plutonium.”

In 2016, after spending several billion dollars the US discontinued construction of its own MOX Fuel Fabrication facility, because it just doesn’t have the technology.

At this point, Russia is the only country on earth that has the technology to make MOX fuel from the nuclear waste.

“Fast breeders significantly expand the fuel base of the nuclear power industry, enabling it to provide reproducible nuclear fuel. In addition, it will be possible in future to reduce the volume of radioactive waste through burning hazardous radionuclides from spent nuclear fuel in fast breeders, softening the impact on the ecology.”

Radioisotope products made in Russia are now available in the Philippines and Morocco

Spent nuclear fuel removal, transportation storage and reprocessing

In September Rosatom removed 12 reactor units from decommissioned nuclear submarines in Kamchatka, in total 22,000 unites will be removed.

“In Russia, and, in particular, SevRAO, there are highly qualified specialists able to solve unique problems that previously have not even attempted by anyone in the world. “

SevRAO, a nuclear waste handling division of RosAtom.

Haykakan atomayin elektrakayan, JSC, (Armenian NPP) and TVEL, JSC have signed contract documents for nuclear fuel supplies. The contract ensures refueling for regular overhauls and available stock of fuel assemblies for two years.

TVEL introduces new line of superconductors for medical needs

IAEA dispels German hoax of ruthenium radiation

The recent Ruthenium “pollution” hoax coincided with the groundbreaking discovery made by the Russian and Armenian scientists concerning ruthenium dioxide.

Supercap is an electrochemical device which can accumulate energy and in the future might replace conventional batteries

A supercapacitor or supercap is an electrochemical device which can accumulate energy and in the future might replace conventional batteries. The most widely used material to construct cathodes for supercaps is ruthenium dioxide RuO2.

Small and medium size business

“…we set a goal to make small and medium businesses account for 30 to 40 percent of the Russian economy by 2030.”V. Putin


Foreign business in Russia and Russian businesses abroad

Putin promises to create better environment for foreign business in Russia

Russia rebuilds Iraq’s energy sector in areas freed from ISIS militants

The Russian operator company Gazprom Neft Badra is developing the oil field in the Wasit Province of eastern Iraq. The operator represents the interests of the international consortium that includes Russia’s Gazprom Neft, South Korean KOGAS, Malaysia’s Petronas, Turkish TPAO and the Iraqi government. The project is scheduled to take 20 years.

The Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission have been meeting all week in Kazan in Russia.

The Barents Sea cod quota will be reduced 13% to 775,000 metric tons for 2018, after the Russians and Norwegians reached an agreement on Thursday, sources told Undercurrent News during the Groundfish Forum.

Japan’s Hino Motors will build $17 mln truck manufacturing plant in Russia

Rosneft and Iraqi Kurdistan Government Agree to Expand Strategic Cooperation

Rosneft and the government of Iraqi Kurdistan signed production sharing deals for five oil blocks with Rosneft saying it would in the future aim to also explore for gas.

Russian Army 2017

Vladimir Putin visited the Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation, where he was updated on promising defense projects and held a meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission.

“Overall, the defence industry reports sustainable growth rates that are higher than in many other industries. More precisely, output in the defence industry increased by 10.7 percent in 2016. Year-on-year production increased last year in all sectors, but growth was especially high in the electronics industry (18.5 percent), in the production of munitions and special chemicals (nearly 14.5 percent), conventional weapons (over 10 percent), aircraft manufacturing (9 percent) and shipbuilding (nearly 4 percent).

It is especially gratifying that production efficiency in integrated companies increased by 8.8 percent on average, while wages grew commensurately, which is a good sign. The majority of integrated companies balance labour efficiency growth and wage growth per worker.”

“We are rightly proud of the Russian workers, engineers and designers whose creative genius produced unique and worldwide renowned models of weapons. The names of such talented gunsmiths as Pavel Zakhava, Sergei Mosin, Georgy Shpagin and Mikhail Kalashnikov will forever remain in the heroic military history of Russia.

in Samara, JSC “KUZNETSOV” a part of the “United Engine Corporation” celebrated its 105 anniversary. Kuznetsov Motor is a maker of those powerful engines RD-107A/RD-108A, for the Soyuz rockets

For the anniversary, the manufacturer unveiled a monument to its famed NK-12MP turboprop engine.

MI-24 flying Alligator – 3500 manufactured so far. the fastest and most versatile attack helicopter  ever made


In October, as part of the Navy drills in the Black Sea the MOD successfully tested combined actions of SU-30CM and Moskit , a supersonic ramjet powered antiship cruise missile. The video shows how the Moskit missiles had pierced the ship through.  

The missiles were shot from the missile cutters Ivanovets R-334, or in NATO classification Tarantul I (Project 1241.1) patrol combatant boat.


The manufacturer announced completion of the development stage for the new advanced radar system intelligence (rlk) “Hawk-AV”

Completed development of advanced radar complex (RLC) intelligence firing positions of artillery of the opponent and adjust the fire of his artillery “Hawk-AV” for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Complex in its tactical and technical characteristics at times superior to the existing in service with the Russian army and the armies of foreign States counterparts.

Adopting the RLA will greatly enhance the effectiveness of artillery and conduct counter-battery fight.

The Hawk-AB will come to operate alongside of Zoopark.


Hunting and small arms manufacturers

The Universal Kontarev Bullet UPK-2 – Russian Shotgun slug that destroys nearly everything

We test out some more shotgun slugs you never heard of before, the Kontarev UPK-2. These Russian slugs look and perform very well as you will see. We tested these with and without any rifling, and could not see any different in the performance. Both were equally good.

PPSH Shotgun Slug or the Pulya Poleva Shashkova – The Russian Ferrari of Ammo


In October AvtoVAZ manufacturer has started production of very popular SUV Lada Largus with the domestic engines.

AvtoVAZ began sales of Lada Largus in versions with 16-valve engine VAZ-21129. This motor is known to be used in the Vesta XRAY, and it replaces an engine Renault K4M.

VAZ-21129 engine gets 106 HP which is 4 HP higher than Renault engine.. New motor for the Lada Largus provides the best acceleration: it has 148 lb-ft of torque. In addition, it has reduced requirements for fuel quality: if the French engine required only 95 octane gas, VAZ is able to “eat” AI-92.

Note that at this point now on, no foreign engines will be used for the line of Largus.


News in brief

Russia increases Glonass orbital grouping to 24 satellites

Russian Helicopters Group is now developing a prototype of a new Mi-26T2V rotocraft. The new helicopter should be able to fly in any geographical region and any weather conditions

Images of Russian Space Forces facilities around the world

Images: Russia’s advanced icebreaker Ilya Muromets begins state trials in Baltic Sea

Image Gallery of Moscow parks innovations.

Russian school students won all three gold medals at the WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 Junior competition

In Transport and Logistics: Photo Gallery: Construction of a new metro station Selegerskaya in Moscow and the station of Verhnie Lihobori

A young couple opted out of a city apartment and instead built a house using aerated concrete.

They got a pleasant modern house at the price of a three bedroom apartment. On the video an architect explains technical characteristics on his construction.


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