Translated by Scott Humor and captioned by Leo.

The issue of termination of railway traffic with Russia once again raised by Ukrainian authorities. This time “Ukro” madness was voiced by Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Volodymyr Omelyan.

Apparently, the infrastructure in Ukraine is all right – bridges are not collapsing, roads are smooth like German autobahns, and so on. Isn’t it true? Otherwise, why should the rulers of “It’s Europe” [Post-Maidan leaders] raise the issue of ending railway connection with Russia? Why declare this at all?

“We are now considering the option of closing the railway connection with Moscow.”

You are aware of the sad state of Ukrainian infrastructure, and we regularly discuss this here. As for why Omelyan and others are talking about banning railroad traffic between Ukraine and Russia is, in my opinion, because of a specific reason. All of Ukraine’s leadership is insane. Remember the monologue of a character in a famous computer game? (Far Cry 3)

“I already told you. ‘What is insanity?’ Huh? Insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is what insanity is.”

No, I understand that American curators installed the “Ukro” Ukrainian leadership with a task to tear the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic away from Russia. And this “leadership” is trying to perform this task as well as they can. The US curators have been unpleasantly surprised that their charge is a one-trick pony repeating the same set of actions in hope that results will be different. Here’s how it looks like:

– We need to make it so that Ukrainians stop going to Russia.

– Let’s declare that they attacked us, and that Russia is a “country-aggressor.”

– Ukrainians are still traveling [to Russia].

– Three million just moved there. We need something else.

– Let’s impose sanctions against Russian companies.

– They still go.

– Let’s cut off water, electricity and everything else possible for Crimea.

– They still go.

– Let’s inflate railroad ticket prices, so that Ukrainians wouldn’t be able to afford it.

– They don’t care, they still go.

– Then let’s stop the railway traffic altogether, huh?


And so on. The question is: what will be the next step in this vicious circle of madness? Not to allow across the border packed beyond capacity buses of private carriers, that Ukrainians also use go to work in Russia? To build a wall on the border? Uh … wait, that already happened. What else? To turn Ukraine into a giant concentration camp, revealing the true purpose of the Maidan victory?

Even the Baltic Nazis did not dare to do this, despite the fact that population of the Baltics are escaping to other EU countries. However, given that we are talking about madness, it is possible that Kiev is insane enough to do so. But then there is another subtle point, Ukrainians are perfectly adapted to live under pressure.

They will give bribes to the guards of the country-concentration camp that is, sorry, to the border guards. And they, of course, will take bribes, because their families need to be fed, somehow.

I can even predict what will happen when the Ukrainian authorities pile up their punitive measures. Those who were able to get out of the “It’s Europe” power and now in Russia, after realizing that there is no second chance, won’t go back under any pretense. By hook or by crook they will seek to gain a foothold in Russia permanently, and bring over their families also, instead of send money there, behind the barbed wire.

This process is already underway.

Open one of the July issues of the “Parliamentary Newspaper” and read: “Ukrainians will be offered to stay in Russia indefinitely.” Citizens of Ukraine will be allowed to extend their stay in Russia without leaving the country. A proposition exists to simplify for them the naturalization process: to go away with requirement to obtain a temporary residence permit, and a period of residing in the country to obtain the residence is to be reduced from five to three years.

Besides, the Ukrainians will be allowed to skip Russian language test and will get a waiver for sources of income confirmation.

The relevant proposals are set out in the draft law developed by a group of senators and deputies on an initiative of the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, Konstantin Zatulin.

So far, we are talking about those who have already violated the migration legislation of Russia. But this is just the beginning. If Omelyan and others with him decide to fence Ukraine in with barbed wire, then everyone who escaped from there will be given a refugee status. It’s that simple.

My question is: how then will the “Ukros” carry out the task of the American government? By acting crazy, they themselves complicate the task given to them. And let them, it’s very good.



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