The Kremlins of Russia

The Izmailovo Kremlin in Moscow

The Pskov Kremlin
Pskov is one of the Oldest Cities in Russia
Once the de facto Capital of Pskov Republic and acknowledged by The Great Novgorod Republic. It was the western outpost of Russia and had been subjected to many sieges and attacks for centuries by the Teutonic Knights and the Poles. Pskov has survived for more than 1,100 years and is still an important Russian Historical City.

The Kolomna Kremlin
Kolomna is an ancient city of Moscow Oblast, Russia, situated at the confluence of the Moskva and Oka Rivers, 114 kilometers southeast of Moscow

For 428 years Tobolsk has been a spiritual capital of Siberia
Tobolsk was called a spiritual capital of Siberia, gates to Asia, and a father of Russian cities, a Siberian pearl, angel-like town. 17th century Tobolsk Kremlin is one of the 7 architectural miracles of Russia.
The Tobolsk Kremlin and Cvyato-Znamensky Abalaksky monastery

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