Besides being guilty of the murder of two Russian journalist, Nadazhda Savchenko is also famous for torturing POWs and even civilians (though for some reason, the Russian courts are not prosecuting her for that).  But who cares, they were just Russian subhumans after all, and she is still the hero of the western human rights groups and other EU and US organizations who demand her unconditional release.  Typical.

This being said (and sad), having listened for her during her speeches in court, I think that in terms of personality, intellect and drive, she stands heads and shoulders above the Urkonazis politicians in Kiev.  She will probably be exchanged at some point in time, to my great personal regret, as I would prefer her to remain productively employed somewhere north of Norilsk for the rest of her sentence, and she will no doubt return as  hero in Ukronaziland.  At which point the rest of the overcooked noodles à la Porochenko or Iatseniuk better be very careful because even of Nadazha Savchenko is a bloodthirsty and sadistic maniac – a least she is a real man!

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