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Comment by Terry

“All that can be said is that the question of who shot down MH17 remains unresolved, primarily due to blatant interference in the investigation by the NATO powers.”That pretty much tells us who really shot it down, doesn’t it? But, lets look at a few of the actual facts that are not in dispute.

First off, context. Five months earlier a US orchestrated and backed coup led by fascist militias had violently overthrown the legally elected government of Ukraine and replaced it with a government of the far right which among other things had passed a law banning the Russian language spoken by most people in eastern and southern Ukraine. A hastily called fake “election” in which the two parties which had won 60 percent of the vote in the overthrown parliament were not allowed on the ballot had “elected” Poroshenko as “President”, and he had promptly launched an assault on the local governments in eastern Ukraine. The local people in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces had formed self-defence militias to protect their mayors and local governments from arrest and/or murder by fascist militias from western Ukraine. The local government in Crimea held a referendum to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia, which passed by over 96 percent. In April around 100 people protesting the coup in Odessa were burned alive and/or shot in a massacre led by fascist militias thugs. In May, protected by hastily formed local militias, the provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk held similar referendums to succeed from Ukraine which also passed by over 90 percent.

The United States CIA took over the top two floors of the Ukrainian SBU Intelligence agency and assumed control of the SBU and the developing civil war. Near the end of June CIA Director John Brenner made a secret visit to Ukraine over a weekend.

At the end of June, Poroshenko announced an all-out WW II style assault on Donetsk and Luhansk provinces with tanks, heavy assault rockets, artillery, mobile guns, helicopters, and SU25 ground assault aircraft. By mid July this assault was in full swing and Donetsk and Luhansk were being bombed and shelled daily by the Ukrainian Air Force. The militias defending Donetsk and Luhansk obtained shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles from Russia to shoot down the SU25 bombers attacking their cities and defensive positions. These type of short range missiles have a maximum altitude of around 3000 metres, far below commercial jets at 10,000 metres, but sufficient to shoot down the SU25’s and helicopter gunships attacking them near the ground.

On July 17th, 2014, in the midst of this violent offensive against the cities and provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk the air traffic controllers in Kiev re-directed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 200 kilometres north from its usual route over the Sea of Azov and ordered it to overfly the centre of the war zone in eastern Ukraine. No reasonable explanation for this change of route has been provided by Ukraine. The Kiev Air Traffic Control tapes were seized by the Ukrainian SBU less than an hour after the shootdown and have never been seen since. Where are they? The JIT didn’t ask that question.

The United States CIA had a hate on against Malaysia because they had hosted an International War Crimes Tribunal which had indicted George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and various other top American officials for invading Iraq (War of Aggression) and the many atrocities and crimes committed during the war. Although Malaysian Airlines had one of the best safety records in the business, in 2014 they lost three airliners in mysterious circumstances. CIA Payback?

Over several days prior to July 17th, as shown on Russian and European satellite photos, Ukraine had moved at least half a dozen BUK missile launchers into the area Flight MH17 was now directed to fly over. The militias of Donetsk and Luhansk had no aircraft. What was the reason for moving the BUK launchers into this area? After July 17th they were removed, so apparently it wasn’t any concern about the Russian Air Force coming to the defence of Donetsk and Luhansk. The JIT didn’t ask that question.

There is a precedent of a Ukrainian missile shooting down a civilian airliner and then denying it. On October 4, 2001, a Ukrainian missile battery in Crimea shot down a Siberia Airlines TU-154 en route from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk over the Black Sea, killing all aboard. Ukraine denied having shot down Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 for weeks, but eventually admitted to it, claiming it was a training accident, and paid $15 million to the victims families. The JIT report didn’t mention that.

Kiev has never provided its radar tapes to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), claiming none of its radars, either military or civilian air traffic control, were working in eastern Ukraine that day as they were all shut down for maintenance. Given that they had supposedly moved the BUK launchers into the area because they were worried about the Russian Air Force coming to the defence of Donetsk and Luhansk, it is hard to believe that they really had all their radars turned off in a war zone where their own planes were engaged in bombing. But, lets take them at their word. Why, if all their Air Traffic Control radars were turned off, making it impossible for their air traffic controllers to track the planes they were supposed to be guiding, would they re-route Flight MH17 into that area? The JIT didn’t ask that question.

Although the Ukrainian radars, both military and civilian, were supposedly all turned off for maintenance at the same time, the Russian radar was working. The civilian Air Traffic Control was watching MH17 which was just entering it’s range and saw it descend and disappear. This radar would have seen a BUK missile if launched from the east, but not from the west, which was out of its range. It did not see any missile. The more powerful Russian military radar was also monitoring traffic in the war zone as Ukrainian SU25s were actively bombing Donetsk and Luhansk at the time just over the border. It did not see any BUK missile fired from either direction, but did see a Ukrainian SU25 following MH17 about 5 kilometres behind it, which is well within the launch range of the R60 air-to-air missiles and Israeli Python missiles carried by some SU25s. The Russians supplied this radar data to the JIT, but the JIT report didn’t mention it or ask the obvious question: what was a ground attack aircraft doing up at 10,000 metres following a civilian airliner immediately before it broke up and plunged to the ground?

The US had an Aegis class Cruiser in the Black Sea at the time. This type of warship specializes in long-range air defence and radar detection. They also had a spy satellite overhead at the time, and would normally have at least one electronic surveillance spy plane watching a war zone they were involved in. Secretary of State John Kerry immediately claimed they had all the data and watched the entire shootdown. But . . . two years after MH17 was shot down they have not provided any of their radar, electronic evesdropping, or satellite data to the JIT. Why not? The JIT report didn’t ask that question.

Following the shootdown, the Donetsk self-defence militias operating in the area started searching for the Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder. Within a couple of days they had recovered both, and turned them over to a team from Malaysian Airlines who came to Donetsk to recover them. Malaysia then turned them over to the Dutch JIT, who in turn handed them over to the British to recover the data. The British stated they were in good shape and had not been tampered with and that all data was recovered. To this day it has not been made public, and the JIT report does not say what was on either recorder. Why not? Why is this secret?

After the shootdown, the Dutch set up a Joint investigation Team with Australia, Belguim, and Ukraine, the chief suspect, but Malaysia was not allowed to participate. Each member, including Ukraine, has the right under a secret agreement to veto the release of any information deemed unfavourable to its interests. It is completely unprecedented for a so-called “investigation” to give the chief suspect the “right” to prevent the release of any information implicating them. That alone completely disqualifies any “findings” of this “investigation”. Members of the Dutch parliament attempted to get the terms of the JIT Agreement released, but it was deemed a “State Secret” by the Dutch government and has never been released.

The Ukrainian army repeatedly shelled the area of the crash for the following month, preventing the JIT investigators from accessing it and destroying evidence. The JIT report makes no mention of this obstruction by Kiev.

The makers of the BUK missile went to great lengths to set up a similar aircraft cockpit on a scaffold and exploded a BUK missile in the exact position and angle the Dutch JIT claimed the missile would have approached from based on the shrapnel pattern. They invited the press and the JIT to observe the test, but the JIT refused to attend or review the results and see if the shrapnel from a BUK matched the damage on the reconstructed sections of MH17’s fuselage. Why did the JIT refuse to send an observer? Are they trying to determine whether it was a BUK, or do they not want to know?

The cockpit area of MH17 appears to have been hit with heavy machine gun fire from a 30mm cannon. The Russian air force set up a test using a SU25 to strafe an old aircraft cockpit to compare the damage and entry/exit holes of the SU25 cannon to those found on MH17. The JIT declined to send an observer. Why? Are they actually trying to determine what happened to MH17, or are they actually trying to cover it up?

The JIT stated that the missile that detonated about two metres from the cockpit of MH17 weighed about 33 kg, but a BUK missile warhead weighs over twice as much: 75 kg. On the other hand, the warhead of an R60 or Israeli Python air-to-air missile carried by an SU25 weighs around 30 kg. Why does the JIT report not comment on this discrepancy?

When a BUK missile is launched it is extremely noisy and leaves a very visible white smoke trail from it’s solid fuel exhaust which is visible for up to 15 miles, yet no one saw or photographed it. On the other hand, numerous witnesses claim to have seen a SU25 following the MH17 down before heading west toward Ukraine. Why does the JIT report make no mention of this?

And so forth. I’ll wrap this up before it get into book length, although there is plenty more to say. It is patently obvious the JIT “report” is little more than a blatant fraud designed to cover up a deliberate crime committed by Ukraine and with the assistance of the CIA. The purpose of the crime was to defame the Self-defence militias of Donetsk and Luhansk by accusing them of being “terrorists” which kicks in all kinds of sanctions and laws in various countries making it illegal for anyone to support them, to get back at Malaysia for hosting the International War Crimes Tribunal that indicted the Bush administration for invading Iraq, and to cover up the Israeli invasion of Gaza and attendant massacre of thousands of people which not co-incidentally started just a few hours after the MH17 shootdown grabbed the headlines. A standard multi-purpose False Flag, the CIA’s speciality.

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