“You conducted genocide of Armenia, sirs.”

“But you’re guilty of Holocaust, Sirs!”

“You are killing Kurds, sirs!”

“But you slaughtered Ruanda, sirs”

“And you sponsor ISIS executors, sirs”

“And you genocided half of African population, sirs”

From the Dialogues of the members of Democratic coalition

Nations with nuclear weapons: United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea

Nations hosting nuclear weapons: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, Poland upcoming

Nations in nuclear alliances: Albania, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain


Part I:  Michael Mcfaul declares war on Russia

We had an exchange of opinions of Sunday on twitter in regards to MH17

I will be honest with you, I don’t care about the MH17 at all. Back in summer 2014, when I was sitting on the Internet 24/7 and listening to the scanner re-transmitters from “Donetsk,” but in reality from other places, it was clear from the very first announcement that the plane was shot down by Kiev Junta in order to implicate Russia.

Back then the self-defenders, real and fake, were mostly small time actors, history re-enactors, video producers, journalists, and also miners and teachers. They got into this massive fraud both wittingly and unwittingly. Reasons notwithstanding, none of them had a BUK missile launcher, which consisted of two large military vehicles, one with a radar navigation system and another with missiles. The highly sophisticated BUK system requires at least three trained personnel to operate it. The system would have to be set up and tuned in hours in advance. It needs a set of special keys to operate. Plus, a BUK system would leave a certain radio signature that is readily read and easily recognized.

Washington never lets facts get in a way of a good provocation. The US’s idea was to “show to the world” that Russia shoots passengers planes on its territory. I distinctly recall that the very first Breaking News announcements stated that the passenger plane crashed in Russia. However, by some divine providence, MH17 had hit the ground only 30 kilometers away from Russia’s border.

Always remember that the very first sources of information are the most important. They might point out those responsible, and they also might deliver bits of information from true witnesses.  I recall that the Russian airplane enthusiasts were posting on twitter screen shots of online flight trekkers that showed how this plane “suddenly” turned and started flying back towards Kiev right before going down. On the very first and second day, the working theory was that it was a bomb on board that went off, after which pilots tried to save the plane by turning and flying toward Kiev airport. It even looked like they could make it back to the airport, but at this point the Ukrainian fighter jet that shadowed the MH17  shot it down with  AAM. The most incredible point that those flight trekkers made was that this possible bomb went off right when the MH17 was crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border. The plane fell 30 kilometers to the West, because it turned around and started flying back. The Kiev airport was the closest airport for them to land, so the pilots, or an autopilot, made the only reasonable decision. This was the most reasonable theory back then and it still remains so, at least for me.

John Helmer surgically dissected the Dutch report. He, also, seems to think that there was a bomb onboard filled with shrapnel from the assortment of different BUK missiles.

It’s extremely important continue to analyze, research, and to take apart every piece of information known about the so-called “war in Ukraine.” It’s vitally important because it gives to all of us the knowledge of NATO’s large scale psy-ops like a fake “Russian invasion of Ukraine” and a fake “Russian war in Ukraine.” NATO psy-op in Ukraine has been hugely successful, with NATO operatives and “volunteers” working for NATO fighting with each other a make-believe war.

In brief, the US and NATO operation in Ukraine was designed like a computer game. They created two groups of armed men: first group was “pro-Maidan,” the second group was “anti-Maidan.” Both groups called for volunteers. First and second groups pretended to fight with each other, however their victims were volunteers, civilians, law enforcement officers, and regular Ukrainian army conscripts. Members of the first and second groups often were switching affiliations, being “pro-Maidan” then becoming suddenly “anti-Maidan: and vice versa. This fake war, with very real victims, was daily recorded on videos by professional crews of journalists and video engineers using professional equipment. Videos made of this war were broadly televised.

While this psy-op accomplished almost everything it intended, it failed to lure the Russian government into hot war with NATO, which would ultimately become a pretext for a nuclear strike on Russia.

Thus the next logical step for the US is to cook up another psy-op, that will be called “Russian aggression in...”

Where will it take place? 

In a new article, the ex-ambassador in Russia Mr. Michael McFaul states that “the leaders of the West declared war” against Russia. The article was published in the Estonian language, and by an Estonian newspaper and basically went unnoticed by general public, and it was done so by design.

Michael McFaul: There was never promised to Russians not to allowed NATO to extend into the Eastern Europe

Incredibly, Mcfaul said that it’s Russia’s fault that NATO is expanding into Eastern Europe and accumulating on the Russia’s borders.

 “Russia’s behavior is from 2014. the year has been extremely unpredictable and aggressive. Basically, is this why the leaders of the West – fortunately, only in words – declared a war. Whether the American response to an increased Russian threat to the East Europe has been sufficient?” [M. McFaul]

Mr. McFaul fails to explain what may have caused this NATO expansion in Europe in the 25 years prior to the US putsch in Ukraine in 2014. Essentially, the Americans blame Russia retrospectively for their own aggression during the 90s, 2000s and 2010s.

Jim W. Dean, a Managing Editor of the Veterans Today, thought it was important enough to write an editorial,  Former US ambassador Michael McFaul pimps for new job

Dean and experts polled by TASS see nothing but an attempt by McFaul to throw in his hat for a better job with either new administration. That’s why, they think, he published an interview in the Estonian newspaper Postimees, in which he calls for “curbing” Russia and for NATO’s further eastward expansion. Granting that NATO is already on the Russian border where exactly further eastward does Mr. McFaul calls for NATO to expend?

The Veterans Today, and Russian experts working for TASS are missing the most important point. Why publish this particular article, why in June 2016, why in the Estonian language, why in an Estonian newspaper?

Out of curiosity, I have been following McFaul’s adventures for the last couple of years. He is not as dumb as he looks. He is a knowledgeable, cunning and extremely vicious enemy of Russia, and frankly, Europe in general.

Every time NATO, which is an American occupational forces in Europe, makes a move they are moving closer towards the war in Europe, on European territory, and in European cities. The Europeans are fooling themselves thinking that NATO occupational forces war on Russia will be contained to only Russia’s territories, or it will be only conventional.  Using the common perception of NATO as an alliance, Americans act as fake Europeans, or “insteadof” Europeans, a replacement for Europeans. They are seeking to destroy Europe by “defending it.” Just like they have been “defending” Syrians from themselves. Just like they have been “defending” Ukrainians fighting endless war with themselves, by pretending to be Ukrainians, by being fake Ukrainians, and “insteadof” Ukrainians.

McFaul’s article was in response to President Putin’s speech in Athens, in which he gave a last warning to NATO and its members, saying that they threatened the security of the country, and that they crossed all the red lines.

It looks like NATO is very satisfied with Russia’s reaction. Interestingly enough, McFaul’s response doesn’t deny that NATO is aggressively preparing for a war. He openly states that the western governments have declared war on Russia. He says that “Russia made us do it.” NATO occupational forces were created to contain the Soviet Union, and to prevent Western Europe from forming closer economic and cultural ties with the USSR. NATO is an American military tool to keep European countries isolated from Russia, and also China, the Middles East and Asia. NATO is being used to gradually bring Europe to the level which Ukraine is at now.

In March 2014, McFaul published another article, confronting “Putin’s Russia.” In July 2014, he wrote ‘There Has to Be More Pressure‘ calling to increase an economic, political and military pressure on Russia., which was the reason for a Maidan in Ukraine in the first place. WikiLeaks released Moscow US embassy cables prominently featuring McFaul’s effort using the fake “opposition,” in reality paid agents of foreign governments acting in Russia to implode the country from within. Thus, McFaul is not a career diplomat, and his is not a real “professor.” He came from working and running the most vicious pro-war think tanks/NGOs like the Center on Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law (CDDRL), Hoover Institution, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. These organizations are banned in Russia for their work to undermine stability of sovereign countries. He is one of those neo-con Americans who understands “peace” only in terms of turning countries into graveyards.

That’s why we should not take it lightly that McFaul published an article in Estonia, saying that the Western governments have declared a war on Russia.

First of all, this is a declaration of war. Now, we can’t say that NATO and the US have never declared a war on Russia.

Second, McFaul considers his job done in Ukraine, and he switches his attention to the Baltics, because the next NATO provocation will take place there.

Take for example Monday’s Forbes article, Russia ‘Will Never’ Attack A NATO Country, Unless Provoked

The title is a deception and mockery of Russia’s President and the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs statements.

Quoting Kenneth Rapoza quoting a former US Ambassador in Russia: ‘NATO’s strengthening its presence in Eastern Europe is Russia’s fault, says former U.S. ambassador to Moscow and Stanford University professor Michael McFaul.”

And consider the following comments by the Forbes’ readers:

“Rodger Olsen: “The was no such document. Like the Budapest Memorandum, the promise not to expand NATO was not a treaty. However, the promise not to expand NATO was made publicly and repeatedly and those of us who watched the event unfold remember it clearly, Russia accepted our promise because they did not yet realize that any promise from, or treaty with, the US was had all the strength of wet toilet paper.”

Todd Simpson,

“I was stationed in Europe (USAF) and remember all of the public assurances that NATO would not spread further east.

As for Ukraine, what happened there would have been called a “coup de grace” had it happened in the Americas or in Western Europe. It’s all just like the parable says “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist”.

Lastly how is it that we are so “protective” of Guantanamo Bay Cuba where there are not even any “ethnic Americans” there (other than service members), yet we preach that Russia should give up Crimea even though it was part of Russia until 1954 and is solidly ethnically Russian???

I actually miss the stability of the Cold War and Generals and Presidents who thought out the consequences of their actions. We went in with full might to Afghanistan and Iraq and 12+ years later they are still barely functioning countries. Does anybody honestly think we would do any better in a war against Russia be it in their back yard or on their soil?!?!

I close with a note to the logisticians who are “prepositioning” armour and ammunition in far eastern Europe. You better also be sending 10s of thousands of body bags to stock those depots. We’re gonna need them if the first shot is ever fired.”

An hour later, the author himself. Kenneth Rapoza comments:

“According to people who hate and want to discredit me, Russia invaded Crimea at forced a vote at gunpoint. I guess three polls showing over 60% in favor of being part of Russia were also conducted at the barrel of a gun as well…”

Apparently, statements of facts in regard to Russia can only be done by those who “hate” Mr. Rapoza and want nothing less but “discredit” him.

I can’t express enough of my gratitude to all those people who take time out of their busy schedule to login and comment for outlets of pure pro-war propaganda like Forbes, the New York Times and Guardian. In my mind I compare those comments with bombs that didn’t go of today, and bullets that weren’t shot. Combined, our strong disagreement with the pro-war political forces expressed via our comments buys us another day of relative peace.

So, the million dollar question, will a nuclear war take place or not?

Someone said recently that if the WWIII starts it will be instigated by journalists and think tankers, including those former ambassadors, who are raising the level of hysteria. But, behind every hysterical western journalist stands a delusional American apparatchik like Ashton Carter, or Hilary Clinton.

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard” strategy considers that the most serious rivals to US global domination to be not just Russia and China, but also the EU.

All the American Imperialistic wars beginning with the Spanish–American War of 1898 started with false flag attacks.

Since it’s absolutely clear that Russia won’t make the first move, the US will make it for us.

The US will strike Europe and will declare that it was Russia who has done it. Just like with MH17 and the NATO war in Ukraine. The false flag attack can also be costumed NATO troops and local “volunteers” dressed in Russian uniforms and a pretend occupation of the East European countries.  Again, just like in  Ukraine, which has been a grand rehearsal.

Hillary Clinton has already made a statement that “Russian aggression” will take place in Baltic countries. That’s where it will take place. In the most likely scenario it will take place in Fall of 2016, or during the next presidential election in Russia  in the Fall of 2017. In less likely scenario, NATO will wait until 2020, the ballistic missiles installation in Romania and Poland.  The fact that Mr. Mcfaul article has been published in Estonia and in Estonian translation first before any American media, tells me that Estonia will be most likely the country of a false flag “invasion.”

Let’s see what NATO has to say about the “Russian invasion of the Baltics.” Quoting NATO itself:  “Conscript and volunteer units remain important for Estonia’s territorial defence system and Lithuania recently decided to bolster its territorial defence through the reintroduction of conscription. Should a Russian military encroachment occur on Baltic territory, these conscript and volunteer forces working alongside their professional counterparts will be crucial to the early defence effort.” “A model upon which to build was provided by the Siil/Steadfast Javelin exercise in Estonia in May 2015. This was a substantial exercise considering Estonia’s population of 1.3 million. The exercise involved 13,000 Estonian troops including conscripts and volunteers together with 600 troops from NATO Allies including Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.”

These is very important, and those are people, volunteers and conscripts, who will take part in an oncoming staging of a “Russian military encroachment” in the Baltics. 

Estonia NATO May June 2016 in brief

  • Feb 9, 2016 – The Estonian Defence Model: “Shoot to kill, on the spot!” – UpNorth By Hain Rebas a former Estonia Minister of Defence
  • 2016: A Most Dangerous Summer – Washington Free Beacon freebeacon.com/blog/2016-dangerous-summer/ Apr 14, 2016 – Geography and ethnic breakdown strongly suggest that NATO members Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are the most obvious targets for Russian …
  • Estonia to host a record number of US troops in Saber Strike exercise, while the exact number is unknown, it’s estimated over 500 units of US military kit would participate in the exercise. The Saber Strike exercise will be one of US Army Europe’s largest multinational exercise
  • Saber Strike will kick off on 27 May in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and continue until 15 June, involving 14 different nations, including a 2,400-kilometre (1,491-mile) tactical march by 2nd Cavalry Regiment from Germany to the Baltics.Participating nations this year include Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  •  Trident Jaguar military drills conducted on April 20-27. Apr 12, 2016 – More than thousand NATO’s soldiers to take part in Estonia’s biggest military exercises
  • Security Police informs NATO about possible Russia’s operations in Estonia The article refers to another article posted by Kjetil Stormark,a Norwegian blogger of Hate Speech International.  Mr. Stormark claims that there was a sighting of “Russian drones” in Estonia with no prove provided. Kjetil Stormark also posts documentaries accusing Russia Today in… pro-Russian propaganda
  • two-day exercise Ramstein Alloy 1, Allies Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Spain, Poland and the United States as well as Partners Finland and Sweden.
  • Prince Harry represents the British Army at a NATO military exercise in Estonia. The British Royal family is personally involved in staging NATO armed provocation in the Baltics.
  • Fri Apr 29, 2016 The Typhoons is being deployed in Estonia’s Amari airbase, from where they would join the NATO Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission.
  • 17 May 2016 – The UK AF fighter jets intercepted five Russian aircrafts flying near Estonia, on Tuesday, just days after British Typhoon jets were scrambled from the same base to intercept three Russian military transport planes. [No evidence ever provided, needed, or asked for.]
  • May 30, 2016 – Prince Andrew of the UK to visit Estonia
  • Estonia – 1st June, 2016 The Duke of York undertook engagements in Estonia on 1st June, 2016. … to discuss to develop more activity between the UK and Estonia. thedukeofyork.org/education-and-skills/estonia-1st-june-2016/
  • RAF Jets Scrambled After ‘Act Of Russian Aggression’ In Baltic Skies
  • May 3, 2016 – Estonian forces have kicked off Spring Storm, in what will likely be their largest exercise in 2016. … Estonia has kicked off its biggest annual military exercise with around 6,000 national …As usual, the exercises will be held right next to the Russian border. Moscow has repeatedly warned that any increased presence of NATO forces so close to its border is a provocation, and believes it is counter-productive amid the international struggle to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine.
  • The Spring Storm drills are being held just two weeks after a two-day exercise called Ramstein Alloy 1. During the drills warplanes and aircrews from Belgium, Spain, and Poland, as well as non-NATO members Finland and Sweden, trained to battle so-called “diversions” of intercepted planes at civilian airports in all three Baltic States.
  • The 8th International Conference on Cyber Conflict will take place 1-3 June 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia
  • The 2016 NATO C4ISR Industry Conference and AFCEA TechNet International (NITEC16) Tallinn, Estonia from 7 to 9 June 2016
  • Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO’s Eastern Flank: Wargaming the Defense of the Baltics  Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO’s Eastern Flank, by David A. Shlapak, Michael Johnson
  • A force of about seven brigades, including three heavy armored brigades — adequately supported by airpower, land-based fires, and other enablers on the ground and ready to fight at the onset of hostilities
  • Also see, Outnumbered, Outranged, and Outgunned: How Russia Defeats NATO, outlining how NATO plans to accumulate conventional weaponry in the Baltics under an auspice of “deference.”
  • The opposite conclusion from the very same author, just 2 years ago; where he explains, in a somewhat mocking tone, that Russia is outmanned and outgunned.
  • NATO Troop Boost Too Small to Stoke Russian Fears, Estonia Says
  • …”a Russian attack stemming from “miscalculation and distorted threat perceptions” can’t be ruled out” and will  face “a massive counter-strike” by NATO” claims Mikk Marran, director general of Estonia’s Information Board.


Part II “Russian Invasion” of the Baltics  is already being televised

ESTONIA IS SAFE !!! New NATO Military Missile Technology keeps Invading Tanks Out


Jun 3, 2016 – the title is deceiving. This video actually shows training of armed “volunteers” to fight in urban environment. These are the same type of “fighters” or “volunteers” that were used in Ukraine to create an illusion of “Russian invasion.” These are the same covered with balaclava’s faces. The same type of ubiquitous military  outfits. Those are people similar to those who serve in the Ukrainian Right Sector, and Kiev junta death squads.

This video is a testimony to an ongoing preparation for a massive false flag attack on the territory of Estonia. Watch, how they are standing with their hands tied up [1:09] and how they are crawling with their hands tied up [1.:30] This is not a military exercise. This is a footage of a fake invasion.

A man in a green balaclava says “I don’t know what my feelings would be, when I am completing this event.”  He is talking about some kind of “event” that will take place soon. They are rehearsing for it. [1:46] Look at the stage decoration at [1:50] Look at the torches. and flames.  It looks like a cult. It’s a similar visual footage to what we have seen in Ukraine. These armed groups are rehearsing in urban settings and villages. [2:05] [2:10] Jake Tupman says that those soldiers are not regular troops, they are “volunteers,” and they are “national guards.” At 2.58 he says that they are trying “to make this excises to look ” as realistic as possible. “

Part of the video was taken from this video made by NATO, Baltic Defence: Estonia’s volunteer army. It was posted on Dec 11, 2015 Dec 11, 2015

And other parts of the video were taken from this source:

Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System, DVIDS – Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System

For the video of armed “volunteers” used footage from another video originally located here at DVIDSHUB.NET  [Don’t click on it just yet]

Whois for dvdshub.net IP address:, Hosted in Georgia, US. on a server with just one other domain,  with nasaimages.org, which belonged to National Aeronautics and Space administration,  DVIDS – NASA

From the NATO generated description of the video:

  1. shotlist: 1. (00:00) various shots – Estonian national guard volunteer soldiers practice attack and defence scenarios at the port in Parnu, Estonia – includes cavalry and infantry
  2. (01:32) various shots – members of the Latvian national guard prepare to defend their position in the woodland outside Parnu during exercise hurricane
  3. (01:53) various shots – a team of Estonian Defence League volunteers lay siege to a building being protected by a rival team in the Parnu municipality during exercise hurricane
  4. (02:32) various helmet cam shots – Estonian soldiers preparing, shooting blanks and throwing smoke grenades during exercise Hurricane
  5. (03:10) soundbite (english) – second lieutenant Toomas Kask, Estonian Defence League “1941, my grandfather, with my father and my grandmother and relations went to Siberia and my grandfather was shot down in a prison because he was member of the elite and an Estonian officer. And my father lived 20 years in Siberia, Our history and our memories are too fresh to see what could happen if we do not learn to protect our country. I remember very well what happened to my grandfather, and it does not happen with me.” [Google 2nd second lieutenant Toomas Kask. Nothing, but these videos. He is a video character. He doesn’t seem to exist outside of this video. ]
  6. (03:50) soundbite (english) – brigadier general Meelis Kiili, commander – Estonian Defence League “The enemy has landed the troops in the airport, harbor and municipality. They have occupied it. And our task is to retake these objectives, secure them and return it to the legal officials. We say that if we have a hybrid threat, the best answer to that is a comprehensive approach. The comprehensive approach literally means that everyone has to be involved.
  7. (04:23) soundbite (english) – private Erics Roberts Kezbers, Latvian national guard “I’m a Maths teacher, and I also study in Pedagogijas Academy. Even if it takes my life, I will serve my country and my people, I will protect my family and I will not ever let someone takes their lives or their homes.”

[Check to see if there is a mathematics teacher named  Erics Roberts Kezbers. ]

Baltic Defense: Estonia’s Volunteer Army, B-Roll

Video was first posted on:12.16.2015 12:17PM, Filename:DOD_102953539 [dod = department of Defence]

Category: B-Roll, Video ID:442894, Length:00:04:48, Location: PARNU, EE

At [2:17] NATOcnannel TV logo comes up and a title Baltic’s Defence – Estonia’s Volunteer Army, Jake Tupman reporting.  Jake Tupman (@jaketupman). Freelance journalist covering Russia and the Baltics.  He is currently based in Riga, Latvia, and Bangkok, Thailand.

On January 2015, Jake Tupman posted his showreel 2015. It means that he was applying for jobs and used this yourtube post. It looks like Jake found a job with a London based production company called IntrepidTV

IntrepidTV FaceBook Short Description:     Experts at working in hostile environments, Intrepid TV will help bring the world to you or show others what your business or organisation is doing in the more remote parts of the world.

Whois tells us that IntrepidTV domain is registered to MELISSA PREEN and hosted in London, UK. IP Address – 47 other sites hosted on this server       IP Location United Kingdom – England – London Intrepidtv is #2,296,448 website in United Kingdom. “Hire Intrepid TV to cover a story, tell your story or to help promote your company or organisation’.” IntrepidRV owned by Melissa Preen

Mellissa Preen has been working for NATO since at least 2010

  • NATO – News: Weaving stories on the frontline, 26-Aug.-2010 NATO Aug 30, 2010 – “Please don’t let me die like Elvis,” was all that NATO TV video journalist and producer Melissa Preen could think when nature caught her off-guard during a gun battle with the Taliban. …

Melissa Preen is currently a director and a journalist at Intrepid TV In her past she worked as feelance producer/correspondent at NBC News, Editor, in Kabul at NATO Channel TV. She has worked for EUMBC for 3 years, principally working for NATO TV in Afghanistan.


To show you how the video of fake wars are being made here is another example.

Ukraine War 2015 – “Novorossian Rebels” In Firefight During Heavy Fighting In The Battle For Shyrokyne

the footage is presented by WarLeaks – Daily Military Defense Videos & Combat Footage, that claims to be non affiliated with any government

Apr 6, 2015 – Ukraine War 2015 – Novorossian “Rebels”In Firefight During Heavy Fighting In The Battle For Shyrokyne.

“Novorossian rebels” in the eastern Ukrainian town of Shyrokyne, located east of Mariupol engaged Ukrainian troops in a firefight during heavy fighting in the battle for Shyrokyne. The town is actually place of clashes between Novorossian rebels and several Ukrainian troops including the Azov battalion.

So called “Novorossian rebels” are just an acting crew that is shooting a video of a fake battle.

See for yourself…


Comments for this video

“Actually, I really doubt these are REAL combat videos, if it was something really serious, the camera would have been evacuated and the citizens in that small village as well. And it’s also not professional from the sniper to shoot and stand in the same position. In real combat, snipers have to change of position very fast after they shoot, in this case however, it was just an entertaining video.”

“it does though! seriously how many pros do you see shooting a machine gun randomly just towards an entire building?”

” out of all the videos on this conflict not one enemy is filmed directly. ”

“Just was hoping they would capture the enemy on tape so we can judge for ourselves how far they’re shooting from”


Part III:  Why a nuclear deterrent of NATO and the US is the only way for Russian nation to survive

On June 6, 2016 the US USS Porter DDG 78 entered the Black Sea.

As reported by c6f.navy.mil, USS Porter to Enter Black Sea | U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa / U.S. 6th Fleet

MEDITERRANEAN SEA – The USS Porter (DDG 78) will enter the Black Sea June 6, 2016, in order to conduct routine operations during a routine deployment. U.S. vessels routinely operate in the Black Sea region to promote peace and stability.

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) is the third of four multi-mission ballistic missile destroyers that form a key component of the U.S. European Phased Adaptive Approach. The others are the USS Donald Cook (DDG 75), the SS Ross (DDG 71), and USS Carney. Officially they offer to Europe an effective defense against Russian short and medium-range ballistic missiles. The USS Porter is a part of the U.S. Navy Aegis ballistic missile defense. “These systems are equally beneficial to U.S. assets, allies and regional partners in all areas of the world. Stationing four ballistic missile defense ships in Spain provides an umbrella of protection to forward-deployed forces, friends and allies, while contributing to the larger architecture planned for defense of the United States.”

Here, you can view the phases of the U.S. European Phased Adaptive Approach, engineered to encircle Russia and to destroy the country.

The “operation” has officially started in 2009, and has nothing to do with the anti-government coup in Ukraine in 2014, or with the Presidency of Vladimir Putin, or with Crimea, unless we agree that the situation in Ukraine was a part of this plan. Right now, we are at the end of the Phase Two deployment of the nuclear missiles sites in Romania, and at the beginning of the Phase Three (2018) – deployment of the land based nuclear missile sites in Poland. The Phase Four is in 2020, deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles in Europe. After 2020 is nothing.  Like the Mayan Calendar, NATO plans just stop there.

As a result, anti-Russia hysteria is spreading. Norway produces TV shows about a “Russian occupation,” Germany declares Russia a “threat,” and Polish children marching with guns getting ready for “partisan operations’ against “Russian occupation.

After watching the Season first of “Occupied” I went and looked at a map, because I couldn’t understand how possibly “Russian troops” could follow reindeer tracks across the border.  As it turned out, we do have a common border with Norway, damn it. Despite lukewarm reviews, and Norwegian viewers fleeing the show, and critics writing “Occupied is a bit like a sequel to the Justice Minister’s propaganda video,” the show obviously will go on to live another season, since it absolutely has to keep delivering pro-NATO and anti-Russia message.

The Ministry of Defense truly is the best when it comes to trolling “our Western partners.

“The Russian Defense Ministry is surprised that joint UK-NATO efforts were required to discover a submarine traveling in a surfaced position at slow speed, accompanied by a tugboat. It would have been strange if the Royal Navy together with its NATO allies failed to notice the submarine, particularly considering the fact that our sailors have been greeted — according to an old tradition — by passing merchant vessels from different countries in the Barents, Norwegian and North seas over the past days,” the ministry said in a statement.”

In Poland, it’s now a criminal offense to protest against war in Ukraine and NATO expansion. The US removes leaders of national political parties like in case with “Smena” “Zmyana” leader Mateusz Piskorski‘.

To cut off her nose to spite her face, Poland has declared that she will stop buying natural gas from Russia, after contract expiration. Israelis immediately stepped in and said that they want to buy this gas. “Gazprom will offer natural gas volumes currently supplied to Poland to other companies after the contract expires, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday after talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” So, instead of buying cheaper gas from Russia, Poland will be buying the same product for more money from Israel, who will be buying it from Russia.

Why stop at making Israel a middleman between Russia and the EU?

After all, Russia will get its money, and Europeans will end up paying more to support Israel. It looks like Israel will also become a part of a free-trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), along with China and Iran. Interesting, huh?

Plus, Russia agrees to pay pensions to those 30,000 citizens of the USSR who emigrated to Israel before 1992.

In Europe, they can keep painting their faces green, burn tires and march around screaming bloody murder.

Today, 35,000 volunteers in Poland is being trained to “assists” NATO troops. In a year, there will be hundred thousands of them. Finland, in remembrance of good old days of Hitler, summoned almost 600,000 reservists last years. Also, in preparation to assist…

If these people, hundreds thousands of them would go to the streets with their priests and teachers to protest against NATO, the Americans would retreat, just like they have done in Moldova. But, apparently, the Europeans are itching for a fight.

One might think of this parade of idiocy as a landmark European trend and  a production of the WWII sequence. Remember, that nothing is as it’s seems.  Under no circumstances Europe will be “occupied” by Russia. Considering that there are only 150 million Russians, including 60% of women,  and there are almost a billion of Europeans, and Americans.  What we witness is preparation and training of the Europeans by the Americans for the invasion of Russia.

The only way trained volunteers can assist modern military is to go behind the regular troops and to kill those enemy civilians that survived bombing and the regular military advancement. Again, Donbass war is a perfect example of this. And war on Syria. Those armed and trained Polish volunteers see themselves along with hundreds of thousands of armed Finish, Romanians, Germans, Norwegians, and others who will be following NATO regular troops into Russia to kill survivors. I won’t do it here, but in my upcoming book I dedicate a chapter to translations of different plans that NATO had prepared to use in Russia. All of them involve slaughter of civilian population.

We all know, that the moment Europeans invade Russia, they will turn our country into a death camp. Europeans know this, Israelis know this, and Americans know this. Most importantly, Russians know this.

Here is a picture of a Russian man Victor Korobkin from village Konstantinovka, near Donetsk, currently under NATO occupation. Members of Right Sector cut his fingers publicly and posted a video of the execution on YouTube. It’s been up online for almost two years. There was no international outrage. Only one Polish politician protested,  and no American politicians came out and condemned this and other inhumane acts. Not one Israeli politicians had stood up and demanded an investigation and punishment of Kiev junta and Ukrainian nationalists for Nazi crimes and war crimes. The United Nations community was silent in response to Russian condemnation of this act.  Instead, they all repeat as a mantra that the Crimean referendum, was conducted “under a barrel of a gun.”  Fancy that all those 2.5 million Crimeans could instead have their limbs chopped!

Someone wrote recently, “Thanks God for Ukraine.  It’s been a warning. We wouldn’t even know what to expect from the West, if it wasn’t for Donbass and Odessa, and 10.000s people imprisoned, tortured and murdered in Ukraine simply for being Russians.”

When I see villagers surrounding my house, carrying torches, rifles, axes, and even towing a small canon behind, and screaming “murder!,” as a head of a household I cannot sit around analyzing historical perspective of my neighbors’ rage. As a responsible adult, I have to deter their aggression. I have to make sure that my arsenal is in order, that I have plenty of ammunitions, and to take children downstairs to the basement, away from the direct line of fire. This is what Russian government is doing by moving a part of the population to the Far East, offering free land, building infrastructure, distributing loans. It stops short of saying that those who move there will be most likely survivors of a looming war.

Considering all of the above, there are better chances for the American, Polish, Estonian and Romanian “volunteers” to be turned into grilled meat by our nuclear strikes, than ever given an opportunity to perfect their shooting skills using our children as targets. And for that, I am eternally grateful  to the Russian Army and Fleet


P.S.:  If you see these things flying over your head: Russia is coming.

Should something else happen, it’s your own damn government.



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