Any comment in violation of the following rules will be immediately removed:

1 ) Absolutely no use of CAPITAL LETTERS (as this is considered SCREAMING).

2 ) All comment have to be impeccably courteous to me, the blog’s author, moderators, any guest author and all the other commentators. Absolutely no ad hominems or personal attacks. Comments insulting the 1% plutocracy ruling the AngloZionist Empire are allowed and encouraged.

3 ) Any comment designed to make me angry will make me angry and will be removed in anger.

4 ) All racist comments are banned, including of the Nazi racists and Jewish racist type.

This is my definition of “racist”: Racism is, in my opinion, not so much the belief that various human groups are different from each other, say like dog breeds can be different, but the belief that the differences between human groups are larger than within the group. Second, racism is also a belief that the biological characteristics of your group somehow pre-determine your actions/choices/values in life. Third, racism often, but not always, assumes a hierarchy amongst human groups (Germanic Aryans over Slavs or Jews, Jews over Gentiles, etc.). I believe that God created all humans with the same purpose and that we are all “brothers in Adam”, that we all equally share the image (eternal and inherent potential for perfection) of God (as opposed to our likeness to Him, which is our temporary and changing individual condition).

5 ) Any comment deliberately and grossly mis-representing what I write will be immediately removed. I shall not answer any “straw man” arguments.

6 ) Any comment demanding that “the Ukraine” be written just “Ukraine” without the definite article “the” will be sent where it belongs: to the trash bin.

7) Please don’t cut-n-paste long segments of texts into the comment section.  Use your own words and your own thoughts and, if needed, add a short quote or a link to an outside source.

8) Self evidently stupid, nonsensical and otherwise idiotic comments will be removed with no right to appeal.