by Ramin Mazaheri

As Communist hero and the “African Che Guevara”, Thomas Sankara, famously said: “A soldier without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal.”

France’s police have an ideology, because everyone has one: Only the truly apathetic or the most indoctrinated claim to not have one.

I’ll be honest: I have not attended France’s police academy nor read their training manuals so I can’t say for sure, but the ideology used to indoctrinate France’s police is clearly “White nationalism”.

The proof is not hearsay or just my 2nd-hand reporting from France: 52% of cops and soldiers voted for the National Front in 2015.

Estimates say 60% of active police will vote for Marine Le Pen this spring, more than double the current presidential polls.

This is totally outside the norm for French society, and it demands explanation.

For those who don’t know, the National Front is a “far-right” party. I would call them “Nazi”, because they are indeed “nationalist” culturally and “socialist” economically. It is really too bad that we cannot use the term “Nazi” anymore unless we are talking about history – we are just obscuring our shared reality by refusing to use quite simple political definitions.

Anyway, in a normal society, if a government would learn that 3/5ths of the police support far-right fascists they would respond immediately.

They would dilute such an extremist force with a huge influx of differently-minded government workers. They would immediately change the training procedures, manuals, workplace culture and lead a public campaign which says: “Mea culpa – we’ve got a major problem with our cops”.

France doesn’t do that, and won’t, we need to ask why: I say it’s because White Nationalism is the very bedrock of French society.

White Nationalism is also the socio-political foundation of the imperialist nations of the United States and England.

This is not to say there aren’t other important ideologies at play in these three countries, but it’s clear that socialism is not the basis, democracy is not the basis, religion is not the basis, libertarianism is not the basis…only White Nationalism fits, because true capitalists only care about the color of money.

White Nationalism was clearly the underlying philosophy that supported and was spread during centuries of colonialism, two World Wars and even in today’s neo-colonialism.

I am not exaggerating or being a namby-pamby leftist: the Blacks were enslaved and the Indians decimated due to the cleansing power of “White Nationalism”.

Trump is, for all his non-mainstream credentials, at heart a White Nationalist: “America first” – and they mean White America.

You know it’s true, and I am not blaming anybody for historical realities. Non-whites around the world know this is true as well.

But France flew under the radar for a bit

The world did not really know that the French inside France were White Nationalists until the nationwide 2005 rebellion (your “riot” is someone else’s “rebellion”).

That really shook up the world’s view of France and this is no exaggeration as well – France’s image suffered a major blow.

“But they believe in ‘liberty, equality and fraternity,’ right?” Nobody bought that line after 2005 and they sure don’t buy it now.

The 2005 rebellion exposed the fact that France has a huge non-White underclass which had totally blocked futures due to institutional racism.

It’s important to know why France’s White Nationalism was such a global surprise. After all, we knew about Apartheid, Jim Crow, Indian/Aboriginal reservations, etc.

The quick answer for that is: until the mid-1970s France had no real non-White minorities to systemically oppress.

Prior to that what France had was mostly a mass of foreign workers – single men with skills. Some married and integrated, sure.

But French society really changed – with the prodding of big business, and possibly for the actual humanitarian values they claimed – with the passing of the “Family Relocation Act”. This allowed mainly wives and children to immigrate to France to join their legally-working husbands. This created a major shift because it brought “whole villages” over to France.

It also happened amid a global recession, and then 30+ years of neoliberalism which gutted the standard of living of every French worker.

And while it certainly was the right thing to allow families to be together, it put the French model to the test as regards to tolerance and their model of assimilation instead of integration.

Considering France’s treatment of non-Whites outside of France…betting on France being tolerant wasn’t a very heady wager.

The French model’s inherent racism – which was so undeniably evident in its foreign colonies – lasted 1 single generation when it became applied at home: In 30 years, the time it takes one adult to reach total maturity, the system exploded under the weight of racism, hypocrisy and capitalist oppression.

You had the 2005 rebellion, and steam was let off, but the racism, blocked futures and police brutality have remained the same.

Or let’s blame the victim with the 10-cm tear in his rectum

Pretty terrible. Needed major emergency surgery – could be in the hospital for 2 months. Could have permanent problems of incontinence.

What kind of a cop rapes someone with their baton? Ugh.

What kind of cops stand around and watches? Well, they were also spitting on him, calling him racist names and beating him in the genital area.

I was talking to a 50-year old Arab friend here and I said offhandedly, “That guy could have been one of your sons.”

He immediately looked down in – I don’t know…horror, shame, worry – and said, “Yes”.

That guy is a 22-year old Black man named Theo.

Cops said they were responding to calls of drug-dealing in the area: Theo works with youth groups and has a spotless record.

Cops said they stopped him because they thought he was an illegal alien: Theo is French.

Racial profiling is legal in France. It was the only campaign promise Hollande made the Muslim, Black and immigrant communities – another backtracking by Hollande, and he dropped his half-hearted effort last July.

The great news is that France is one of those awesome, perfect systems called a “Western democracy”, and so there are checks and balances to prevent such racism from being formalized and entrenched!

Too bad the judges are racist too: the Constitutional Council said last month that racial profiling is a legal tactic.

You knew Theo had a case when Hollande came to visit him in the hospital. That was kind of a mea culpa.

But then the investigation of the policemen’s actions concluded that Theo’s pants “slipped down on their own” and that he was sodomized “by accident”.

They really did…they really, actually did state that publicly.

That’s when the riots got worse.

It’s bad enough people are getting raped with a police baton, but then to be forced to accept such a lie? To be forced to realize the system will do nothing, can do nothing, wants to do nothing?

That’s when people rage for accountability of some sort.

That reminded me of the 2005 “riots”: When did they really hit that high gear? When cops felt it necessary to fire tear gas into a mosque…during Ramadan. Again, adding insult to injury.

(Note: Right-wing rag Le Figaro is apparently now trying to whitewashing this fact of history by calling it a “rumor”, even though former Interior Minister Sarkozy admitted it at the time: “Et la rumeur voulait également qu’une grenade lacrymogène ait explosé au sein de la mosquée de Clichy-sous-Bois, lancée par la police. En plein ramadan…”)

I don’t know if we are going to see another 2005? But it’s been almost every night for a week, and they are spreading outside Paris now.

In 2005 it was sparked by the death of 2 teenagers at the hands of police harassment – this situation is different, but pretty brutal and reprehensible.

In my work for Press TV I called up the “Anti-Negrophobia Brigade” for an interview. I do not see that any French media has done the same. Hey, Iranians let all the Blacks and women go when they took the American embassy in Tehran – call us at Press TV biased in favor of the oppressed.

I first met their spokesperson, Franco Lollia, at a demonstration in support of a Roma who was badly beaten up. Franco is Black and French, but his name is Latin for “French”, the Roma are not Black.

Anyway, Franco knows the score. So he was, rightfully, totally uncompromising in his analysis. He was also not angry, nor surprised. Why should he be? Is any of what he said not accurate or new (The same type of rape happened last October, too.):

“This is a massive humiliation…attempt to degrade all non-Whites…to take away our dignity, self-respect and charisma…this happens all the time…daily harassment…he was lucky not to have been like so many others – killed…showing Whites are in control…the definition of ‘neo-colonialism’…massive police machine…White supremacy…never believe this is a country of human rights.”

The best one was this, which I used for Press TV: “French society today is not even close to admitting that their real goal is to send the message that: ‘We Whites are in total control’.”

2005 is 12 years ago, per my calendar

France is, indeed, not close to making such an admission. Not…even…close.

Let’s turn to the other extreme: France also cannot say that they have no idea such an issue existed.

Maybe in 2005 that was somewhat plausible? This is a predominantly rural country, and yeah there’s a kebab shop in every village but we can believe that some French people were genuinely surprised at the impoverished, marginalized condition of non-Whites in Paris or Marseilles.

But in 2017 they all have been made aware. The whole world knows.

And what has changed since 2005?

Well, it should be quite obvious that you had the 2005 riots, then the response of hardline White Nationalism, the open denigration of “ghetto” culture, the mainstreaming of Islamophobia and…then arrival of home-grown terrorism in 2012, the arrival foreign terrorism in 2015, the arrival of France being the #6 national supplier of terrorists in Syria.

Some of you don’t want to go there, I can tell…you can’t see the pattern and make the simple connections….

Fine, let’s talk certainties: After 2005 it certainly became a huge political winner to kick the tar out of non-Whites – Islamophobia became mainstream.

Sarkozy rose to power on it, Hollande did too and now Le Pen or Fillon is going to win by doing it.

It was – I’d say – in 2012, when the “Socialist” Hollande was running on Islamophobia…that’s when it became acceptable to openly support the National Front. Prior to that many voters were afraid to admit it.

Maybe I am being too harsh? Maybe 12 years isn’t enough time for the government – i.e. society – to fix this cultural problem of racism?

Certainly, enacting anti-burka laws, anti-burqini laws, ministers calling hejab-wearing women “niggers who support slavery”…none of this was aimed at rectifying the cultural problem. It was all more White Nationalism, after all, so it could only increase the lack of unity.

Maybe 12 years isn’t enough time for the government – i.e. society – to fix the socio-economic problems that non-Whites were so angry about?

Since austerity took control in 2009 it’s the non-Whites who lose first. I mean…c’mon, this is not cynicism; this is politics (Western, democratic, capitalist).

I could hyperlink dozens of reports detailing specific instances of the ever-worsening condition of the heavily-immigrant Parisian suburbs, but just use your favorite search engine if you are interested.

Tell Mohammad about Tommy – Commie can you hear me?

Back to Thomas Sankara, and true leftists need to return again and again to Sankara, because Communists need to examine what worked in order to win again.

Sankara is the type of role model these Black youth should be learning about in French school, as he was probably THE prototypical modern leader…and he did it in French.

Sankara led the Communist Revolution in Burkina Faso in 1983. Debt repudiation, refusing foreign loans, education programs, land redistribution, health programs, feminism – hey, this is what communists do when they get a chance.

The dude also played guitar in a jazz fusion band, gave Burkina Faso its current name (it means “Land of the Upright People”) and visited Harlem, where he gave such a speech that you can still buy T-shirts of Sankara across 110th Street today.

He was poised to take the mantle of pan-African leader from Ghadaffi. Instead he died at 37…with $350 in his account, a couple guitars and a small house he was still making payments on.

France won’t declassify their archives, but the French had him assassinated, by his best friend no less, Blaise Compaoré. After 27 years of pro-French dictatorship, and overturning Burkina Faso’s communist advances, Compaoré was finally overthrown. He’s being harbored in Ivory Coast, the capital of neo-colonial Françafrique.

But Thomas Sankara is not something French teachers like to teach about. They want to talk about colonialists, military men and all those 18th century statues paid for by unpaid slave wages…people who were nearly all White Nationalists.

Cry about “Political Correctness” and “victim of their times” all you want, but you can’t change that fact.

The foot soldiers of White Nationalism

The Politically Correct Revolution has helped to undermine petty nationalism, and that’s a real success, but one thing today’s Western leftists are simply terrible at doing is courageously rejecting their domestic militarism.

White nationalism requires constant militarism, after all: Militarism and vigilance against cultural contamination, intermarriage, religious impurities, etc.

It’s not just the soldiers: Nobody would call MSNBC shill Rachel Maddow a real leftist, but in the US she passes for one. Yet Al-Jazeera pointed out her book is filled with paeans to the US army. You simply must “support the troops” in places like the US.

In France, it’s not just the justice system which never convicts an officer of a crime if the victim is Brown; criticism of them is just as unheard of as in the US.

Journalists here actually reported that the absurd claim that the rape was “an accident” without irony! Without question! When these are the journalists, just imagine how the politicians are lining up in the ranks!

French leftists – but not just leftists, of course – need to demand major reform of a French police force which is clearly supportive of fascism, filled with racists and which acts above the law.

Support France’s cops and you are, as the 60% figure proves, supporting White Nationalists.

I do NOT support France’s cops one bit, because they are fighting this brutal war at home. France’s police are soldiers; let’s agree on that – they are a “home army”.

If you have never seen them up close, I can attest that their police are armed to the teeth and covered in American football pads.

There are always 4 of them. Why? “In case they want to play cards,” runs the joke! The real reason is for their safety – because 10- kilos of guns and ammo just isn’t enough – but a real outcome is increased intimidation, police groupthink and dedication to the police omerta code of silence.

The riot police – carrying shields, using tear gas, deploying water cannons, searching everybody and their bags – are clearly tolerant lovers of free speech, and they are happy to arrest you for trying to use it during the ongoing state of emergency even if you are a white hippie and not a Brown.

France’s police are not called “Revolutionary Guards”, like in Cuba or Iran, because there is no revolution for them to guard.

We must be quite clear on what is being guarded by France’s cops: It is an 18th century, capitalist, anti-feminist, slave-owning revolt against monarchy which explicitly said human rights are only for the landed.

That stopped being revolutionary in 1848. France was ahead of the nationalist curve, so let’s all agree that by 1917 the whole world had moved on to more progressive issues.

But not France – 1789 Salafism is still the fundamentalist way here.

Reject Communism in 2017 – a real left devoid of racism and capitalism – and what are you left with? You have a center proven to be totally phony and devoid of both heart and brain, and a right wing which, in Western nations, is the same-old White Nationalism from even before 1789.

Shoot, things are so bad in the West that real leftists are hoping the Trumps and Marine Le Pens do come to power, do throw a couple monkey wrenches in to the There Is No Alternative neoliberalism which has been reigning for 30 years, and do create enough ethnic divisions that people FINALLY see that only the real left can or should be in power.

In communism the police are indoctrinated – fine, I’ll admit it, and I’ve seen it in Cuba.

But it’s with the idea that class, not color, is what matters; with the idea that what part of the country you come from is not important, what’s important is that we are all united in struggle; with the idea that inequality is dangerous and wrong: with the ideas that racism, nationalism and capitalism are backwards, reactionary, dangerous, counter-productive, immoral.

Oh those terrible Communist police! We certainly must make them more like France’s, right?

The “Age of Enlightenment” but denying White Nationalism means you’re living in the past, and there’s a price to be paid for confusion. Unfortunately that price is mostly paid by non-Whites.

The lights in France each night are torched cars and garbage bins which have been lit by their oppressed underclass, their under-race.

Sounds like revolution..and it’s against White Nationalism.

The White Trash Revolution (WTR) will beat back this latest ethnic demand for more rights, just as it has won in Brexit and with Trump…but the WTR will, one day, progress into just a plain old Trash Revolution (TR).

And that’s when we’ll really have something.

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