Today, as I often do, I will mention a few headlines and add some comments to each one.  Then, as is usual for Fridays, I will share some more “music I don’t like” with you :-)

So here we go:

  • Biden ‘outraged’ by Russian move: whether we are talking about the actual, real, Biden, or the collective “Biden” makes no difference: the Anglos used the grain deal to attack Russia and Biden is outraged by the fact that Russia had a problem with this.  You got to give it to them: Western leaders are the most amazing hypocrites in history.  It’s not even that they lack a moral compass, it is worse than that: their moral compass point straight down to pure evil.
  • Biden aide speaks of ‘one final warning’: and no, the warning is not addressed to Russia, China, Iran, the DPRK or UFOs.  It is a warning to the people of the USA “you better vote right or else…”.
  • Anti-Russian Alliance Fractures After Japan Decides To Stay In Russia’s Sakhalin-1 Energy Project: I can just about imagine the horror the Japanese industry leaders (who really run the country) felt when the Hegemony blew up NS1/NS2 and they decided that they did not want to be the “next Germany”.  They apparently told Uncle Shmuel “so sorry” and quickly returned to the Russian energy market.  Better late than never I suppose.
  • The US, France, and Britain shut down Russia’s call to investigate “military-biological” activities in Ukraine: oh gee, what a surprise!  To be fair, the US vetoing this Security Council resolution makes sense.  But it is touching to see how France and Britain, both European nations, NOT wanting to investigate biolabs in Europe.  I guess that they really, really trust the USA.  I am awed at the degenerate stupidity of EU leaders.
  • Only one country backs US in UN Cuba vote: that “one country” is, of course, Israel.  But no, the constant rise in “Antisemitism” worldwide reported by Zionist propaganda outlets has absolutely nothing to do with that, or with the situation in Palestine, or with the constant acts of aggression the Zionist entity is committing on a daily basis.  No.  It’s just that goyim are inherently evil. That’s all.
  • Former Pakistani PM shot in ‘assassination attempt. That is what you get for being pro-Russian and pro-Chinese.  Or even for wanting your country to be sovereign.  This is a “message” from Uncle Shmuel to any political leader daring to defy the AngloZionist Hegemony.
  • Serbia shoots down drone: the Hegemony has warned the Serbs – obey or else.  Apparently, the Serbs need more conviction, hence the UAV operations.  It is pretty clear that the EU is fed up with Serbia and Hungary – EU leaders are even warning of “consequences”.  That is “people power” at work for you.  The problem in Serbia is not the (quite comprador) leadership, but the people who, in spite of it all, continue to maintain a spirit of resistance.  As Brecht would say, the Serbian people have lost the trust of their leaders and need to be dissolved and another people elected in their place.
  • Statue of Russian empress vandalized in city she founded.  That is a real problem for the Ukronazis.  They claim that Odessa is a “Ukrainian city”, yet it was founded by a Russian monarch.  My bet is that the Ukies will be “inspired” by the “courage” of their friends in the 3B and eastern Europe and will eventually bring down that statue too.  Too, you know, “show Putin!”.  Winning “wars against statues” is the best these degenerate and uncivilized thugs are capable of, both in the Ukraine and in the USA!

I could go on and on but I think that the dots are easy to connect.  Three things are happening at the same time:

  1. The leaders of the Hegemony are freaking out and are finding themselves very isolated (both domestically and internationally)
  2. The Hegemony is lashing out, provoking and threatening more and more countries (as if being on a collision course with Russia, China and Iran at the same time was not enough!)
  3. Russia is preparing for more major escalations both in the Ukraine and internationally

So far, the evacuation of civilians to at least 15km behind the line of contact makes sense.  The local administration has even been evacuated further away, outside the reach of the US HIMARS systems.  According to Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Russia has now completed her mobilization and is now poised for something, but nobody outside the Russian GS knows what (as it should be, of course).

There are also increasing signs that the UK is in the Kremlin’s cross-hairs.  Why the UK?  It is the weakest link in the US-UK-EU-NATO structure: the British economy is in free-fall, the country is clearly led by a class of clueless degenerate narcissists and the British armed forces are a joke.  But HOW exactly Russia will make London pay for its infinite arrogance is anybody’s guess.

I think that the next couple of weeks will bring a lot of clarity to all this.  And we know for sure that whatever “action” takes place, it will be carefully wrapped in the usual PSYOPS, lies, propaganda talking points, etc.  I did it once in the past, but I want to list a few names of people which, I believe, understand the situation and are worth listening to (in alphabetical order):

There are, of course, many more good sources, but these are the English language ones I regularly check for information, analysis and commentary.  That does *not* mean that I “endorse” anybody or that I agree with any or all of their views.  But I would definitely call them “voices of sanity in a world gone absolutely insane” and I encourage you to read them regularly, especially when the PSYOPS-induced hysteria hits the fan again (which it will, PSYOPS is all the Hegemony has left).



And now, some week-end music.  Last time I mentioned that I don’t like Blues.  And then I gave 2 examples of Blues I like :-)

This week I want to double down on my previous crimethink and confess the following: I don’t like Classical guitar music, and not just because that is all I played for the first 5 years of my life as a guitarist (between 10 and 15 years of age). Oh no!

I don’t like the (frankly antiquated) Classical guitars themselves and I don’t like how they are played (with that silly foot stool!).  I also intensely dislike the pseudo-respectability (with suits and ties please!) of Classical guitarists and I find it particularly ridiculous to try to interpret Chopin or Beethoven on a guitar.  Just to clarify, when I speak of “Classical guitar” I mean the type of musical world created by Andres Segovia and his followers: pompous and booooooooooooooooooooooooooring.

I also find it simply ridiculous to have to have your notes before you when you play as if you did not know the piece enough (and if you do not, why play it anyway?).  I absolutely hate the fact that “Classical” musical education (conservatories) has killed improvisation which is, imnsho, the core of any *real* music (ask Bach!). They also killed modal music which I dearly love.

I also notice that when classical guitarist play live they mostly seemed bored out of their mind or maybe constipated?  I get why the audience might be bored, but the interpreters?!

The truth is that any Flamenco, Manouche or Jazz guitarist can run “musical circles” around most classical guitarists (btw – none of the criticism above applies to Baroque music which can be truly superb on guitar) and they could do that with joy, originality and real creativity (just check out this example of how one Manouche guitarist, Angelo Debarre, humbly and joyfully entertains some fans in what appears to be a regular hotel lobby!)

But, as always, there are exceptions and I want to share my absolute favorite ones with you below.  I hope that you will enjoy them!

PS for fellow guitarists: you might notice that in all three of the videos below the guitarist plays the exact same guitar.  This is a Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA made in Quebec by the Godin family.  I have the immense privilege to own this model and I can tell you that this is truly the “ultimate” electro-acoustic nylon strings guitar out there. It is ideal for Classical guitar AND Flamenco AND Jazz AND Latin AND for anything else you can imagine since this truly revolutionary model even has the ability to play through a synthesizer (see here for more info and examples) and it is superlatively amazing to play.

If you have the opportunity to play it, give it a try, you will never forget it :-)

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