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” A very good summary of a complex and still fluid situation. The complexity of the warring departments of the USA is not easy to comb out.
As Tolstoy said: “All happy families are alike. All unhappy families are unhappy in their own unique ways.”
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So we finally can see the murky forest which surrounds us, in spite of all the huge trees which occlude our vision. This since the coalition’s attack on the SAA a week ago, about which the US said “yes, we did it, but it was a mistake. We are sorry.” How does one belligerent prove it’s action was a mistake and not intentional? There is no way to prove it. None.Taken along with the Pentagon’s many excuses for having destroyed the MSF hospital in Kanduz, Afghanistan, about which the Generals at the Pentagon put forward four different reasons for that tragedy (and never let the MSF conduct their own investigation), the last one blaming most of the crew. How can we accept the Pentagon’s apology for their mistake?How can we not believe that this is the Pentagon’s new M.O. with Russia?Then, as you point out, there was the undiplomatic behavior of Obama, Kerry and Powers before the cameras at the UN. Cringeworthy, whether you hate the American clowns or love them. And this coup de main occurred about the same time when most of the convoy of UN trucks were torched by forces unknown but instantly blamed on the Russian/Syrian side.

The Generals of the Pentagon were quoted as saying “The Russians did it. But we have NO facts to support that belief.” First we heard there were two fixed wing Russian planes dropping 20 bombs; then they became 2 helicopters doing the dirty work. Finally, a US predator drone with a welding torch in its nose was seen by the Russians.

There were no bomb craters in the area. Nor were there any shrapnel punctures from missiles or bombs. But the message from the Pentagon was loud and clear: If you don’t give us the ceasefire – and a halt to the Russian/Syrian momentum – we want, we, and our fawning media, will blame you for everything. We will even devise the most abominable war crimes imaginable and blame them on you. Without any proof whatsoever!

The next day Russia and Syria gave Obama their answer: and they hit the terrorists AND the moderate rebels like they hadn’t done since Russia began its air campaign a year a go. At the moment the US coalition is stymied, but you know they are plotting some egregious reply to the bombing of the good rebels.

This is where we are today. The only thing standing between these napalm dropping, white phosphorous firing, and depleted uranium-using liars and the rest of the world is V V Putin.

He’s the guy who plays chess while our CiC plays checkers.

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