Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 20, 2020, on the occasion of the International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) established by Imam Khomeini, and commemorated every last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

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Exceptionally, this speech was not broadcast live but 2 days before the date of May 22, 2020, as part of a collective virtual conference of Muslim and Christian leaders of the Resistance movements in the region, fully subtitled in Hebrew. There were speeches by Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas political bureau; Abdul-Malik Badreddine al-Houthi, leader of the AnsarAllah movement in Yemen; Ziyad al-Nakhalah, leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement; Sheikh Isa Qassim, the most prominent Shiite cleric in Bahrain; Sheikh Qais al-Khaz’ali, leader of the Iraqi movement Asha’b Ahl al-Haq; Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of al-Quds (Jerusalem); Sheikh Abdul-Latif al-Hamim, head of the Sunni Iraqi Foundation.

Video: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7u2ia2


I seek refuge with God against the accursed Satan.

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may greetings and prayers be on our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Aboul Qassim Muhammad b. Abdallah, on his noble and pure family, on his chosen and faithful companions, and on all the Prophets and Messengers.

Peace be upon you, as well as God’s Mercy and Blessings.

The International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is part of the blessed heritage of His Eminence Imam Khomeini, may his noble soul be sanctified, this Imam who revived the hopes of the weak and oppressed throughout the world with his grand Islamic Revolution in Iran in the year 1979 of the Gregorian calendar. Through the symbolism of the choice of this date, namely the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan, he expressed the firm, ingrained and irrevocable commitment of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all honorable mujahideen and resistance fighters for the cause of Palestine and Al-Quds, considering it, as well as jihad for its Liberation and action in this direction, as the most imperative of duties, which it is impossible to forsake, however difficult the pressures and challenges may be, and however great the price and sacrifices required.

Today, in this year 2020, despite all the international and regional developments, and despite all the storms, all the earthquakes and all the seditions that have hit our region, by the action of faith, steadfastness, patience, honesty and sincerity, by the cooperation between the States and forces ot the Resistance Axis within our Arab-Muslim world, today we are closer than ever to Al-Quds and its Liberation, with the Grace of God.

The spectacle of the supporters of normalization (of relations with Israel) and of surrender is not the true image of our Community, but it is the true image of those who (formerly) hid their (real) position. Today, they manifested this position and revealed their true face, taking off their masks. They are the very ones who “If they had come out (to fight) in your ranks they would not have added to your (strength) but only (made for) disorder hurrying to and fro in your midst and sowing sedition among you.” (Quran, 9, 47)

The real picture from which we should read, ponder and estimate (what will be) the future is that of resilience, perseverance, development and progression of the forces of the Resistance, be they governments, States, factions, movements, peoples and elites of our Arab-Muslim world, in Palestine, in Iran, in Iraq, in Syria, in Yemen, in Lebanon and everywhere in our Arab-Muslim world where there are people who support (Palestine), believers and committed devotees. Because in these countries, we are talking about real, battle-hardened and capable (armed) forces growing (in strength and experience).

The real picture is expressed by the statements and positions of the frightened and terrorized Zionist leaders in the face of the Resistance Axis’ victories, shocked and dismayed by the defeats of their allies and the allies of the United States on several fronts, several wars and several confrontations in our region. The Zionist leaders clearly express their panic and fear in the face of the development of the capacities of the Resistance, in quantity and in quality, in manpower, in weapons, in technology and in morale, in all areas and in all aspects.

This meeting today, via the speeches delivered, including mine, as I am one of these brothers (leaders) whom I love, respect and honor, and in whom I place my hopes, this meeting today, through this unique (virtual) platform for Al-Quds Day, and under the same slogan, “Al-Quds, path of the martyrs”, our meeting confirms that all the seditions and all the plots aiming to divide and dislocate (our ranks) on religious, sectarian, ethnic, partisan or political bases have failed. This meeting today confirms that the attempts to isolate Palestine, the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause were bound to fail and will continue to fail. This meeting confirms that this sacred cause was and will remain the (main) cause of the Muslim Community, the cause of its vivid and sincere forces, (always) ready for more sacrifices.

This year, Al-Quds Day, which comes each year with the blessing of the month of God, the blessed month of Ramadan, coincides with the month of May (May 22) and the Holiday of the Resistance and Liberation of Lebanon, occuring on the 20th anniversary of the historic victory of the Resistance in Lebanon (May 25, 2000) against the Zionists and their occupation, their (insatiable) lust and their (nefarious) project.

We at Hezbollah, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, confirm our resolute and irrevocable commitment to this (Palestinian) cause, and we renew our oath to stay on this path alongside our enduring, oppressed, besieged and fighting Palestinian people, and alongside its blessed factions of the Resistance, and all the vivacious and sincere forces of the Islamic Community. We all trust that victory is (very) near, with the Grace of God, and that the sacrifices and patience of the mujahideen and the resistance fighters, our peoples, our men, our women, our children and our elderly will shake and upset all the (enemies’) equations.

This year, on Al-Quds Day, we miss the presence of a grand commander on the Al-Quds path and front line, the one who was aptly named the martyr of Al-Quds, I mean our dear and beloved brother the great fighter Hajj Qassem Soleimani, may God the Most High accept him. He was one of the great pillars of the Resistance, its battles and its victories, and the greatest craftsman on the ground of the greatest victory to come, the upcoming Liberation of Al-Quds, with the Grace of God. Throughout his noble and blessed existence, he worked night and day so that in all the countries of the region, the Resistance would be alive, capable, ready, powerful and equipped for the realization of this day that we all await.

We swear to his pure soul that we will all continue to work on the path he has striven for, and we promise him that we will realize his highest dreams and aspirations. None of us will be affected by despair, weariness or the desire to give up, however harsh the pressures and psychological wars, however severe the sanctions and forms of blockade, however great the dangers and threats. We will all continue on this path, filled with faith, hope and certainty.

We will remain firmly on the battlefield, ready to shed our blood, and will not hesitate for a moment to face all challenges, as he taught us in his school, his way, his method and his vision, which he embodied in thought, culture, behavior and action. With the Grace of God, the oath we take this year to the great martyr of Al-Quds, the Hajj Qassem Soleimani, and to all the martyrs who fell on the path of Al-Quds, to all the minds and hearts that carry these hopes (of the total Liberation of Palestine), our oath to all the combatants who await this day when this dream will come true is to stay on this path, to make all our efforts there, to overcome all obstacles, to help and cooperate, to unite and support each other, to prepare all the favorable circumstances and the fertile ground for this day which will inevitably come, this day when we will all pray in Al-Quds, with the grace of God, in the Al-Aqsa mosque, in the holy house, the House of holiness, that will be liberated by the efforts and the blood of the pure and sincere among the children of our Islamic Nation.

Today, via this brief and synthetic declaration, I call all the children of our Community, all our Arab-Muslim peoples, to celebrate this day in all appropriate ways, via the media, culturally, politically, socially, artistically, by participating in all the programs announced, by taking into consideration the current conditions imposed on the world and the peoples of the world by the Covid-19 pandemic, and by respecting all the sanitary measures required.

This year and like all years, Al-Quds International Day should be, as was the case in previous years, present forcefully in our consciousness, our mind, our heart and our feelings, our will, our culture, our programs and our actions, for Al-Quds is the goal on which all eyes, all minds, all hearts and all efforts must remain. All of our steps must converge towards it, and we will (inevitably) get there with God’s Grace.

Peace be upon you, as well as God’s Mercy and His Blessings.

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