NATO is invited to leave

Story never told before

by R H Auslander

Kindle edition is out today

NATO is invited to leave Crimea: An Incident On Simonka book by R H Auslander

A short story involving Sevastopol in February 2014. NATO had arrived in Sevastopol in 2010, just a small cadre at first. With time their numbers grew but the cadre was never large, at best around forty US Marines with a few Navy officers at times.

As Kiev exploded in violence in January and February in 2014 the result was a coup d’etat in Kiev where the elected government was ousted and new functionaries were installed in their place. Their pronunciations to Sevastopol in particular and Crimea in general were distinctly threatening. As a result of these threats which included violence to the citizens of Sevastopol and Crimea local coup d’état were performed in Sevastopol and Crimea wherein the Ukrainian government was removed and replaced with a government of local Sevastopol and Crimea citizens. The new ‘government’ in Kiev was not amused and replied to the local events with ever increasing vitriol and threats of violence.

The new citizens government in Sevastopol gave NATO a choice, leave peacefully or be put out. NATO refused to leave, therefore the Government of Sevastopol ordered the NATO cadre to be removed. Starshi Sarjant Roman Ivan’vich and his group of aging and retired Spetznaz were ready when the order was given to take NATO down.

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