“CrossTalk” Bullhorns Incorruptible
The Panama Papers – the huge story that isn’t – a truly pathetic day for Western corporate media. The Dutch voted against the EU’s association agreement with Ukraine. But no worries, Brussels is already looking to overturn this democratic outcome. Also, why is the Syrian ceasefire failing AND is Obama really a realist?
CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Stephen Ebert, and Patrick Henningsen.

‘Let’s be honest, NASA isn’t buying Russian made engines for charity’ – Roscosmos Head

Russia’s Defense Ministry briefing (8 April 2016)

Former Soviet Navy Commander: Americans Only Respect the Powerful; As Submarine Commander, I Saw UFO
Published on Apr 11, 2016
In a Russia Today TV interview, Admiral Vladimir Chernavin, the last Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy and later of the Russian Navy, talked about Soviet-American relations, saying that the Americans “love power” and “refuse to recognize anyone who is not willing to use it.” In the interview, which aired on October 25, 2015, Chernavin, who was former deputy minister of defense, said that the archives of the Soviet military navy had hundreds of reports of UFO sightings and that he himself had seen a UFO, which “assumed various forms, but mostly, looked like a round hat.”

CIA’s Putin Smear Becomes Banana Skin for Cameron

Switzerland: A Rebellion Is Brewing Against the Bankers’ Shenanigans

Chinese view point
Russia snubbed from exclusive Western circle

Each time a Croatian spews the lies that “only a few thousand Serbs were killed at the Jasenovac concentration camp” (The 3rd most active concentration camp during the Holocaust) they are lying and whitewashing their crimes against humanity..

The Corruption Revealed in the Panama Papers Opened the Door to Isis

[Eng Subs] Ukrainian Army laying Water Mines in Coast of Azov. UAF trips on own mine.

Iran: S-300 missile system has begun to arrive in Iran, FM spokesperson

Over 6,500 Russian Troops, 15 Vessels, 10 Aircraft to Hold Far East Drills

Ukrainian Nationals Stab Two Indian Students to Death, Leave One Injured

President: South Ossetia plans to hold referendum on becoming part of Russia before August

More S-400 missiles to be deployed around Moscow in 2016 – Defense Ministry

[Eng Subs] Debaltsevo 1 year Anniversary. Lugansk Perspective.

Nikolai Starikov about an economic program of his party, the Great Fatherland Party

Ukraine SITREP

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