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2017-03-27 21:25:12 Dick Cheney speaks: Trump legitimate, Putin's meddling "act of war"
2017-03-27 21:16:20 NATO reschedules summit so Tillerson can attend (now the NATO meeting comes prior to his visit to the Kremlin)
2017-03-27 10:35:35 Unauthorized opposition protest was provocation, rally organizers lied to activists – Kremlin
White whale
2017-03-26 21:31:23 Taqba dam should be destroyed. A US base should be established in Syria. Views and advice from "Middle America" commenting at breitbart online.
White whale
2017-03-26 10:43:23 Examine Poroshenko. Is this the face of a happy man? He owns a chocolate enterprise! He is President!! $$US-5billion was spent to "coup" his country!!!, Viki Nuland personally hand-delivered cookies!!!!, And yet he is not happy?.... "Sad" !
White whale
2017-03-25 20:36:25 John McCain. A brazen murder central Kiev. "Putin" screeches McCain, even as body lies warm on the pavement. Ahh, but then we discover the victim is a star witness in the Yanukovych trial. Maiden. McCains handiwork. Witness rubbed out. Cui bono?
Ted 99
2017-03-25 18:31:30 Trouble being organized for Belarus