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2018-01-16 12:26:46 Washington has supplied the Kurds with 300 tanks, over 600 armored personnel carriers, anti-armored missiles and full personal equipment, weapons and ammunition and built a large base in Northern Syria to protect them against missile attacks.
2018-01-16 11:03:09 On January 16 at 7 PM Eastern, the World Socialist Web Site is hosting an online meeting titled “Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship” featuring Chris Hedges and David North. To participate, visit
2018-01-16 11:01:21 wsws sees the "false attack alarm" for what it was, and adds much abt the preparations to smash...everything?
2018-01-16 00:27:08 Where in the World Is the U.S. Military? Everywhere
2018-01-15 19:03:40 "Martin Luther King Jr. Spent the Last Year of His Life Detested by the Liberal Establishment"
2018-01-15 11:03:58 The actual cost of immigrants to Germany since 2015 will stand at almost a trillion euros. I think the assumptions and math are correct. Family reunion has not even been included. The USA destroys a nation for this money.
2018-01-15 09:02:33 US says it supports turrusts “We don’t ‘command and control’ these forces - we only ‘train and enable’ them...Who they say they’re allying with, that’s their business." R dey gunna arrest thrmselves fer supporting tterrorists? Just askin