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2018-06-24 12:35:09 Unrest In Raqqa: US-backed Forces Launch Operation Against Own Arab Unit
2018-06-21 21:24:55 MAPA! MAPA! Make America Poor Again. STEAL from the POOR and GIVE to the RICH
2018-06-21 00:47:26 The United Snakes Military Machine Drops ONE BOMB Every 12 Seconds "Faster, Boys or we'll lose this f*ck*ng war"
2018-06-20 17:58:09 Wir Wollen Atombomben !!! Germany Must Have Nuclear Bombs !!! Atomwaffen Machen Frieden
2018-06-20 10:25:24 The EU plans complete censorship over internet platforms, with 'link tax' and copyright fines. So, start a PO Box firm outside the EU. The servers too. Iceland is fine for that, so I've heard.
2018-06-19 16:57:28 Oui, Non. Oui, Non. Oui, Non. We French Are, Are Not, Killing, Saving the Children of Yemen