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2018-08-14 13:09:43 "Mission Accomplished: Why Solidarity Boats to Gaza Succeed Despite Failing to Break Siege" - by Ramzy Baroud, PhD. Challenging the Empire can be a long struggle, and just keeping the fight alive is at times a victory.
2018-08-14 11:46:30 Latvia has created a catastrophic situation for itself because of its antagonization of relations with Russia.
2018-08-14 09:35:41 Russian "Meddling" is a Fairy Tale. Israeli "Meddling" is Real as Hell
2018-08-14 01:23:02 The Self-Imposed Impotence Of The Russian And Chinese Governments
2018-08-13 14:58:41 "Gina Haspel CIA Torture Cables Declassified". The reports of the head torturer at the "black site". Mrs Haspel has now of course been rewarded with the post of CIA Director.
2018-08-13 13:26:07 Hacker kids poke hole in MSM narrative that it’s Russians who are the US election threat
2018-08-11 20:31:54 The insane idea in Germany: "pedophilia normal love"
2018-08-11 14:12:58 "Nicaragua, unraveling a plot" The United States’ National Endowment for Democracy distributed some 4.2 million dollars in Nicaragua, between 2014 and 2017
2018-08-11 11:07:51 Israel destroys popular Gaza cultural center "Boys, if greater Israel is to live, we must smash every face of the Palestinian culture"
2018-08-10 21:42:22 "Flotilla Passengers Released by Israel; Many Battered and Bruised; USS Liberty Survivor Held For Days", by Ann Wright, former US Army and Diplomat who resigned in protest of the Iraq War.
2018-08-10 13:07:01 ‘Evil genius’ Trump will be ‘last president of US’, filmmaker Michael Moore warns.
2018-08-09 19:05:58 "Why the Attempt to Assassinate Maduro?". When does the empire attempt to kill leaders to get its way.