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2018-11-14 13:34:59 Japanese Minister in Charge of Cyber Security 'Has Never Touched a Computer'. Other skills are needed? At comparison, take a look at this: . Nuff said, and good luck ;-)
2018-11-12 12:03:49 Haaretz reports that Israelis commandos, some dressed as women, entered Gaza to assassinate a Hamas commander. They reportedly got caught up in a firefight with Hamas fighters. And so it begins..... again.
2018-11-11 17:47:28 "Armistice Day & the Resurrection of the Old Lie" -- 'That’s what pro-World War I propaganda is about…not a war in the past, but a war in the future. The NEXT war.'
2018-11-11 10:51:06 Snakes Push on the Accelerator of Disorder