Dear friends,

I will try to record the next podcast early next week, God willing. So now is a good time to ask for your questions/comments/criticisms. And since due to my personal circumstances I have not had the time to answer a lot of comments and personal emails, please feel free to re-post them below (but please, do not email me).

The deadline to post questions/comments/criticisms is this Friday, February 6th at 18:00 UTC/GMT (1PM EST).

As always, topics are “whatever you want” although I should warn you that you give me far more credit than I deserve and that I had to admit “I simply don’t know” many times during the last podcast.

Finally, I remind you all that these podcasts are a rather transparent way for me to remind you all that donations are needed and most appreciated (“subtle” hint, right?). So please hit the donation button if you have not done so recently and give me some good old capitalist incentives :-)


Cheers, thanks and kind regards,

The Saker


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