Dear friends,

I want to try something a little new: record a podcast while driving :-)

I got myself a pretty decent mobile microphone (a Zoom H1) and I hope that the sounds of the engine, tires and wind will not be heard too much on the final recording (I will be using a low-cut filter and a windscreen).  Of course, this will not be as convenient as recording in my room, and I might sound somewhat more distracted (I will have to keep my eyes on the road).  But since I will be driving for over 2 hours across the empty and huge Ocala National Forest (most of it on small roads) on a Sunday evening, I figure that traffic will be minimal and that should be quite doable.

Anyway – let’s consider this not an “official” podcast but a test, okay? And if you guys hate it – then I will not repeat it.

Until then please send me your questions on any topic you want, serious or not, related to current events, or not.  Please make sure to post your questions in the comments section below and please do NOT email them to me.  The deadline will be Sunday 00:00 UTC/GMT.

That’s it, I hope that this works out okay.

Cheers and thanks,

The Saker

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