Today I am sharing a song by one of my favorite Brazilian singers, Ney Matogrosso.  I love this song, a kind of lullaby when sung by Matogrosso, because it achieves its haunting effect by using a very simple melody and just a few very basic chords.  If you listen carefully to the minimalist guitar accompaniment (here played by what might be the most talented Brazilian guitarist ever, Raphael Rabello) you will hear (in the second verse) a very few beautiful variations on the original harmonies.  I have also provided a translation to the words (made by me and corrected by my friend “DA”).

This song was composed by Alfredo Gregorio, a kind of priest of the Santo Daime Church, a Brazilian native religion, with some inspiration from Christianity, mixed with other esoteric traditions, but focused on the Ayahuasca, that beverage discovered by the original cultures of Amazon (and not only in Brazil). In all their rituals, they drink this beverage Ayahuasca, which inspires them.  These rituals are really amazing, very beautiful and special (other esoteric traditions also use the the Ayahuasca in their rituals).  Because this specific song is sung during their rituals it can be considered a religious song.

I hope you will enjoy this as must as I do.

The Saker

Oh Moon, I thank you
for your life-giving light
In exchange I offer you
This love-filled song

You too, my golden Sun
Who adorns the skies
I know that you both give us this comfort here
Which is sweet like honey.

I salute the Sun and the Moon
and I salute the stars
and the earth’s soil, the forest and the sea
and the wind and everything else.

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