Translated by Sasha and subtitled by Leo.

One of the pieces of former Yugoslavia, the Republic of North Macedonia has decided to join the leap against Russia. This geopolitical misfortune expelled a Russian diplomat and, having heard from Moscow about reciprocal measures, they shrieked: “Daddy, don’t beat me!”

Do you know what the European solidarity is? It is when the spiritual midgets who owe their existence to the Western “divide and conquer” style policies are forced to service their masters by feigning a crowd scene of a russophobic heat. Just like the Czechs, for example. The Czechs at least have some production industry, albeit completely bought out by the Germans. What does the North Macedonia have, who even had to change its country name so the Greeks would allow it to join the EU and NATO? Nothing. Except, of course, the conceit and the will to serve its bright faced masters. The Macedonians did the service by expelling a Russian diplomat and now they squeal not to be retaliated against.

The Moscow Komsomolets: “The North Macedonian authorities admitted that they have only two diplomats working in Moscow. Those are the interim ambassador and one more diplomatic staff. According to the Foreign Minister of North Macedonia, Buyar Osmani, due to this circumstance Skopje hopes that Moscow will not expel one or two of the Macedonian diplomats in retaliation for the Balkan state’s move.”

Who said that weakness of the mind is courage? You damn Muscovites, don’t understand zilch in European solidarity. North Macedonia itched to get into NATO and EU precisely in order to ecstatically fulfill orders from the respectable Brussels masters.

The Moscow Komsomolets: “The union with NATO is based on an active contribution and solidarity. As Osmani stressed, ‘the expulsion process is tied directly to the violations of the rules of diplomacy.’”

What rules did the Russian diplomat violate? No information about it whatsoever was publicly voiced. They expelled, that’s it. Because the NATO master ordered so. He needs a crowd scene. And now the lackeys that satisfied the master’s need, squeal: “Daddy, don’t beat me!” Why do they, in the post-Soviet Eastern Europe, resemble each other like clones, huh? I have a version about this. During the centuries of either German or Ottoman conquest, the western and the southern Slavs learned to survive in any way. They became shifty and two-faced.

Their main principle is to keep their backside warm. In their mass they are not ready to suffer any sacrifices in a fight for freedom. To which the history of Czechia, for instance, is a testimony. Do you remember that in 1939 there was only one officer who, in defiance of the order from his cowardly politicians, ordered his unit to fight the Wehrmacht? Marina Tsvetayeva even dedicated a poem to him, whose title stresses the fact that this officer was the only one in the entire Czechia.

All in all, the North Macedonians are the typical representatives of the timeserving culture. Even the Bulgarians, who are becoming extinct as a result of the Euro integration, are trolling now.

The Moscow Komsomolets: “The readers of the Bulgarian news publication ‘Facts’ commented expressing their indignation at the news about the expulsion of a Russian diplomat by North Macedonia. They called the Macedonians ‘ungrateful’. One reader said that the Macedonians are russophobes. He pointed out that the Soviet Union gave those people a language, religion and ‘made them a nation’. Another author doubted that the Russian president would be able to find Macedonia on the map, alluding to its small size. He also expressed his hope that Putin had acquired a new map because he would not be able to find it on the old one. Some pointed out ironically that this shows that the Macedonians rather belong to the Bulgarian nation. Another reader noted that to bet on North Macedonia is the same as dealing with the Ukrainians.”

Indeed, that Euro Ukies belong to the same type. This is why when they howl that “we will never be brothers” they make a point. Lackeys of the West cannot be brothers to the Russian people. This is unequivocal. No matter how our Foreign Ministry reacts to the Macedonian escapade, the very fact that this NATO service staff whined in “we shat on your doorstep but you wouldn’t chastise us for that, right?” style has already harmed Skopje more than a reciprocal expulsion of her two diplomats. Dignity – this is what is the most important in geopolitics. You might be a small and an unimportant country, but if you keep your dignity, even the nuclear states will treat you with respect. Lackeys, however, will never understand this.

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