Foreword by the Saker: Today I am posting an article with great reluctance but with a sense that what this article conveys must be made public in the West.  I will tell you immediately that I am sickened by the idea that Russia might simply completely destroy the entire USA, be it by “regular” nuclear strikes, by blowing up the Yellowstone caldera or triggering a tsunami.  In my years as a student in the USA (in Washington DC), I did a lot of nuclear exchange modeling as part of a nuclear force planning course.  And in the back of my mind, I always thought that Nuclear Explosion smallif I was the General Secretary of the CPSU (it was still the Cold War), I would *not* retaliate in kind to a US strike.  Russia would perish, but that would be Russia’s last gift to mankind: life.  Russia would chose to sacrifice herself and let herself be destroyed like Saints Boris and Gelb had done at the begging of the (old) Russian history, the Russian New Martyrs did at its end, without striking back, just like Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.  But I kept my mouth shut as expressing such ideas was not exactly the point in a course of nuclear force planning…

I shared my thoughts with Eugenia, who translated this article, and who replied “My thoughts exactly. But I guess the nuclear weapons no longer quite work as the deterrent, do they?”  She is absolutely correct.  Nuclear weapons apparently don’t scare enough.  How crazy is that?!  Still, apparently, the AngloZionists need to be scared some more, with some even more horrible consequences.  Fair enough, I rather provide nightmares than let our civilization mindlessly slough into a nuclear war.

The article below serves one main purpose: it should show those in the USA who seriously believe that can “defeat” Russia that Russia can simply wipe the entire USA off the planet, literally.  Keep in mind that the plans outlined here are old, nothing new here.  They were considered by the Soviet General Staff during the war and, as far as I know, rejected on grounds of being simply too horrible.

What will Russia do in case of war?  I don’t know.  At heart, as you have already guessed it, I am a non-violent pacifist.  It is the study of warfare which turned me into one.  I don’t want Russia to ever retaliate in that manner.  But since the goal of post today is to frighten you all, let me add this: I am not at all convinced that the folks in the Kremlin, General Staff and Strategic Rocket forces share my pacifism.  In fact, they are not only selected because they don’t have that kind of ideas, they also practice them on a regular basis (the personnel is never told weather a nuclear alert is real of not, so they have already “turned the key” many times!).

And now, enjoy your nightmare!

The Saker

Nuclear Special Forces Only BRICS countries will survive


by Konstantin Sivkov, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, D.Sci.

translation by Eugenia

Russia might have asymmetrical mega-weapon by 2010-2025. It will exclude any possibility of a large-scale war against Russia, even under conditions of absolute superiority of the adversary in traditional weapon systems.

A new Cold War is being initiated against Russia. More precisely, it never stopped. The West is consolidating the success of the previous stages of the Cold War and has started to prepare for its conclusion.

Asymmetrical solution

The West again today, as in the mid-20th century, is building the “iron curtain” and conducting the same policy of military blocs by increasing the size of NATO forces and moving them closer to the Russian borders. However, for us the situation is much worse that half a century ago. The economic potential has been significantly reduced; dependence detrimental for the national safety has been developed on the main adversary as the source of high-end technologies; the moral compass in the form of the communist ideology has been lost; there is no longer a significant community of allies in Europe similar to the Warsaw pact; western-oriented oligarchs and connected with them liberal state officials are dominant in the industrial and financial sectors. Russia is simply in no position to compete with NATO and its allies in the sphere of the military technology.

Thus, under the circumstances it is imperative to seek novel approaches to ensure military safety, specifically in the area of strategic containment. The key task in this regard is to maintain the high potential of the nuclear forces. However, there are drawbacks. In spite of their relatively (as compared to other types of military forces) small size, nuclear weapons require significant resources. Due to mounting economic problems associated with sanctions and crushed oil market, the country may simply lack the necessary resources to maintain its nuclear forces at the required level of readiness. The strategic nuclear forces (strategic rocket forces, nuclear submarines, strategic and distant bomber aviation) comprising more than one hundred thousand people are vulnerable to partial neutralization by the information war methods. The system of the fast global attack by the US could in near future be able to neutralize all or the main part of the Russian nuclear forces via a combination of “beheading” (at the command sites controlling the use of the strategic nuclear arms) and “disarming” (directly at the carriers of the strategic nuclear weapons) strikes. Finding asymmetrical ways of strategic containment is critical for our country. That is what the President was talking about when he said that we would not engage in the arm’s race but will take asymmetrical measures. Obviously, this implies completely new weapons based on ideas quite different from existing ones.

Technical requirements for the mega-weapon

Based on the analysis of the situation with the strategic containment forces, these new weapons should fulfill certain requirements. First of all, they should guarantee the defeat of the enemy. The system should be able to hit the enemy with hundred percent reliability, and the force of the attack should be sufficient to achieve complete containment. Furthermore, the system should possess the attack capabilities that would prevent its neutralization by any means, not only existing today but also by the most sophisticated counter-weapons yet to be developed.

The most important feature is the assured ability to use the system when there is the will of the political leadership of the country to do so and when there are objective conditions requiring its use. This is particularly important considering that the positions of the pro-Western elements are still quite strong, particularly in the higher echelons of the governments including the military leadership. When massive informational and psychological pressure is applied, it becomes questionable whether they would follow the order to employ the strategic nuclear weapons. Furthermore, the number of people in the strategic nuclear forces is too high to be absolutely certain they will be deployed, particularly at times when the society is split.

The requirement for the minimal number of people for the service and operation of the asymmetrical system of containment comes from these considerations. This number should be small enough, so the absolute or near guarantee could be achieved of the loyalty to the political leadership of the country and of the readiness to carry out the order to employ the system regardless of the situation in the society and personal emotions. This means that the personnel of the asymmetrical system cannot exceed several thousand people.

Comparing the power that contemporary science is capable of delivering with the required damage we conclude that we cannot achieve the needed result without the use of the secondary destructive forces. First that come to mind are geophysical catastrophic events. Exceeding in power the mort powerful nuclear bombs by many orders of magnitude, geocatastrophes could be deliberately initiated via relatively weak forces. That is why the weapon of the asymmetric response is based on the use of the main destructive factors of the devastating geophysical processes.

One more requirement is the asymmetry of the threat. Such system should damage the side using it incomparably less than the enemy. This is achievable considering the geographical features of Russia and the USA.

Future without America

Importantly, Russia is located on the Eurasian continent, with the main part of its territory housing most of the country’s population distant from the oceans and seas. Besides, the average elevation above the sea level practically guarantees protection against flooding even in cases of massive catastrophic events involving powerful tsunami (megatsunami).

The picture in the USA is different. More than 80% of the population lives close to the ocean in areas with low elevations over the sea level. The main industry is also located in such territories. Even relatively weak tsunami with the height of several dozens meters could have catastrophic consequences for the US. The hurricane Kathrin in New-Orleans showed this quite clarely.


New Orleans flooded as a result of the hurricane Kathrin feels the consequences of the cataclysm even today 10 years later.

Another feature of Russia is that the main part of its territory in Siberia lies on a thick (several kilometers) layer of basalt. It is believed that these basalt platforms were formed as a result of an eruption of a super-volcano that happened about a quarter of a billion years ago. That is why the hits, even the most powerful ones, will not have catastrophic geophysical consequences.

What about the US? First that draws our attention is the Yellowstone National park located in the caldera of the supervolcano of the same name. The supervolcano, according to the estimates of geologists, is approaching the period of activation, which happens every 600 thousand years. Its last eruption happened approximately that long ago. The power of this volcano is several orders of magnitude smaller than that of the Siberian one. That is why its eruption did not lead to the extinction of life on earth but it did, without doubts, have catastrophic consequences for the American continent. Geologists believe that Yellowstone volcano can erupt at any moment. There are clear signs of its increasing activity. Therefore, even a small push, for example, an explosion of a megaton-sized bomb, might be sufficient to initiate the eruption. The consequences for the US would be catastrophic – that country would simply cease to exist. The entire territory would be covered with a thick (several meters or even dozens of meters) layer of ash.

San-Andreas is another vulnerable zone in the US from the geographical point of view. San-Andreas is a fault of 1300 kilometers in length between the pacific and northern American plates. It is stretched along the seashore in California in places over the land but partially underwater. The faults San-Gabriel and San-Jacinto are running in parallel. This is the area of geophysical instability producing earthquakes up to magnitude 8.5 on the Richter scale. An explosion of a powerful nuclear bomb could initiate catastrophic events leading to the creation of large tsunamis that would destroy the infrastructure of the US Pacific coast.

Finally, we should not forget about the Atlantic and Pacific transform faults. Running parallel to the eastern and western US coast, respectively, they could be the source of large tsunamis that would cause massive damage at a significant distance from the shore.

Detonator for a catastrophe

Thus, the US is quite vulnerable a country from the geophysical standpoint. What remains to do is to determine how to initiate geophysical processes on such a scale. Let us take a look at the history. In 1961, the largest ever thermonuclear bomb was detonated at five thousand meters over the northern tip of New Land (Novaya Zemlya). According to known estimates, its power was 58 megatons. However, western experts came to the conclusion that the total energy was not utilized, since the bomb did not seem to have the coat of uranium-238, which is capable of increasing the power of the explosion at least 50 percent to two-fold, i.e. to more than 100 megatons. Ammunition was made in the shape and size of the 16-ton bomb and dropped from Tu-95 “Bear” airplane. Today ammunition of the same power, according to the opinions of scientists in the Russian nuclear center in Sarov and the authoritative Russian expert in the field doctor of science Igor Ostretsov, could be made within 5-7 ton. That is, it could be easily accommodated in terms of size and weight by heavy rockets (the weight that could be carried by “Satan” – about 8 tons). It is also could be carried by satellites sent to the orbit.

Existing agreements about the parity of the nuclear arsenals do not impose any limitations on the power of separate ammunition units. They only control the number of such units. However, the mega-weapon will not require too many bombs.

Nuclear Explosion HD

The day after tomorrow

The best option for a guaranteed initiation of catastrophic geophysical processes would be a hit on the Yellowstone supervolcano. Even a single surface explosion of a 5-7-ton ammunition would initiate a powerful eruption. As a result, the US will cease to exist, although the consequences would be catastrophic for the rest of the world as well. Russia would suffer the least – because of the distance from the site of the explosion, the size of the territory and its location. Also, the damage to the countries located on the opposite to the US sides of the earth would also be limited. Nevertheless, let us stress that the explosion would be a disaster for the entire civilization. But that is the reason for the existence of such a weapon. The very possibility of its use should put an end to any thought of aggression against Russia.

An alternative version of a megahit would be to initiate gigantic tsunamis. The idea belongs to Andrei Sakharov. Its essence is to detonate several bombs at defined points along the Atlantic and Pacific transform faults (approximately 3-4 for each) at the depth of 1.5-2 kilometers. This will, according to the calculations of Sakharov and other scientists, produce a waive that will reach 400-500 or more meters near the US shores. Crushing on the shores, the waive would wash away everything at the distance of more than 500 kilometers. If the explosions are made deeper closer to the bottom of the ocean where the earth crust near the plate joints is the thinnest, the crust could be destroyed, and the magma coming in contact with the ocean water would amplify manifold the intensity of the explosion. In such case, the height of the tsunami would exceed 1.5 kilometers, and the destruction zone would extend more than 1500 meters from the shore. This would be a very “clean” weapon – the nuclear winter would not come, since gigantic dust clouds would not form, and water vapors would pour over the land close to the point of their formation, i.e. on the US territory, as horrific radioactive rain showers. Such a hit would undoubtedly start tectonic activity in the entire region, including, very possibly, eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. The reverse waive would wash away Europe. In other words, the entire block NATO would be gone. The cataclysm would be horrendous. But this is the asymmetric threat of the last resort – some region of Russia will also be destroyed, but at the same time the entire Western civilization will be no more. Even detonation of a single powerful bomb near the faults of San-Andreas, San-Gabriel, or San-Jacinto would lead to devastating geophysical effects.

Apocalypses – simple and cheap

The scenarios discussed above demonstrate that the number of superbombs required for the asymmetrical weapon is quite limited – about ten. This creates advantageous conditions for their guaranteed use in accordance with the requirements for the asymmetrical weapon stated above.

The delivery of the bombs to the destination could be accomplished in several ways. First of all – using several monoblock heavy ballistic missiles that, launched together with the supporting rockets, could overcome all systems of counter-missile defense, even those to be developed in the distant future. A limited number of special launch systems in shafts could be reliably protected via a system based on both protection by force and the regime of secrecy. Such missile could be developed for the strategic submarines “Typhoon” (project 941). Their rocket shafts are designed for the 96-ton P39, which would easily accommodate contemporary heavy rocket with the required payload. One such submarine would be sufficient for the asymmetric containment.

Superbombs integrate with the promising hypersonic rockets launched form submarines of land-based launch sites. Also, the megabombs could be secretly positioned in advanced in the designated points at the required depth from the navy ships disguised as civil ships. At the appropriate moment, these bombs could be detonated on command transmitted to them via a complex connection system that would ensure guaranteed signal transmission. When the situation has stabilized the bombs are removed by special ships.

The time required to design and manufacture the bombs of the required size would take, according to the experts, from 5-6 to 10-12 years. About the same time would be needed to develop and manufacture the required number of carriers. This means that Russia could possess the asymmetric weapon within the next 10 years. The emergence of such weapon will exclude any threat of the large scale wars against our country even in the condition of the enemy’s overwhelming superiority in traditional weapon systems.

Konstantin Sivkov

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