by Krysztof Daletski

An allegorical ballad describing the current deliberate escalation due to Western arrogance and hubris. Thanks to my daughter for singing with me, to Anja, Lea and Pete for proofreading the English text, and to The Saker for suggesting the allegory in his article “Hold my beer and watch this!” (03/2018).

Note by the Saker:
When Krysztof sent me his video I was deeply moved by the immense power of its purity, simplicity, honesty.  This is not a PhD. thesis about the sorry state of international affairs, this is a direct and straightforward expression of emotion, a deep longing for peace.  That is exactly the way I feel deep inside myself and when I saw this video the dark shadow of loneliness and despair which always lurks over my soul receded for a few precious moments.  I am deeply grateful to Krysztof and his daughter for their beautiful gift.

The Saker

UPDATE: Krysztof just sent me another video of his.  I like it so much that I feel I have to post it here too:

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