By Batiushka for the Saker Blog

Introduction: Capitalism or Communism?

A commentator on this site recently accused me of being ‘a visceral anti-Communist’! I was quite amused (but also grateful, as he has inspired this essay). Such an accusation goes back to the old twentieth-century apparent abyss between ‘Left and Right’. Actually, although I have always been a social conservative, I have also always been for social justice, as I have said elsewhere. This would make me, I suppose, both left and right. Indeed, I have elsewhere (in the USA) been accused of being a ‘Socialist’, though it does not take much to be accused of Socialism in the USA. The word ‘justice’ alone is usually enough.

How do we square the circle, reconcile the apparently irreconcilable difference, as it seemed in the last century, between left and right? Let us look at the two systems of governance in today’s world, the Western system of the 13%, which is in effect rule by the few, in Greek called ‘Oligarchy’, and the system of the world’s 87%, rule for the many, which I will call ‘Patriarchy’. (Here I blatantly ignore the stereotypical feminist rejection of such a word, because it means something quite different to what hidebound Western feminists, imprisoned by their ideology, understand by it).


Oligarchy (1) is simply Neo-Feudalism, rule by robber-barons, in this case, the financial barons who live in their contemporary castles. This is why Oligarchy is Anti-National, Anti-Sovereign, Anti-Traditional Religion, Anti-Traditional Culture, Anti-National Infrastructure and Anti-Family (2). This is why Oligarchy, through its CIA and other assets, has over the generations brought down so many monarchies and national governments, like that of De Gaulle in France in 1968. It does not mind fictitious monarchies, as in the UK, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Spain, as they are simply businesses, manipulations of the masses for large sums of money.

The Oligarchy does not like national identity, it destroys nation-states, as in the EU, for it wants ‘World Government’, which is code for World Dictatorship. This is the Dictatorship of the uprooted, which is why the Jewish component in it is strong (Jews have been uprooted ever since the Romans uprooted them in 70 AD). Oligarchy is based on the priority of accumulating money and therefore guarantees corruption, instability and the boom-bust cycle, because it rules by the financial sector. Hence the importance of Wall Street in New York, The City in London, Frankfurt in Germany and La Bourse in Paris. Hence the importance in all these countries of financial indices, which, so strangely, are always announced in their national news by their media.

Although Neo-Feudalism is also called Neo-Liberalism and is more commonly still known by the euphemism ‘Democracy’, it is run on the base profit motive, known by the euphemism ‘Monetarism’. It is certainly not Democracy because political parties are controlled by ultra-wealthy ‘donors’ and ‘lobbies’, that is, by the Oligarchy. This is why Democracy is also unfairly called ‘Demonocracy’, the choice for voters between a moron and a cretin. Very sadly, judging by recent leaders of the US/UK/EU, perhaps that is not so unfair, for most Western leaders are indeed oligarchs (Bush, Trump), or else the puppets of oligarchs (Macron, Draghi). The Oligarchy’s aim is always to preserve its elitist privileges.

No wonder there are so many conspiracy theories around covid, for example, that the Oligarchy invented covid because it wanted to kill off or zombify seven billion plus in order to create more resources for itself. By definition the profit motive of Oligarchy has no interest in the majority of the world because it wishes to strip their natural resources. Another word for this is ‘Parasitism’. The Oligarchy plunders the rest of the world. This strategy is enforced very aggressively by militaristic crusades (just as in the twelfth century, except now with high tech), forcing others to sell off (‘privatise’) their land, mineral resources, utilities and infrastructure to the Oligarchy’s agents.

This is why the Oligarchy is dominated by two sectors: finance and militarism, by its aggressive economic and military warfare against the rest of the world. Any who resist are threatened by economic sanctions or bombing (‘back into the Stone Age’). This is why the USA has 750 foreign military bases, spread across 80 nations. (After the USA is the UK, with one fifth of the US population, so with ‘only’ 145 bases) (3). Therefore the Oligarchy creates clients around the world wherever it can. These vassals follow exactly what the Oligarchy tells them to do. In other words, they are ‘zelenskyised’, for the Oligarchy has as its strategy looting the rest of the world, as in the Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc etc.


‘Patriarchy’ is rule for the benefit of the people. Patriarchy, exactly the opposite of Oligarchy, is Pro-National, Pro-Sovereignty, Pro-Traditional Religion, Pro-Traditional Culture, Pro-National Infrastructure and Pro-Family. The four great traditional religions of the world, Orthodox Christianity (and its cousin of Latin American, African and Asian Catholicism), Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, are Patriarchal. The bulk of the world, over 6 billion people, Russia, most of Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam…), Africa and Latin America, confess Patriarchy, ‘throne, altar and cottage’ (4). Thus, in the Tsar’s Russia, the State ran the economy through private investors, competing for contracts granted by the State.

Today, China, ruled by Chinese Nationalism, even though it is called Chinese Communism, does much the same, though shunning the central planning that discredited Communism in the Soviet and Chinese past. India does the same. They let people get rich by being creative, by being productive, but add a component of social and national responsibility through reference to the national religious/philosophical ideology. Wealth is to be used widely, for the Nation is a higher value than mere lucre. Although we can find exceptions of corrupt oligarchs, they are the exceptions that prove the rule. When the exceptions get caught in China and Belarus, at least, they are taken out and shot, in China in prison yards, in Belarus in the forest And oligarchs do not always have an easy time of it elsewhere.

The Patriarchal countries of Iran, pre-invasion Iraq, Libya and Syria, Russia and China are the enemies of the Oligarchy because they create industrial development by creating their own infrastructure, they provide everything to help do business and create the conditions for the potential prosperity of all. Patriarchy also provides free education and healthcare. This is exactly what ‘autocratic’ Prussia and Russia did five and six generations ago, with free education and healthcare, social insurance and pensions. Patriarchy provides the infrastructure for the basic human needs of the working people.

The Oligarchy called Patriarchy ‘Autocracy’ (Moghul India, Imperial China, pre-1917 Russia), and now call it ‘Socialism’ or ‘Communism’, because these are the opposite of their elitist ‘Democracy’. Their ‘Democracy’ is what is dictated by Oligarchy. Any country that goes its own way or develops the potential power to go its own way, such as China and Russia, is called a ‘Dictatorship’ by the Oligarchy’s paid hirelings in its propaganda mouthpieces, which it calls ‘the Western media’. For Oligarchy sells off State services like education, healthcare, schools, universities, hospitals, roads, railways and public utilities, water, electricity gas and telecom, in order to pay dividends to shareholders. This is why countries like China and Russia are the Oligarchy’s enemies.

Patriarchy is any country that is strong enough to make its own investments in its national infrastructure, any country strong enough to tax or control the financial sector. Patriarchy keeps banking in its own hands, so that it can finance the creation of infrastructure. It does not create money to lend to speculators to increase their profits, it creates production. So the chief public utility to be kept under the control of the Patriarchy is the banking system and credit creation. Patriarchy promotes just economic development. It prevents people from getting rich merely because they do not provide any productive service.

Conclusion: Why is Oligarchy Supporting the Ukraine?

Today the Ukraine is the battlefield where these two systems, Oligarchy and Patriarchy, are competing. The future of the whole world is being decided there. The Oligarchy has become embroiled ever more in its proxy war there because it intends to destroy Russia so that it can then destroy China. However, in order to do this, the USA must first finish off Russian-supplied Europe. The European elite has followed the Oligarchy’s dictates because its leaders are all only other ‘zelenskies’, whose strings are also pulled by the Oligarchy’s same puppeteers.

This is why the dollar has recently been rising against the pound sterling and the euro (and also the yen). However, seeing this, other countries are seeking alternatives and the USA is threatened with dedollarisation. There is no end game in the Ukraine for the Oligarchy. Meddling in Russia and Europe has meant heading towards economic meltdown. The Oligarchy is now pulling down an iron curtain on the Western world, not to protect it from some imagined foreign military attack, but to imprison the peoples of the USA, UK, EU, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. As those peoples cotton on, this will end badly for the Oligarchy.

21 July 2022


1. Western Oligarchy is where Russian ‘oligarchs’ came from. Until Westernisation after 1991 the word ‘oligarch’ was basically unknown in Russia, as also were homelessness and mass suicide, but throughout the 1990s…

2. The Oligarchy’s Anti-Family ethos is the reason why it promotes the gender-bending of the LGBTQ. The Family must be destroyed, as, like the nation state and religious belief, it is a unit of resistance to the Oligarchy. It hates strong families.


4. Some may object to including most Chinese as Buddhists. In explanation, I will repeat my answer several years ago in an interview on religion with the British State media. When the interviewer objected to me that most Russians are not churchgoers, many get divorced and have abortions and therefore are not Orthodox Christians, I replied that he was looking at the question from a narrow Protestant viewpoint. Its essence is moralism and the concept that the only real sins are sexual, whereas all Traditional Religion, like Orthodox Christianity, is a mentality, a set of cultural values, a way of life, and not some mere narrow-minded, moralising and pharisaical Judeo-Christian code of ‘Thou shalt not’. The fact is that most Chinese have an underlying Buddhist mentality, just as most Russians (and actually most Non-Western Catholics) have an underlying Orthodox Christian mentality, regardless of personal moral failings.


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