This is like a suitcase without a handle: it’s too heavy to carry, but it would a shame to throw it away
Russian saying


So the US Minister of Imperial Wars (aka “Secretary of Defense”) visited Georgia, the Ukraine and Romania.  Then he will go to the NATO HQ.  Is there a logic here?  After all, what is the value of these countries to the AngloZionist Empire?

Nominally, these are all “US allies” (aka colonies) but whose real value is close to zero.  Let me explain:

  • The armed forces of these countries are sub-useless, especially against the Asiatic hordes of Putin’s Mordor.
  • Forward deploying US forces simply put them closer to Russian standoff weapons which gives Russia more options (weapons systems or other) to obliterate them.

Some might wonder whether the US can protect these, uh, protectorates.  Nope!  According to General Hodges, former NATO commander, the US has only one Patriot battalion in all of Europe, in Germany, protecting the US forces in Ramstein.  Now, just for the record again:

  • Patriots were useless against Iraq’s Scud missiles during the Gulf War.
  • Patriots could not even stop rather simple Houthi missiles.
  • Patriots are not even theoretically capable of stopping hypersonic weapons.

So what in the world is Uncle Shmuel thinking?

At the very least, he knows that the so-called “Russian threat” is utter bullshit to feed the Eurocretins.

Here is my hypothesis: Europe, all of it, is the proverbial suitcase with no handle: you can’t carry the damn thing, but you don’t want to throw it away either.

What would you do with such a suitcase?

I would do three things:

  • Take out the most valuable contents (say jewelry).
  • Use the less valuable on the spot (say perishable foods).
  • Toss the rest away.

But what if you could do better than toss it away? 

What if you could use the rest of that suitcase to, say, burn down the house of your worst enemy?

A perfect example of such a suitcase would not only be Europe, but Zelenskii.  Not only did he brown nose Trump, which the Dems will never forgive, but he has now totally lost control of the situation inside the Ukraine and has zero legitimacy (the US alphabet soup now runs the country via the (un-elected and officially advisory only) Ukie NSDC which now has total control over the country which, by the way, has about 6’000 political prisoners nobody in the West seems to notice!.

So why not use him and the Ukraine as a firestarter?

Now just look at what the Anglos have been, and are still doing, in Europe:

  • The UK ditched the EU.
  • The Anglos are consolidating worldwide (5 Eyes, AUKUS, etc.).
  • The US is demanding that the EU freezes this winter while the US exports its promised “molecules of freedom” to Far-East Asia and then places the blame on Putin!
  • US forces are constantly, almost on a daily basis, coming very near or even across (quickly) Russia’s borders in the air, land and sea.
  • The rhetoric from Congress and the White House to the US colonies is “we will back you, we are with you, we love you, we will help you” (all legally vague and even meaningless categories, by the way).

Now remember the 08.08.08 war?

Georgia under Saakashvili was not used to meaningfully attack Russia, only to force Russia to intervene.  Which she did, two days late, and she won in 3 more days.  But politically, even TODAY western politicians (US Minister of Imperial Wars recently) declared that Russia was the culprit and that she occupied Georgia.  And the entire menagerie of scatophages in Europe repeats this nonsense even though the official EU investigation declared that Georgia attacked first (murdering Russian peacekeepers in the process).

The truth is that the US economy and society are in terrible shape, the US cannot afford to “carry” the EU or the official NATO-wannabes “suitcase” any further.  Whatever Victoria “fuck the EU” Nuland wanted to achieve in Moscow clearly gave zero results.  As for the EU itself, it is falling apart even faster than the US (immigration, crime, COVID and lockdowns, etc.).

So here is my hypothesis:

The US wants to trigger a war in Europe, but a war limited to its most useless and subservient colonies, especially the Ukraine.  In order to not risk being nuked, sunk or hypersonically decapitated, the US is now showing Russia that it still has (some) teeth left, so “don’t mess with us”.  The implication is exactly what April Glaspie to the Iraqis before the Gulf War: “don’t touch the KSA, but we don’t care about Kuwait“.  We all know how this ended.

This is probably what Victoria Nuland offered Putin during her trip to Moscow: take the eastern Ukraine, leave the rest and we won’t interfere beyond verbal protests.

The delusional US colonies in the Black Sea region are now dreaming of a triangle “Georgia, the Ukraine, Romania” but only they, not the Russians, take that nonsense that seriously (the Russians know that can swat down these pretend states’ armed forces in 24 hours).  But the point is that these colonies do buy it all, especially the Ukrainians (watching their TV shows is hilarious).

Now here is my guess how the Russians see it:

  • The US will never go to war over its colonies in Europe.
  • The US is threatening Russia to try to show her that the Russians should not strike the US forces directly should their “Black Sea triangle” colonies trigger a war with Russia.
  • The US border provocations’ sole aim is to show the Ukronazis that the US will fly its “mighty bombers and mighty missiles” (all outdated, but nevermind that) if they attack Russia.  But since the US has zero legal obligations, they won’t do any of that when/if such a war starts.
  • The US colonies can be militarily easily swatted down like the scatophage flies which they are.
  • Russia does not want, or need, any such wars, if only for its immense political costs.
  • Russia does not want to pay for fixing the Ukraine, which she can’t afford anyway.
  • If the Ukronazis force Russia to openly intervene, she will go no further than liberating the eastern and southern provinces of the Ukraine (i.e those regions which are populated by Russians).

In the past, the Ukraine and Russia have been at the brink of war many times, that is just the latest iteration of the same principles.  However, each time the Ukronazis are more and more desperate while the US keeps reassuring them more and more.  Eventually, this quantitative change will result in a qualitative one.

What about the EU then?

Let’s separate it into a few subcategories:

  1. Wannabe NATO members (Georgia, the Ukraine, Bosnia, etc.)
  2. Useless NATO members (3B, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria)
  3. Germany (which is a category by itself)
  4. Real NATO members (northern NATO countries)
  5. Kinda useful NATO members (France and southern European countries)

Countries in group one are de facto NATO members and de facto totally expendable.

Countries in group two are de jure NATO members, but highly expandable.

Germany is under NATO occupation, but it is vital to the EU.  If Germany crashes economically, that would weaken the entire EU, which is exactly what the US wants.  Furthermore, while German politicians are pathetic slaves, the German business community is very powerful, they even forced Merkel to defend NS2 at the immense rage of both the nutcases in the eastern EU and even UncleShmuel himself.  Germany must be brought down to heel and severely punished.

Countries in group four will be protected by three factors: distance, non-direct involvement and the US military (they are the jewels in the suitcase).

Countries in group five have always been seen with contempt and disdain by northern Europeans and, even more so, the Anglos.  Plus, they are, potentially, the most disloyal to Uncle Shmuel.  So they don’t really matter anymore.

How about Turkey then?

That is a more complex case.  Turkey does definitely have a Pan-Turkic and Neo-Ottoman agenda.  But Erdogan will never forgive or forget that the US tried to overthrow and kill him.  Furthermore, Turkey is a NATO member and tries to use NATO as a counter-weight to the powerful Russia on its north.  But Erdogan is not stupid, he knows that the “core Europeans” will never accept Turkey as a real EU member.  He also needs Russian assistance to minimize Turkey’s dependence on western military technologies.  Hence what I would call “Erdogan’s rope walk”: yes, it is very dangerous, but he has no other option.

Let’s imagine a post-war EU will look like if all goes exactly according to Anglo plans:

  • The eastern Ukraine and part of the Ukrainian coast are liberated by Russia.
  • The leftover Ukraine becomes politically consolidated around Urkonazis nutcases (Hungary and Poland might even take a tasty bite off that leftover Banderastan).
  • The Europeans will be further terrified out of their (already minuscule wits) and accept anything from the Empire in exchange for NATO “protection”.
  • NATO will “prove” to itself and the world that is very indispensable indeed.
  • The US MIC gets to get even more money for its high-tech toys (even if they are militarily useless).

Now let’s remember what the purpose of NATO was according to its first secretary general: “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”  Let’s update it and say “keep the Russians out economically and politically, the Americans in forever and ever, and the Germans punished and subdued“.

The true function of Germany has been to artificially keep the Poles and the 3B afloat by huge money influxes (via the EU).  But the Germans need to understand that their disobedience about NS2 will not be tolerated by their Anglo masters.

How about Russia in all this?

  • Her easy military victory will come at immense political costs
  • She will have to fix the eastern and southeastern Ukraine (with what money?).
  • Her territorial gains will give her absolutely nothing: there are no needed natural or other resources in the Ukraine – its formerly modern industry is gone, millions of smart and well educated Ukrainian have already emigrated to Russia (and millions of dumb ones to the EUE) this is a deindustrialized, failed state which will become Russia’s suitcase with no handle!
  • The Russian economy will suffer, which will, in turn, affect the political scene inside Russia at a time when the issue of a successor for Putin is becoming, if not quite acute yet, then certainly impossible to ignore either.
  • Potentially pro-Russian (or, at least, not anti-Russian) countries and political forces in western Europe will be crushed by the AngloZionist propaganda.

Yes, and again, yes, NATO and the US are militarily paper tigers, but the scenario above does not require them to have any kind of effective military forces (other than a functioning nuclear triad, which the US still has as an “insurance policy” for US imperial wars in case they go south, which they always do).

So what can Russia do about this?

  • She can become the world’s most powerful military.  Done.
  • She cannot convince anybody in the “firestarer states” that they will be incinerated, these states are hopeless, so let their own karma take care of them.
  • Ditto for the useless NATO members because due to their blind and hysterical patriotism, they will always think that they matter, and even matter a lot. Dis-convincing them of this delusion would destroy their entire identity and historiography.
  • She should talk to the German business community because the Germans are not stupid or hopeless, and they have the most to lose in such a situation.  But (politely) ignore the German politicians until Germany de-occupies and Germany recovers her sovereignty.
  • Withdraw from all EU and EU related organizations.
  • Ignore the real NATO member states because they will remain without agency until Germany itself becomes free again.
  • Openly support the (comparatively) mentally sane countries in southern Europe and the Balkans.
  • Talk directly to the USA and explain, very bluntly, that there will be hell to pay for them too, that Russia does not need a nuclear strike to seriously hurt an already dead empire run by an equally dead USA going on momentum only.  This blunt tone will become even more effective if it is heard from both Russia AND China (which it now is).

Can the list above prevent a war?  No, not if the decision is made by the US to set its firestarters aflame and “fuck  the EU”.

Could Russia do more, better?

This is now a question I address to you by opening the floor for discussions.


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