This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post “Turkey’s Gates To Europe”.  The moderator believes this comment is interesting because it asks where did it all go wrong for the US? Looking back it seems all their best laid plans have not gone the way they hoped and they are left floundering.

Comment by Bilito

Which is the plot that went wrong?

Let’s have a look on the facts and turn the clock back to when the strategic plans for the current U.S. administration where made (2007-08):

– A vast presence of U.S. troops in Iraq and Saudi Arabia kept the Middle East under control
– The containment policy against the progressive movements in Latin America seemed to work fine, constantly threatening Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador
– Europe was the same little cuddly toy as always with the U.K. and the Eastern States producing chaos on command. The unholy axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow had been defeated and CIA-puppet Angela had consolidated her colonial government.
– Russia seemed under control and caught between the interests of the different cliques, credit debts and its backwardness
– India and Pakistan as always distracted by each other

Anybody left? Of course, China!

Then the idea behind the so called “Pivot to Asia” was born. Those strategists perfectly knew that the Empire could not turn the rest of the world adrift in order to fully concentrate on China and that some continuous distraction was needed (e.g. Cuddly Europe had to be prevented from gravitating towards Russia).
Obviously something went wrong as more and more regional powers like France, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc. began to believe that a multipolar world was possible, at least at a sandbox game level. Washington had to partly postpone its Asian activities in order to make it clear that none of its “Allies” was allowed to play on its own accord – the “Arab Spring” e.g. was launched to set an end to the French charm offensive in Northern Africa – Daesh was created to avoid a power vacuum exploited by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria or Iran after the withdrawal of the U.S. troops – Turks and Kurds were expected to neutralize each other – Brazil was threatened economically and internally-. In conclusion: “Our game, our rules, and our command!”
Things could have worked if Russia hadn’t entered the ring to rock and China opened the purse.
Obama failed to immediately identify Russia as the diabolic villain, the Anti-Christ, and to close the ranks against the evil foe of mankind. Ridiculing Russia as a Regional Power made other Regional Powers aware of the poor state of the Empire. That was the point of no return when the “One Empire-One Plan-Doctrine” failed. Since then, each of the Regional Powers started to make their own little plans and this is why it has become so extremely difficult to understand the plot and what went wrong.
Coming back to the “tsunami of refugees”: Erdogan has a plan, Soros has a plan, the Saudis have a plan, and Washington has one, and so on – except Merkel who never has a plan but to wait for instructions from Langley. Each of those tiny plans occasionally works but generally fails. However, there is no master plan any more.

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