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Dear Readers, Commentators, and Supporters

You came to The Saker blog in search of coherent information in a non-coherent world, and you stayed.

That is a profound act of trust and makes you the real driver of The Saker Blog in more ways than one.

Thank you!

Now we come to you, humbly, to again ask for your financial help for this Spring Fundraiser.

Support the SakerYour donations and your support literally and genuinely make the difference between having a Saker blog, and not having a Saker blog.

Here is how to contribute: Go to the ‘Support The Saker’ page which has many ways that you can add to the ammo box. http://thesaker.is/contact-and-donations/

It is time to fill up the ammo box to continue the information war. The ‘gas gauges’ on the servers are trending low. Volunteers (moderators and others) provide the hands to what makes The Saker blog great.

Without these two components, 1) financial donations 2) volunteers, (and your prayers), The Saker Blog Will Fold!

Please consider donating to keep The Saker up and running, vibrant, coherent and truthful? We are making a substantial educational difference in the sphere of the information war. We can all see that The Saker’s regular analysis is distributed widely and picked up by many other publications, and so are some of the writings by those that write for The Saker blog. I frequently see thoughtful and intelligent comments from The Saker Blog referred to in other publications. Do you also see that we are making a difference?

Our previous Fundraiser was on October 1st, 2018.


At that time we did a thorough presentation, even a strong presentation, of what The Saker does and what the mission is, and what it is not. Nothing has changed in the philosophy, but much has changed in terms of the intensity of the informational war that The Saker and you and I fight daily. Everyone will agree that in one way or another, our world is in a dangerous state.

I don’t know about you, but I want The Saker front and center doing his job of analysis when we see all hell flash up in our world.

The Saker is still basically a one-person blogger with many volunteer writers, volunteer workers and volunteer sister sites in other languages. What bears repeating, is:

  • The Saker has not yet been ‘discovered’ or ‘taken-over’ or ‘paid,’ by influence peddlers or the Kremlin or even Putin himself. The Saker holds down a day-job to support himself and his family. The only income to this blog is from supporters like you.
  • We still have a no-Ads policy, and this will continue. Even if you use an Ad Blocker, these ads tend to follow you around. You may not see them on your screen, but they may see you! It also takes time to manage an Ads-System. So, we do not want to add ads to follow you around, cheapen our content, or give us headaches to maintain it. We want to focus on good content only.

Many people ask how their donations will be used. Here is an older fundraiser that will give you an idea. http://thesaker.is/saker-community-members-and-readers-i-need-your-help/

Kindly donate as generously or as small as what is comfortable for you, and if you cannot give funds, please send a simple prayer.

Here is the donations link again: http://thesaker.is/contact-and-donations/

Please use this thread as an Open Thread for suggestions, input, and your report card on how we are doing. (Moderation rules will apply as usual).

The Saker asked me that if I had three wishes for The Saker Blog, what would they be? I have mine and at the end of this fundraiser which will be up for 2 weeks,  will tell you one of those wishes.

What are your wishes for The Saker Blog?

A final note on Patreon. Patreon followed the herd and scandalously deplatformed some content creators for the ‘crime of free speech.’ This led to large scale and high profile ‘resignations’ from Patreon. So far, they have not repeated their blind error. So, we will keep Patreon until such time that there are other stable, tested and reliable solutions available that truly live a free-speech value. Many of our fraternal friends and many others are engaged in building such platforms, and we should have something that is empire resistant within the year all things being equal. Our Patreon income has decreased to only 40% of what it was. Those regular and easy donations made a huge difference to the financial health of The Saker Blog. We are keeping our eyes on the situation, but for now, we still have Patreon, and it is still a very easy donating solution that Sakerites initially requested.



I’ve just heard that our SubscribeStar account for donations is now open.  This is a little different from Patreon that people may be used to.  There is a minimum donation of US$4.99.  If you try this one, please let us know if it is easy or jumping through hoops.  Of course this is new to us as well but we will stand by for problem solving.



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