The news just does not stop coming.  In the big scheme of things, China is completely and unreservedly committed to Russia and the concept of mutual and indivisible security and a true multipolarity in the world.


“While Europe and the international community are calling to end the war, the US continues to fan the flames and is ready to fight to the last Ukrainian.”

“The US continues to provide Ukraine with money and weapons. Its true goal is not to attain peace, but for the conflict to continue. As they themselves say, their goal is to weaken Russia.”

“As for whether the US brings peace or war, security or chaos, the world knows the answer to these questions.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian

From Russ-Warrior we have these surprising statistics:

  • So far the Russian Army has used for its special military operation in #Ukraine:
  • 12% of its soldiers (total includes trained draftees)
  • 10% of its fighter jets
  • 7% of its tanks
  • 5% of its missiles
  • 4% of its artillery
  • And keeps advancing on a daily basis.

Maria Zakharova has spoken out on the continuing ‘Russia Bad’ meme being seeded in the western world.  The new one is that Russia is on the verge of using some version of nuclear weapons. Best to read it in full here:

On the bright side, there are reports that the Red Babushka and her husband have been evacuated by Russian troops, and will be on the Victory Day Parade in Barnaul next month!!!!

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