Dear friends,

Yes, I now.  First I put up an appeal asking for your help, and now I am ALSO asking you to help SouthFront.  There are a couple of good reasons for that.

First, SouthFront is a totally separate entity from the Saker Blog or the Saker Community, yet we all benefit from SouthFront’s superb analyses and videos on an almost weekly basis.  If they tank, so does our “SouthFront News” section!

Next, those of you who have been reading the blog for a few years now probably remember how I initially tried hard to help some, let’s say, “pro-Russian” websites and how they soon expressed their gratitude by either operating an ideological 180 degree flip (obviously to please newfound sponsors).  SouthFront was never like that: they always tried to reciprocate and have been impeccably loyal friends and superb allies.  I sure appreciate that!

Next, their main “product” (analytical videos) is something I sure can’t do and that nobody in the Saker Community has offered to do.  So the various Saker Blogs are profoundly different from what SouthFront does.  This is precisely we need SouthFront: they “cater” to a somewhat different audience and their approach is unique.

So yes, even though I have my own appeal up, I am also asking you to help SouthFront by helping them DIRECTLY here: (Note: please do NOT, repeat, NOT send me any donations to pass on to them.  I cannot do that for a host of very good reasons, please trust me here).

Guys, this is supposed to be the “season of giving” – so please put a little something under SouthFront’s Christmas tree, please!

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give SouthFront.  And if you really cannot help them financially, try to share this appeal (and SouthFront’s donations page: !) with your friends and relatives, okay?

Again, thanks so much in advance!

Hugs and cheers,

The Saker

PS: here is what SF wrote on their donations page:


SouthFront is a crowdfunded endeavor that exists since 2014. From the very beginning, SouthFront has been operating thanks to the audience’s contributions only. During the past year, we faced a wide range of challenges and hostile actions. Even now, our content is shadow-banned by YouTube and other mainstream platforms.

We are overcoming all these challenges. Your constant support has been strengthening our confidence that SouthFront Team does something really valuable and interesting for you, for our audience.

You may know. Recently, we released a number of exclusive analyses and surveys.

SouthFront does have big creative plans. Our readers, viewers, partners regularly provide us with interesting ideas. We talk about in-depth analyses of the situation in Latin America, more analyses on Iran’s military capabilities and the situation in the country, an overview of the state and potential of Russia’s military industrial complex, US military initiatives and projects.

With a deep regret, we have to say that all these may appear to be unachievable. During the past several months, SouthFront faced significant difficulties with collecting the minimum budget needed to continue our work.

Thanks to your support in November, SouthFront collected 87% of the minimal budget. This allows us to gladden you with interesting content at least until the end of December. However, the situation remains complicated. We will not be able to continue our work in 2020 without your help.




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