Alexander Rutskoi (Major-General of Aviation, former President and Vice-President of Russia, Hero of Russia): You know, there is that saying that if a rape is inevitable, then you should relax and enjoy it.  Well, this is the kind of “enjoyment” which all of Europe is getting nowadays.  I have quoted Nietzsche in the past who said “only the strong can be respected, the weak can only be pitied, and even that not always”.  Now they are finally respecting Russia again and now all of these folks are shaking in fear because Russia has stood up from her knees.  We have a peace-loving President, he wants to form a coalition with everybody, he always says let’s settle this issue together – but there is zero reaction on the other side.  But now those who have that “zero reaction” (to Putin’s offers) now know that Russia today can also smash their faces (“дать по морде”).

Zigmund Dzencholovski (Polish journalist): I am very worried about the words I heard today from Mr. Rutskoi who said that now the world has to understand that we have reached the point were the world has to understand that “Russian can smash their faces”.  This is precisely this type of Russia which we fear and this is why we are uniting.

Show: special correspondent, Oct. 14th 2015

[I just watched the exchange above take place on Russian TV.  First, for clarity purposes, I should note that Mr. Dzencholovski (I am transliterating his name back into English from Russian and I don’t know the Polish spelling of his last name) reply to General Rutskoi came 30 minutes after Rutskoi made spoke the words I translated above.]

Am I the only one amazed by the fact that Mr. Dzencholovski does not even consider the option of accepting Putin’s offer to jointly solve problems and that to work together could be the best way to make sure that Poland and the EU don’t get their “faces bashed in”?  Apparently, working with Russia rather than against Russia is simply unthinkable for Mr. Dzencholovski

Second, can anybody imagine a Russian saying that he is “afraid”?  Russians will readily admit that they feel “threatened” by somebody or something, but “afraid”?!  Hell no!

Finally, notice that the “solution” to the “Russian threat” suggested by Mr. Dzencholovski is to unite other small and equally frightened nations against Russia.  He apparently does not know that Russia has defeated the “united West” not once, not twice, but no less than THREE times: against the Papacy in the so-called “Northern Crusades”, against Napoleon’s Freemasons, and against Hitler’s Nazis.  Does Mr. Dzencholovski really believe that this time around that NATO and the AngloZionist Empire has more staying power than the Papacy, the Masons or the Nazis?!

From the Russian point of view, the fact that the Poles and the rest of them want to united against Russia is a clear sign of fear and weakness on their part.  If Mr Dzencholovski really believes that now that he is draped in the NATO flag he “deters” Russia in any way, shape or from, he is very mistaken.  By Russian standards that kind of behavior is pathetic and contemptible.  As for the refusal to work with Russians, the Russians view that as a simple sign of stupidity.

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