By now, you must have heard it: Satellite images show new Russian military buildup near Ukraine, at least so says Politico.

In reality, those images come from a location over 200km away from the Ukrainian border.

Not only that, but Russia has no need for her 1st Guards Tank Army to deal with any Ukronazi threat – she has enough standoff weapons to defend the LDNR without crossing the border (Putin mentioned that Russia also have not 12 or even 24, but over 2000 drones of all types deployed with different units; imagine how 12 Bayraktars look to the Russian General Staff).

Still, you got to love the West’s logic: Russian military movements inside Russia are a threat to NATO and its Ukie collaborators but US military movements all over the planet, including extremely provocative ones, including ships with nukes on board, are “peaceful” and don’t threaten anybody.

Then there is the situation Black Sea, the USN just moved two of its ships into the Black Sea, and they were tracked by Russian missile batteries from the moment they showed up.  To explain how stupid that kind of deployment is, a Russian general recently suggested that Russia should deploy one or two ships in the Laurentian Great Lakes to “deter the US”.  He added that this would be laughable, right?

Well, that is exactly what the USN is doing right now, so I will let you imagine how “deterred” the Black Sea Fleet and the Southern Military District are right now :-)

The top First Prize for stupidity goes…. drumroll…. to the UK which has declared that it will build a naval base for the Ukie’s non-existing navy in the Sea of Azov!!!  Seriously, they want to challenge Russia in the Sea of Azov.  Consider the following:

  • The Sea of Azov is locked by the Crimean Bridge
  • The Sea of Azov is very shallow and only specific boat types can even move around there
  • Russia has total military (fire) control of both the Sea of Azov and the entire Ukie coast

But hey, let Britannia rule theses waves if she wants, I am sure that a few tiny boats will absolutely terrify the Kremlin…

One more thing: Andrei Martyanov is publishing a series of articles on anti-submarine warfare and missiles.  Make sure to check it out here:



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