Maidan has come full circle: masked protesters took down the EU flags in Kiev and Social Media exploded with the revelations that Maidan was Russia’s plan to push Ukraine into the EU to destroy them both.

June 2015,  the EU flag raised over City Hall in Kiev.


March 2017, Extremists from the Right Sector took down all the EU flags outside of the administrative buildings in Kiev


“I never wanted to be a president of Ukraine,” Poroshenko


Recent Poroshenko’s words, “I never wanted to be a president of Ukraine,” and him repeatedly blinking on camera are indicators that he is being kept captive by the Kremlin and that all he wants now is to be back home to his native Spain and not in Kiev, that looks like Aleppo under the Daesh.  He also candidly admitted calling Russia’s president four times since the beginning of this year. As if the President of Russia has nothing else to do, but to keep solving an ongoing case of domestic violence with his next-door neighbors.

According to Peskov,  during the Poroshenko’s phone callsThe sides exchanged opinions and expressed mutual concerns over the escalation of tension [in Donbas]. I can only confirm that there have really been working telephone contacts between the two presidents.”

Poroshenko doesn’t want another Maidan

Poroshenko gave a pep talk to workers of the Malyshev Tank Factory formerly the Kharkiv Locomotive Factory (KhPZ) and got very angry about those people “who want to rock the boat, those who very much want to walk around with flags, who has not built even a “dog house” in their lives, and now they call to destabilize the country. “We won’t let them do that. ” he added. “We won’t share our road with those people.”



The current crisis has been created specifically for Poroshenko to resign and leave. However, per Rostislav Ishchenko’s opinion, Poroshenko believes in him being chosen by God, and will never agree to step down voluntarily, despite of the all-Ukrainian consensus that he should.

His opponents cannot create a consolidated Nazi regime due to ongoing infighting.  The hate towards Poroshenko is what unites the groups of the Right Sector, Timoshenko and Turchynov,  Galician “Svoboda” and “Samopomich,”  Biletsky’s “Azov,” Kolomoisky and Tyahnybok, SBU, the Police, the National Guards,  and the military.

When he is gone, all these political parties and fractions, armed formations, foreign troops and gangs will start fighting with each other for power and something to steal.

“Right now, no one wants to start shooting first, because they would be blamed for everything.” says Ishchenko.

Ishchenko doesn’t say this, but it looks like the possibility of a “red flag” attack is very high, now.  Say, MI6 kills Poroshenko and the assassins are caught on camera wearing the Russian Imperial eagle ushankas and “I love Putin” t-shirts.

If Poroshenko stays, there is a chance of a decades-long slow recovery, with the economic help from the West. If Poroshenko leaves, the country will disintegrate and an entire population will get involved into a civil war, and not just in the East of the country, concludes Ishchenko.

Clearly, Ishchenko would prefer for Poroshenko’s regime to stay, but the question is not what is the best for the NATO occupied territory, infected with the ideology of fascism, but what is the best for Russia.

A slow recovery with the Western assistance would  mean for Ukraine to become a NATO member. It’s the Russia’s government responsibility to do anything in their power to prevent this from happening.

I don’t know why Ishchenko absolutely avoids an issue of Ukraine being under a joined occupation  of the US and EU and their armed forces. When the EU and NATO are going to withdraw their terrorist troops from Ukraine? Polish, British, American and Canadian special forces, US aircraft carrier groups, the orbital grouping of satellites for monitoring and control of the process of knocking down the Malaysian Boeing. Let me remind you that Boeing was shot down long time ago, but the US satellites are still hanging over Ukraine.

If you ask me for a proof, let’s take a web site called Myrotvorets, a.k.a., so called “a center of Investigation of crimes against national security of Ukraine,”  a database that collects and makes public personal information of people who are being politically persecuted by the fascist junta in Kiev. Many people, including a Ukrainian writer and historian Oles Buzina were killed after their information was posted on this site.


A “nslookup” command with the input “” confirms in its output the registered IP Number to be “” (screenshot) server type nato hpws/2.1 is located in Fort Worth, Taxes.

A screenshot of an announcement of Buzina’s murder on April 16th, 2015, posted by,


A mirror site to is InformNapalm(dot)org that identifies itself as “volunteer intelligence community, complements information of the Military Prosecutor’s Office.” Independent researchers have noticed that in all cases including InformNapalm(dot)org the information about the civilian population is being stored on the NATO HPWS/2.1 server located on the Fort Worth military base in Texas.

So, we should talk about the situation in Ukraine while identifying that the country is currently being occupied by the foreign military forces of the NATO members, who are openly terrorizing the Russian population.

Ishchenko says that Poroshenko has lost any control over the Ukraine’s military. It’s not clear who exactly has the control over the armed forces now. Judging by what Igor Markov says, the parliament doesn’t have any control, either. Is it NATO that has a control over the Ukraine’s armed forces? Is it Pentagon?


Former deputy of Rada raises concern about the battle worthiness of the Ukrainian’s armed forces. Igor Markov in his TV interview disclosed classified information that on February 21st four hundred fully armed servicemen  went AWOL from the, so called, “separation line.” No one is looking for them, and no one knows where they went.

Instead of looking for the vanishing servicemen, in spirit of the European tolerance Kiev authorities renamed the Museum of Russian Art into the “Kiev Gallery.”

Since everything Russian is banned in the EU and its colonies, the iconic Potemkin Staircase in Odessa is being demolished under the pretense of reconstruction.  Kiev authorities’ task is not to build anything, but to destroy everything that was built for centuries, so, after the junta leaves, Russians get only ruins.


Denazification of Ukraine

Do you recall videos with the Nazis marching and carrying torches, and all those social media accounts of Nazi youths with the swastika and portraits of Bandera on the background and their bold self-incriminating bragging of how many “separatists” they had killed?

I wrote back then that these materials would be used against them in the court of law. It’s not like at the end of the 40s or 1950s when SMERSH officers ran around the Carpathian mountains after Banderovits, who at daytime pretended to be loyal citizens and at night murdered and terrorized innocent people.

This time around, it would be very difficult for them to hide due to their personal vanity.

  1. Alekandr Tzharenko, a fighter with an illegal punitive armed formation “Aidar” was liquidated on February 26, 2017 near Mariupol.

2. Upon his returning home, the security services in Belorussia arrested Stanislav Goncharov, a.k.a. “Belorus” and “the terror machine.” He has been charged with sexual improprieties with children and with the terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine in 2014-2016 while being a fighter with the “Azov” punitive armed formation. Surprise, surprise, the law enforcement uses multiple pictures and videos of him on Social Media documenting his activities.  Here are some of those materials.

Another effective way to de-Nazify this Western Russian territories is for the EU to give Junta a visa free regime, so participants of the war on Donbas and open Nazis could get a chance to move to Europe, most likely Germany, the Baltics, and Poland. Russia just doesn’t have that many jails and psychiatric facilities to host them all.


The recent development with the situation on Donbass

The Donbass is breaking away from an agonizing Ukraine

The list of Donbass manufactures taken under administrative management


How Russia Implements the Minsk 2 Agreement

Sandwiching NATO in Ukraine

The Ministry of Social politic of the Donetsk republic has published its program for reunification of all Donbass people.

The part of this program is broadcasting of the Donetsk and Russia’s TV and radio channels. On March 3rd, the Donetsk republic initiated the TV and radio broadcasting, so people in Nazi occupied Eastern Ukraine  can now watch the Donetsk TV news.

The program of reunification of Donbass people also includes  the social payments to the categories of people persecuted by the junta, first of all the veterans of the Great Patriotic war. They will start receiving pensions and also onetime payment of  ₽10,000 for the Victory Day celebration starting this March. To implement the social payments and other assistance on the territories temporarily occupied by the Nazis, Donetsk republic introduces outside administration in forms of the Centers of Social and Administrative Assistance whose representatives will be working with the entire Donbass population. Temporarily these centers are being set up on the territory of the Donbass republic near the border crossings.

You can find more information on the humanitarian and help and the program for re-unification of Donbass on the official site.

The zip file with the content of the program is here

The Program of re-unification  of Donbass was introduced by the representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deinega in Minsk on March 1st.

OSCE approved humanitarian program for Donbass people reunification

On Friday, March 3, the OSCE representative, the coordinator of the Minsk humanitarian subgroup Toni Frisch approved the program for reunification of the Donbass people, offered DPR and LPR, stated the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Donetsk People’s Republic Darya Morozova.

     “The humanitarian program for reunion of the Donbass people was presented at the meeting in the Minsk format. The document won approval of the OSCE representative, Mr Frisch,” she said.

An excellent overview of illegitimacy of the Kiev regime by Christelle Néant


 You asked in comments about the alleged leaks of Zakharchenko’a phone calls

About the alleged leaks of Zakharchenko’s phone calls that were released by SBU.

Baaz found another Ishchenko’s interview about the situation with Donbass.

[20:10] About this alleged leak:

“Zakharchenko is not nationalizing the Ukrainian manufactures, he is imposing an “outside administration.” I don’t believe that the control over these assets will be given to Kurchenko. Kurchenko can’t deliver coal across the Russia’s border and sell it there without Russia’s permission. It’s just a game. If I were Akhmetov, I would do the same. I would tell everyone that the Republics are giving the assets to nasty Kurchenko, and not to the people. I would also say, “Look, guys, they are taking away from me my property and giving it to Kurchenko to share the profit. “

I want to repeat it again that this process involves many international trade agreements, and border crossings. Considering that the border is closed between the republics and Ukraine, everything has to go via Russia. This coal is not needed anywhere else with the exception of Ukraine. Now, it has to go to Russia to be rerouted back to Ukraine. Even if they use Kurchenko as a middleman, it doesn’t mean anything. Donetsk republic is not attempting a nationalization, but just outside management. Let’s look at this new management, and see who those people are, and whom them represent. “

 Donbass celebrates

On March 1, at 00:00 Donbass Arena turned  its light on in the first time since Maidan in Kiev of 2014.


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