This comment was chosen by Mod KL from the post “Week twenty-one of the Russian military intervention in Syria: the calm before the storm?” The moderator believes this comment reflects on the assumption the Turks and Saudis are proxies for Necon Zionists. The US presidiential race is one aspect of  the struggles within the Anglos and Zionists. The summary is that whether Anglo or Zionist they both have the same fundamental goal – for human kind to be dead or enslaved not free.
Comment by C I eh?


In this piece you offer readers the following choice:

If you assume that the Turks and the Saudis are rational actors…

or —

If you assume that the Turks and the Saudis have “lost it” and are lashing out in frustration over their failure to overthrow Assad…

I am straining for an understanding of, dare I say, dispositions of temporal power. While I do not disagree with most of your analysis, I believe the frame you’ve established here is fundamentally incorrect. Neither the Turks nor Saudis have any agency whatsoever.

I assume the Turks and Saudis are proxies for Necon ‘Zionists’, Israel, the CIA/MIT (Safari club + Sabatean + Donmeh ‘deep’ state Turks) and the seriously weakened Patraeus/Breedlove gang (NATO imperial shock troops + occupational forces — traitors by definition) within the US military.

These are the interests backing Hillary Clinton.

I further assume the White House primarily represents the ‘Anglo’ faction, including ‘old’ money interests (US ‘blue’ bloods), certain other CIA factions, loyal US military, John Kerry State Dept. (believe it or not) and others who see the wisdom or usefullness of negotiating with Russia.

These are the interests primarily responsible for the insurgent Presidential campaign of Donald Trump — at least that is my hope.

My fear is that Trump is also controlled by the Zionists, or else they will eliminate him (assassination) or more likely use a three-way battle (Cruz vs Trump vs Clinton) to ride Hillary Clinton to the White House using the same strategy they employed with Ross Perot.

Since the Zionists control most of the media, on which most voters base (are told of) their decisions, they are at a strong advantage even if the people of America are severely fatigued by the Clintons.

I believe this is the basic dialectical arrangement of the Anglo-Zionist Imperial policy establishment. Working together and in competition, familiar to us as the good cop/bad cop routine, these divisions can grow and become apparent under conditions of extreme stress, like during international crisis’, such as when the US attack on Syria was suddenly called off thanks to fancy diplomatic footwork by Russia (apparently), giving Obama the excuse he needed to block the war party’s direct assault on Syria, despite a mind numbing year long propaganda campaign in overwhelmingly Zionist controlled media.

Obama, recall, was himself a successful insurgent candidate against the Zionist Clintons, via the CIA in cooperation with ‘old’ money interests, including the Bush clan which has always hated the Clintons, especially after Bill Clinton himself led a successful Zionist insurgent campaign against blue blood George H. W. Bush (#1) in 1992.

The struggle continues with essentially the same factions always vying for the power of appointment given to a President.

Did John Kerry really ‘slip up’ when he introduced the idea of removing Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons to call off the NATO attack? There are reasons to doubt. Remember it was the Ziocons who ‘swiftboated’ Kerry’s Presidential aspirations. The folks at the top of the world all understand who represents who — and so must Vladimir Putin or he could not be effective.

The implication is that Russia under Putin is working with the Anglo faction and has been since at least 2012. Putin and Lavrov are working to exploit divisions between Anglos and ZIonists, the only rational course of action they can take, but their almost miraculous successes to date can only be explained by strong covert support from the Anglo faction — or perhaps aliens or God, if those are your prefered leitmotifs, since at least those explanations would be logical.

This paradigm (of tactical and strategic Russian-Anglo co-operation against Zionists), if you’re willing to stretch your mind around it for a moment, is highly persuasive and has tremendous explanatory power. It allows us to place almost every ‘event’ since 2012 into a coherent narrative. Russia and the ‘Anglo’ faction are working in close cooperation to unwind the war in Syria, yes, but most of all, to isolate and destroy Necon ZIonist power and defeat the potentially catastrophic Presidency of Hillary Clinton.

The final resolution in Syria will possibly look very much like the agreement negotiated in 2012 by the White House and Russia, then torpedoed by the ZIonists with strong help from Israeli controlled France.

Anti Russian voices in the blogosphere, both conscious and unconscious Zionists, have worked hard to exploit the inconsitencies and perceived betrayals by Russia of Syria during these negotiations. They will continue to work to undermine confidence in Russian intentions but for now it seems their efforts are failing.

The stakes are almost beyond measure yet here we are again, forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, only this time Necon Zionists are willing to literally go nuclear, enacting a long planned Armegeddon-Dabiq type false flag, unleashing ‘tribulations’ and an unprecedented wave of violence and repression across the whole planet.

The Zionists are the mythmakers and they use this, their greatest power, to considerable effect. Whether they actually have the power to launch a nuke is another question all together but they are already involved in the smuggling of nuclear weapons technology, amongst other activities.

Putin is working to stop them but he can not know for certain if his ‘partners’, the Anglos, are cooperating in good faith or bad. The Anglos always maintain plausible deniability as a matter of course. The AZ power system works like this, always allowing one or another AZ interest to benefit from almost any outcome.

What choice does Russia have? Putin must co-operate with the sociopath ‘Anglos’ against the psychopath ‘Zionists,’ hopefully saving Syria but knowing the fraudulently conceived War On Terror will continue indefinitely. That is the only rational choice given the willingness of at least one side to blow up the world.

Net result, even if ‘we’ win and Trump defeats Clinton, by and large we still lose and only postpone the date of a potentially catastrophic confrontation, while technocratic fascism descends upon us, accelerating with each crisis, because both Anglos and Zionists prefer you are dead or enslaved to free and self determined.

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