President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

Citizens of Russia, friends,

In the next few days, on September 17, 18 and 19, we are going to elect deputies to the State Duma.

The election of a new legislature is a vital event in the life of our society, our country. All of us are equally interested in electing responsible, energetic and respected members of parliament, who can keep their word, fulfil your requests and their promises and live up to the hopes and trust of the citizens of Russia.

I would like to emphasise that the ultimate essence of elections is the expression of their will by the people of Russia as the main source of power and the implementation of the citizens’ constitutional right to determine the development course of our country, which all of us want to be sovereign and prosperous.

We will need to do a great deal together, and the implementation of our plans depends in great measure on the efficient and competent work of the State Duma. It is one of the main bodies in the system of state power in Russia. It plays the main role in the law-making process, in adopting laws that have the highest legal power in protecting human rights and interests.

The federal budget, the country’s fundamental financial document, which the parliament adopts as well, creates the basis for implementing the state’s social guarantees, support programmes for families with children, regional development plans, and the development of cities and towns across our vast country.

It is an extremely challenging and painstaking job that has no place for populism or empty rhetoric. It calls for top professionalism and implies a clear awareness that every decision and legislative amendment can influence the lives of millions.

Under the renewed Constitution of Russia, the State Duma enjoys the crucial power of approving the candidacies of the Prime Minister, his deputies and federal ministers. I will be honest with you: a great deal will depend in future on the constructive and functional interaction between the legislative and executive branches of power.

The modern world is a complicated place. We can see that it is changing rapidly and sometimes unpredictably. This certainly poses new challenges, but also offers new, broad opportunities. To be able to rise up to these challenges and make efficient use of the new opportunities, we need well-coordinated teamwork by the state, society and citizens. We need a strong and respected parliament, so that the deputies of the new State Duma act in the interests of Russia and our people and work for the people, so that we can rely on them as the true patriots of Russia who are ready to resolutely and consistently guarantee our national interests in all spheres.


I ask you to take part in the upcoming voting, choosing one of the days that suit you most, starting September 17, to come to the polling stations or to use the option of remote e-voting. Its safety and reliability are guaranteed by up-to-date technology.

I count on you to take a responsible, substantiated and patriotic civil position, on your desire to elect the deputies who will work for the benefit and in the interests of our beloved Motherland, in the interests of the entire nation and each citizen of Russia.

Please, make your choice.

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