Donald Trump has won the presidential election despite polls that indicating that Hillary Clinton was favored. One popular explanation for this is that some people were too afraid to admit to pollsters that they supported Trump — what’s being called the “shy Trump” phenomenon. A review of the evidence, however, suggests that probably isn’t why the polls got Trump wrong.

Shy Trump voters started to come out of the woodwork during the course of the election,” said Matthew Oczkowski, director of product for Cambridge Analytica.

The bottom line is that Trump did better than the polls predicted, but he didn’t do so in a pattern consistent with a “shy Trump” effect. It’s more likely that the polls underestimated Trump for more conventional reasons, such as underestimating the size of the Republican base or failing to capture how that base coalesced at the end of the campaign.

Another explanation of the “Trump phenomenon” that is being pushed by the liberal media is that “white Americans”  somehow decided to unite against the growing threat of a “rule of minorities.”

White Republicans are coming home to Donald Trump, at just the right time.

Another, less ethnically divisive explanation is that “people who decided late” suddenly woke up at 11th hour and went to the voting polls. The same WP also claims that “it certainly looks like an electorate that truly appeared poised to elect Clinton decided to go for Trump at the 11th hour instead.

Even the Global Research followed this route, claiming that it was the FBI that sealed the loss of election for Mrs. Clinton.

Well, the role of the US intelligence community in the Trump winning is huge. But, I will write about this later.


I am going to tell you exactly how Trump won

First, let’s take a look at the FiveThirtyEight election forecast, which is a tool to create a fake reality to screw with people’s minds and to threw them mentally off base:

Who will win presidency?

Chances of winning

Hillary Clinton – 71.2%

Trump – 28.6%

Electoral votes

Hillary Clinton 302.2

Donald Trump  235.0

Let’s also look at the following…

It’s a just one random conversation I happened to come across on Twitter

The conversation is between Andrea Chalupa and her followers. I remember Ms. Chalupa since 2014, when she became a face of a short lived online campaign called “Digital Maidan.” Back then she was described as “a co-founder of Digital Maidan, an online movement that made the Ukrainian protest the number 1 trending topic on Twitter worldwide.”

They has several “campaigns” including calling for online attacks personally on President Putin. They also have several calls to spread hateful. Russophobic messages. The extent of their messages were as such that they should be considered Nazi-inspired and racialized.

At the time, Ms. Chalupa was listed as a contributing editor for the Vanity Fair and other magazines from the Condé Nast corporation.

It was beyond me how a seemingly respectable luxury goods and lifestyle corporation as Condé Nast was willing to attach its name to the open racist, Russophobic and fascist publication as the ‘Digital Maidan” and its  “co-founder” Andrea Chalupa. However, it might not be that surprising considering that the Huffington Post, a publication promoting the fervent hate towards Russian people also lists Ms. Chalupa as their author.

Today Mr. Chalupa is still stomping for Mrs. Clinton and demanding the violation of the US Constitution.

We have not been talking nearly enough about the damaging influence of so-called “ethnic Ukrainians” residing in the US, on US international and domestic policies. I use the term “so-called” because according to the family histories available online the majority of them are actually the descendants of the those followers of 18th century Talmudism born on the territory of the Western Russia (Malorossia) and Poland.  If you can prove otherwise, I encourage you to do so.

But, back to our sheep.

A twitter account called Miss Ervilha, who uses an image of a human skull as its identifier, tweets to Ms. Chalupa and others:

“While there is still time, the Obama White House must protect the American people from the FBI/far-right coup and Russia.”

– How exactly are you proposing they do this?

– Look at this: Dr. Jill Stein was at a dinner state funded in Russia celebrating the 10th anniversary of a RT TV channel. (1/2)

– Do you think it’s the entire FBI? You have the Bush appointees, Rudy bunch and then the WH establishment?

– It’s mostly the NY FBI office, old buddies with Giulianni

– This Flynn guy was also on the payroll of Turkey according to @maddow:/

– We were told that the FBI was divided and many didn’t agree w/ what Comey did. So at least, some are decent.”

This conversation went on and on. I saved some screenshots, of course.

So, in essence the explanations of why Trump won are as follow:

  1. Russia made people vote for him
  2. “Shy Trump” phenomenon. In other words, people were ashamed to admit that they were his supports. “Shy trump” is promoting the idea that the fight against the Globalist agenda is something sinful and shameful.
  3. 11th hour sleepy voters coming from woodwork.
  4. FBI plot
  5.  “White Americans”  revolting against Obama’s policies.
  6. A phenomenon of the “Missing candidate.” The idea that Mrs. Clinton was a wrong candidate for the Democratic party. Trump’s electoral victory can be viewed as a purely technical glitch, caused by the problem of the Missing Candidate.

All of the above is nonsense. Oblique and wrapped in trendy terms, but nonsense nevertheless

Being a lifelong Republican, I seldom show up for the party meetings despite of all you can drink wine and all you can eat cheese cubes. I only go to find out what’s going on and for whom to vote in upcoming elections, whom the republicans endorse for Senate and as a presidential candidate.

If you have never been to the GOP meetings, here is the very realistic video


Last year, before the party primarily, I went to the meeting and asked the chairman of our local chapter of the GOP whom the Republican party endorses as a potential candidate for  president. In short, we had six republicans running.

The moment I asked him whom to endorse something weird happened. He grabbed my sleeve, pulled me aside from the crowd, looked around, making sure that no one could hear us and whispered: “Officially we don’t endorse any candidates this election. Unofficially, the party recommends to vote for Trump.  Only don’t tell anyone. This is our secret strategy. We don’t want democrats to know that.  And also we don’t want some republicans to know that.  This election we won’t have any lawn signs. We don’t want to attract their attention to the Trump candidacy. Let’s them think that he is a fringe candidate and that he is not endorsed by the party. I know that you’re going to do the right thing, so vote for Trump, but don’t tell anyone. The party leaders are talking to every republican personally.

This strategic line was kept throughout the election cycle. Several times after this conversation I’ve heard people asking about what candidate GOP was endorsing, The answer was always, “we don’t endorse anyone this election, but if you want to talk about this let’s talk after the meeting.”

How was this even possible that millions of republicans kept this in secret. Yes. The presidential election of 2016 has become an illustration of unity in face of overwhelming adversity. The mood on the meetings was reserved. People felt like they were in fight for their lives. The republicans en masse understood that Trump and people behind him was the only chance to take country back from the globalists occupation. Some, the readers of the Saker, wikileaks,  ZeroHedge and InfoWars, knew that it was the only chance to prevent the world war.

From my talks with our chairman, I gathered that if the republicans disclosed how desperately the country needed Trump to win, then the liberal attack could be absolutely overwhelming.

Pretending that Trump was just this weird figure that spent his own money for the campaign sure helped to detract their attention. This is how it came to be that the GOP members got so united in their secrecy that no one would leak this strategy to the liberal media.

After Donald Trump won the Republican primarily by a landslide and was nominated as a candidate to run for office, every time I showed up to meetings, I heard our chairman announcing with a “great sadness” that yet another republican party apparatchik deserted the party and went to the dark side

They claimed that they disagree with the Trump candidacy. They also said that he didn’t represent them. On top of this, some high ranking Republicans went and denounced their party affiliation in public. They called it “a huge mistake” to  support Trump. It was almost like they were made to publicly pledge the elegance to someone or something else.

The same process took part in Europe where politicians by their own free will or by design, make loud derogatory statement about Trump. The members of Kiev junta were particularly loud in their attacks on Trump.  Needless to say, they have been working hard removing their anti-Trump statements from their social media accounts.

Corporate media fully desecrated itself.

That’s how it came to be that Trump doesn’t own anything to anyone for the exception of his voters and his outspoken supporters like Wikileaks and Infowars.  Also, I can tell this with great certainty, that Trump wasn’t just endorsed by the intelligence community, by FBI in particular. The intelligence community developed a multiyear plan that needed to be executed in a great secrecy, in order not to attract too much fight against the candidate. It was FBI who leaked “Hilary’s emails” to wikileaks.  As for the “Russian involvement” in this… What took place reminds me a very similar plan to get rid of the liberals in power that earlier took place in Russia.

It’s almost like the Russian intelligence community shared with FBI not just information on terrorism, but also the practical information on how to design an election campaign for a candidate that would accomplish two objectives: let the candidate for a president to fly under the liberal media radar, and to bring him to victory at the same time. An election campaign that was very much not in an usual American style. One thing is certain, without the victory of Putin, there would be no Trump’s victory.

More SITREP  links:

  • The Many Internet Explanations for the Rise of Donald Trump, by John Bonazzo

Liberal Democrats:  “Tom Nichols, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College (and Jeopardy champion) wrote a Daily Beast column in January about how media elites created Trump by “(shutting) down any political expression from Americans with whom they disagree.” According to Nichols, political correctness has “taken a flamethrower to the public space and annihilated its center.”  Writing on Mother Jones, Kevin Drum agreed that “we liberals do tend to yell racism a little more often than we should. And we do tend to suggest that anyone who likes guns or Jesus is a rube.”

  • Insider: FBI Gave Emails To WikiLeaks To Prevent ‘Clinton Coup’
  • See how the liberals are preparing to demand the cancellation of the election results, here is the very clearly propaganda that has been assembled by the Esquire magazine. “How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History.” This piece in essence dismisses GOP and 50% of American voters as “Putin’s agents.” The liberals and neocons are preparing the ground to demand the annulment of the election results on the premise that trump is endorsed by Russia, in favor of the candidate who was endorsed by Soros. He is not a US citizen, btw.

Anti-Trump Fake Protests Austin Chicago Soros Hoax Riots Exposed Busses


Anti trump protests buses in Chicago



More geo-political oddities

No occupied nation, except for Russia, was ever able to liberate itself.  Every occupied country always needed outside help for liberation. Now, the countries around the world like Germany, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, the US, and even South Korea and others are trying to liberate themselves with the help of Russia.

Who helped Russia? I think that when Russia was falling into abyss in the 90s, she was helped by the powers from above which expressed themselves though the Russia’s intelligence community and the return of the nation to the Orthodox Church. The same principle, more or less, we can see in other countries.

Why wouldn’t they? 84% of people in Ukraine are Russians

I want to learn about civil disobedience. I think we’re at a point where we may have to.” Zemel said. But on the political front, he plans to lead his sinagogue congregation in direct action against the Trump administration.

  • It’s glorious to watch Baby Boomers see their ideology of betrayal be rejected. Donald Sutherland grovels and apologizes for being a “fucking white male.”

  • Merkel nach Sibirien & Putin nach Berlin

Ulf Bjerén states that Crimea wasn’t annexed, but democratically re-united with Russia


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