Today President Putin visited the patients which are currently hospitalized in the biggest COVID19 center in Russia. After putting on a full biowarfare suit he, along with his Press Attaché, he entered to “hot zone” and saw for himself in what condition the patients were were kept and asked them directly if they had any complaints (they did not). And not once did he, or his aides, engage in mantric repetition of “we are the best on the planet” (even though they might well be).
What a contrast with the daily performance of the Idiot-in-Chief….
While Trump and his gang tell us how everything is gonna return to normal soon, Putin warns the Russians (and the rest of the planet) that we all are about to face some very, very, difficult times!
What a contrast.
And now I leave you with this “truly an image for 1000 words”!
The Saker

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