Dear friend,

Since Dorian is now a terrifying CAT5 I wanted to quickly update you on my situation.  In the last 48 hours the projected track of Hurricane Dorian has changed quite a bit, see for yourself:

The good news is that Dorian is projected to most likely remain offshore, though that is by no means certain!

The bad news is that it is now a CAT5. That is a very scary sight: (look at that eye!!!)

In this enhanced satellite image provided by NOAA, Hurricane Dorian is shown very close to the Bahamas at 7:30 a.m, EDT, Aug. 31, 2019. Dorian is a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 150 mph (NOAA via Key News)

If Dorian makes landfall we can expect total destruction, similar to what Hurricane Andrew did to Homestead in 1992.

The biggest danger for us will be winds (150mph/240kph sustained and 200mph/320kph wind gusts) and storm surge (15-20 feet or 4-6 meter), and since our house is in a flood zone, we will have to evacuate later today and stay in a strongly built hotel nearby.

Having survived six hurricanes already (Charley, Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, Irma) and having dodged another two (Francis, Matthew) I feel cautiously optimistic, especially about our personal safety.

I will try to update you all the best I can (depending on whether we have power or not).

Thanks for all your kind wishes!

The Saker

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